Warcraft movie dwarves

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Warcraft is arriving in theaters this summer, but aside from one trailer, not much of it has been seen by the general public. That changed today when Legendary Pictures released a new teaser for the film, and it includes plenty of new footage for fans to salivate over.

It opens with what appears to be a duel between a soldier of Stormwind and an orc, with the two warriors clashing at around the second mark in a barren wasteland.

Warcraft movie dwarves

From there it's a mixture of footage new and old, as we see images of the war rally in Stormwind, the film's main human Warcraft movie dwarves jumping on the back of a gryphon, two armies clashing and more. In terms of new footage, the most tantalizing bit is a brief look at one of the film's dwarven characters. Though Blizzard's Warcraft game universe is filled with different races orcs, humans, elves, trolls, dwarves and tauren, just to name a fewwe've only seen humans and orcs prior to this trailer.

The dwarf, equipped with a blunderbuss, looks just like World of Warcraft fans would expect a dwarf to look, almost as if he has been ripped straight out of one of the game's always impressive cinematics. If you look closely at the background, it appears the scene is taking place in the dwarven capital of Ironforge, a location players of Blizzard's MMO know all too well. No doubt the elves will also appear in the film at some point, though they remain hidden from sight for now.

Toward the end of the trailer we get a glimpse of yet another human vs. It doesn't go so well for the orc. You can check out the trailer below.

Warcraft movie dwarves

We can only hope more new footage is coming soon. For more Warcraft news, be sure to check out the Stormwind set photos director Duncan Jones tweeted out recently; they're filled with Easter eggs for fans of the games. Facebook facebook Twitter twitter Reddit reddit Comment. Cameron KochTech Times 18 Marcham.

Warcraft movie dwarves

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Warcraft movie dwarves

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Warcraft movie dwarves Warcraft movie dwarves

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