X rated candid camera

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He had a lifelong fixation on creating scenarios and documenting how his subjects responded to their unusual circumstances, but approached what would otherwise be clinical work with a mischievous zeal. He was no methodical researcher and came upon his insights casually, if at all. One year later, he crossed town to NBC and tweaked it once more to Candid Camerawhich stuck for the next six decades of broadcasts.

As creator and host, Funt masterminded hundreds and hundreds of ruses, leaning on his yen for amateur psychology and sociology more and more as the years went by. Some segments dispensed with the wool-pulling entirely and chronicled revealing interviews between Funt and ordinary folks.

He found the peculiarities of homo sapiens endlessly fascinating. The other thing to know about Allen Funt is that, like many red-blooded Americans, he enjoyed looking at people with their clothes off. It was the marriage of these two great passions — quirks of pathology and full-frontal nudity — that yielded the illuminating historical footnote What Do You Say to a Naked Lady?

By FebruaryX-rated films had fully infiltrated nationwide cineplexes.

X rated candid camera

Funt recognized a golden opportunity to capitalize on the libertine moviegoing spirit, and proposed to the top brass at United Artists a sex-themed riff on Candid Camerafor release at feature length in theaters willing to abide by its oodles of nudes. Freed from the oppressive yoke of the FCC, he could stick gaggles of undressed gals and guys in premises poking at the most tender nerve of all. Nothing provokes more anxiety or excitement than sex; for a man on an unending mission to figure out what makes people tick, this was the final frontier.

He believed that the study of sex should be funny, goofy and altogether informal. He flits through his series of provocations and observations with impish glee, often popping out and identifying himself to wrap up a segment. Funt mostly followed the examples of Kinsey, Masters and Johnson, the first pioneers to survey the full breadth of the sexual buffet.

Funt positioned himself on the front lines of the sexual revolution, and took pains to distinguish his output from that of common smut-peddlers or the lechers using the paradigm of free love to prey on the credulous. One crucial segment chronicles a casting session between Funt and a prospective model expected to do complete nudity. While the jolly abandon he brought to the demimonde of the X-rated ruffled some feathers, he took care to stay on the right side of history.

Nevertheless, the film faced the expected response from a nation not so far removed from its Puritan roots. Funt promoted the notion that sex and nudity could be perfectly valid avenues of entertainment unto themselves, no more gratuitous than the production s in a musical or the killings in a horror picture. He used horniness — another word for the honest admission that as X rated candid camera beings, we find sex and sexual images desirable — as an essential piece of his larger endeavor to demystify and de-stigmatize the erotic.

X rated candid camera

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X rated candid camera

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X rated candid camera X rated candid camera

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