Wearing my sisters dress

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Do you ever wake up and look in your closet filled with clothes and feel like you have nothing to wear? I've been going through that lately. An awkward phase, for sure. I'm itching to evolve. Most days, I feel like I am either way dressed up or way dressed down like, "I hope I don't see anyone I know" statusand I don't really have an everyday style unless you count yoga pants. It's true when people say you have to get dressed every day so you might as well enjoy it. That's my goal at the moment. So I've been making one of those secret pin boards called "outfits to try" and filling it with outfits that look cute on other people that would MAYBE look cute on me.

Just trying to expand my comfort zone, you know.

Wearing my sisters dress

I guess I'm just stuck in a rut a little. But I'm excited to focus more on my style this year and see if I can turn it from something that's a little stressful into something that's really fun. Thanks for listening to my weird little rant.

If you have any tips, I'm all ears! Fun fact—taking sister style photos is our 1 most fun thing to do for the blog. It's basically a big coffee break where we get to talk and hang out. We realized recently that we haven't been doing very many and we want to do more! That was fun! Thanks for reading. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions.

Wearing my sisters dress

Have you considered trying the Capsule Wardrobe approach? Spoiler alert, last night I removed over 60 pieces from my closet! Oh my goodness Elsie I looooove your dress and shoes! The dress is so flattering on you!

Wearing my sisters dress

I also adore the pattern. I NEED those shoes though! I like the pinboard idea — I have a decent closet, I just need ideas for how to combine things. You both look great here, and in budget friendly pieces — love. Well done. If I did this to stuff I already have, I bet I would have a lot more ideas! Hey, Nicola! I totally relate to this! So excited for this! It would be great if you all could talk about the product you use especially Emma. Since my hair is thin, product can weigh it down or make it look greasy quickly. I can totally relate.

I have that feeling quite a lot. Try doing a capsule! Do you have any ideas how to stay stylish while pregnant? When I get in a rut I like to organise dress up parties with my sister and house mate. We basically find new ways to wear what we already own and take pictures of complete outfits and then print them for your own personalized wardrobe inspiration board. Elsie, your dress is gorgeous!

Great look! While I continue to struggle, the blog, Into Mind single handedly changed my approach to getting dressed. She has tons of great Wearing my sisters dress for creating a pulled together wardrobe. I absolutely Wearing my sisters dress this.

There is nothing better than a classic white shirt when you feel as though you have nothing to wear. I love the dress you are wearing too, Elsie. Plus sister time is the best. My sister has just moved away to teach in a rural country town, but is coming home for school holidays next week.

I cannot wait. We used to share all of our clothes and now I feel as though half of my wardrobe has moved away! Try picking an item you love eg, spotted shirt, and go on pinterest searching that phase to see how people have styled items you already own.

Great way to learn new ways to work with what you already have! Have you tried the Stylebook app? You take pics of your clothes, or use pics from online stores and combine outfits. I use move caracters or pinterest for inspiration. Or pick an item of clothing and make yourself outfits with it. We did this with my cusin,we picked out looks form her closet, she tried them on and then took pictures of the ones she liked. I have been going through the same thing!

It is hard to realize when you have outgrown your closet. I am a year into being graduated from college and into my real life job and still have a closet full of high school clothes! My best advice is to go out shopping, and forget about any rules or guidelines you have set up for yourself. Just go and buy two or three fun, out there pieces and surprise yourself! Sometimes it is an unexpected jolt to your look that will get your mind going on how you want to evolve your style! Please do more!! Step two is to really look at the stuff you still own and see them in a whole new perspective.

You know, you might not have worn this top with those pants or those shoes with this purse or something like that and it gives everything a whole new, fresh look! Everyone goes through it, you just have to let it take its course.

Wearing my sisters dress

Another part is the lack of funds to upgrade my wardrobe though. Generally your friends kind of have the same style as you, which is a plus. Win-win situation! Elsie, your makeup in these photos is gorgeous! It highlights and flatters your features perfectly.

I love it. I came soooo close to buying the Dear Creatures sweater dress Elsie is wearing in blue from ModCloth — seeing how adorable she is, I really regret not getting it! So cute! And Emma, I neeeeed those shoes! You two are beyond adorable. Love these Sister Style posts. Great post. I think you both have great style! You know how to mix and match and I think you are on the right track for sure! Love the dress. You two look great! I love both of these outfits! Also, I feel you with the style rut. Do you know anyone who has tried a capsule wardrobe?

It makes me happy so thank you!

Wearing my sisters dress

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As the Sister-of-the-Bride, you are very important, but what should you wear?