Well spanked husband

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Well spanked husband

I really enjoyed the movies of Mila being spanked. They reminded me of some of the spankings I have received from my boyfriend who is now my husband. I married my husband because he would spank me when I misbehaved or did not do what I was ordered to do. And I knew I was going to marry him when he caught me one day cheating on him with another boy. And all I did was accept a lunch-date with a boy. My boyfriend caught us at the restaurant and ordered me to get to his car. I was so embarrassed, but knew better than not to obey. We had been going together for 3 months or so and he had been spanking me on a very regular basis, in fact almost every time he took me out!

Well spanked husband

So, when he ordered me to get to his car, I got up and ran to obey! He followed me out, got in the car and took me to his home where he proceeded to strip me naked and whip me hard. I thought of that whipping when I saw your movie of Mila getting whipped for cheating on her boyfriend. The main difference is that I was whipped much harder and much longer! Of course, I was naked, but I did have to bend over with my hands on the wall similar to what Mila had to do. But my boyfriend whipped me for 20 minutes and then paused for about 10 minutes as he lectured me about cheating on him and then whipped me for another 20 minutes.

Then he paused for 10 minutes before giving me another minute whipping! He enjoys Well spanked husband me for an hour or more when I really need it! Right then I knew that I would be marrying him! He would not let me get away with even the slightest thing, not even just having a friendly lunch with someone.

Well spanked husband

Of course a girl must take care of the home. And, when we were just dating he would come to my home and inspect everything to see if I was doing my domestic chores right. Of course the bathroom had to be kept clean. I had rinsed out the bowl of the sink but had not really washed all around the side and I had dropped toothpaste on the edge of the sink.

Of course I was already naked, which I had to be when he inspected my home, so he just sat right down on the toilet seat and pulled me over his knee and got to work on my bottom. I was screaming, kicking and crying right from the start. When he got done, I spent the next hour washing that bathroom thoroughly, and from then on I washed it every day so it would be spotless! Once in a while I would mess up and not have the bathtub drain properly cleaned or something like that and would have to go over his knee for a spanking, but most often I passed inspection.

The movies you have of Mila Well spanked husband spanked are very familiar to me! I get put into a lot of different positions for my spankings and Well spanked husband get spanked for many of the same reasons that Mila gets spanked. That is, my husband checks everything very carefully every day and if there is the slightest thing wrong, I will get spanked.

He is home most of the time since he is a business consultant and does most of his work in the home office. As a result he will stop his work every hour or so and check-up on me. He will check to see what I have gotten done and whether or not I have done the chores he ordered me to do when he gave me my Morning Obedience Spanking when we got up. Every morning when we get up I have to go over his knee to be spanked.

Well spanked husband

When I go over his knee, he spends 5 minutes or so telling me what he expects me to do for the day in addition to my normal chores. Then he spanks me for 10 minutes to make sure that I will obey him and remember what to do. Normally he works at home in his office in the morning and leaves the home right after lunch. After I get spanked at in the morning when we get up, I go and prepare Well spanked husband as he gets ready for his own work. After breakfast I get busy with my own chores as he goes to his office. At about he comes out to check on my work.

Most often he has to spank me for something. At I have to report to his office and bend over his knee for my Preemptive Lunch Spanking. Then I prepare lunch, we eat and he leaves. He often is gone until about But, one day when he came home I was outside in the Well spanked husband talking with some of my girlfriends.

When I saw him coming I ran as fast as I could to get inside! Of course, I was too late. As soon as he came in the door I was over his knee getting the crap spanked out of me! Of course I had gotten my clothes off as fast as I could, and I was already naked as is expected, and he just pulled me over his knee and started slapping my bottom hard. Then I had to get the hairbrush and go back over his knee for him to continue spanking me. Then I had to kneel on the floor and get my bottom up for him to use my strap on me! I should have known better than to be outside talking when I should have been inside getting ready for my husband to come home so I could get spanked and then kneel and satisfy him!

This time I got spanked for an hour and then had to kneel and satisfy him and then get spanked again! Then I got spanked for not having dinner ready! Well, I never again was outside after in the afternoon! One thing I have learned to do is to stand up and stay still as he spanks me. This is especially important when I have to be spanked before sending me to the Punishment Room for more spankings. Sometimes he just wants to give me a quick spanking and will make me stand and wait until he is done.

But, other times, when I have to be punished hard, he will start my punishment by making me stand up with my hands clasped behind my head as he uses a bathbrush on me with 20 strokes very hard to each cheek. Then I have to run fast to the Punishment Room to wait to be spanked and punished a lot.

Well spanked husband

I get these punishments once or twice a month. And, all of my spankings are very domestic. My husband is actually just very concerned that I am obedient and submissive, that I get my chores done properly and on time, that I serve him as he orders, and that I behave myself. When there is a problem, he just wants me over his knee Well spanked husband spanked. Presenting my bottom properly to be spanked is very important. My husband will take several minutes getting me into position for my spanking. He says that a properly presented bottom is very important for an effective spanking.

And, if I do not keep it in position, he will really blister my bottom with the Punishment Hairbrush. Especially when I am taken to my room and made to kneel on the bed, he will take a long time getting my bottom in position as he massages me and uses dildos and vibrators on me before taking my strap and whipping me hard. When I have to be punished, getting me ready for my spanking is very important, and if I am not already naked, I will be. Of course, I normally get a Before-Bedtime Spanking. These spankings can be administered in my room, of course, but often I will have to report to his office or the Punishment Chair to receive my spanking.

I am often spanked in the kitchen as I am preparing a meal or when my husband comes to check on whether or not I have gotten my chores done.

Well spanked husband

When he comes in, I go over his knee and get spanked hard. He really enjoys spanking me in our bedroom. Although I have emphasized how Well spanked husband it is for me to be naked when I am to be spanked or inspected, it is worth emphasizing again.

Even when we have company I may have to be spanked and when I am I have to be naked. Our friends know that I am spanked, as are the wives of all of our friends, which is why we are friends. We do not hide anything from each other. If they are visiting and I misbehave, they know that I will be spanked, and when I am I will have to strip naked. It is important for a wife to strip naked when she is ordered to do so, and I do. Then after I am inspected and lectured about my behavior, I am taken to the Punishment Chair and made to bend over his knee to be spanked … right in front of our company. Also, even in front of company, if my husband wants to enjoy me, I will have to strip naked and kneel as ordered for him.

He may massage me to climax, or he may order me to masturbate in front of everyone to climax. I must not hesitate to obey. All of the wives receive Proprietary Spankings, as they should.

Well spanked husband

All of the wives will be stripped naked and enjoyed by their husband and then ordered to submit to the other husbands for them to enjoy. If there is a problem, of course, they will get spanked hard.

Well spanked husband

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