The stripping wheel japan

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Thank you for your interest in HRE Wheels. HRE forged wheel sets are custom-built for your vehicle with many personalization options. The easiest way to order is to call us Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm PST ator us at info hrewheels. HRE FlowForm wheel sets are generally in stock and ready to ship. We do have optional colors that require a 2 week turnaround time, and are best handled by calling us at This is one of the questions we get The stripping wheel japan the most and it's one of the most important; the answer is both simple and complex.

The simple answer is, "To create the best you must start with the best". What this really means is at every step, we don't cut corners and are continually trying to improve our materials, processes, facility and team to make sure it stays that way. We start with extremely talented people to de and engineer every HRE from sketch to testing, programming and prototyping. From there, only the best materials are used from our forgings, assembly hardware and powder coats. Next, our artisans hand prep and brush every wheel by hand spending hours perfecting finishes that only HRE can offer.

From there our wheels move to a hand washing process that again shows the care and attention to detail needed to produce our finishes. It then moves to our in-house powder coat process which produces astonishing yet durable colors that complement even the most exclusive vehicles in the world.

The stripping wheel japan

If it's a 3-Piece wheel, there's still more to do. After powder coating, a 3-Piece wheel needs to be assembled, sealed and checked for runout making sure the wheel is perfectly round. Before any wheel is considered an HRE, it goes through an extensive quality check ensuring it lives up to the HRE promise. And one of the most commonly neglected parts of a forged wheel is its packaging. This often le to blemished and damaged wheels so at HRE, we don't skimp here either.

The stripping wheel japan

Our packaging is specifically deed to keep your wheels safe regardless of how far they are traveling because we want them to arrive just as perfect as when they left. In most cases, certain wheels are more likely to be chosen for weekend track day vehicles such as a Series RC1 or R, and a Luxury wheel like a S2 would not.

At HRE we de every wheel with the same attention to detail and a focus on making sure any wheel you do choose, lasts for many years to come. Lead times range based on multiple factors. In some cases, they may take longer if an unforeseen occurance happens such as an inoperable machine, supplier issues or a sudden increase in orders.

We will take every opportunity to notify your dealer if such an occurance arises in order to relay this information to you.

The stripping wheel japan

We also offer a Rush Option which guarantees your wheels will be completed within 10 business days from order confirmation - ask your dealer or HRE Customer Service Representative for details. We take imitation wheels very seriously, and want to give you as many tools as possible to check the authenticity of the wheels you are buying, whether new or pre-owned. The list of dealers is located HERE.

Every HRE Forged wheel has a serial that can be checked for authenticity. You can directly to confirm your current order or check the authenticity of any new or pre-owned HRE Forged wheel:.

The stripping wheel japan

When we launched FlowForm inwe wanted to make sure we partnered with The stripping wheel japan best in the business. At the time that was in Japan. With the success of FlowForm, we were looking to expand the sizes as our customers demanded new fitments. When we decided to expand our supplier base to Taiwan we audited several factories and took recommendations from existing partners. Our current supplier in Taiwan meets all of our technical, quality, and logistical requirements and in fact is a supplier to many Japanese branded wheel companies.

We are the best and most qualified place to service and refinish your HRE wheels. There are many serious safety issues that can arise with improper servicing or refinishing of any wheel such as improper, missing, fatigued or broken assembly hardware, excessive stripping or powder coating tempuratures, improper lug hole drilling, improper rim parts and sealing procedures and even chroming. The best way to prevent these problems is to have HRE Wheels service your wheels exclusively.

In addition, having a non-certified HRE shop do these procedures will void your Structural and Finish warranties. For more information, directly. Generally, we produce FlowForm wheels to fit great without spacers. Though, on some vehicles and wheel SKUs, spacers are needed to achieve the correct fitment. Generally speaking, we do not offer sponsorships. But if you are working on a noteworthy vehicle that you think we should consider, please send us a detailed description of your vehicle including professional rendering, modifications to be completed as well as why other automotive enthusiasts follow your lead to info hrewheels.

Images should be at least pixels x pixels at 72 dpi, show the whole vehicle and wheels clearly. Vehicles with older HRE wheels may not make it to the Gallery but please send them to us anyways - we may post them on our Instagram, Facebook or other social media channels! Please check The stripping wheel japan wheels section to find out if your wheel is in our current collection. First, please visit our Careers to see what current positions are open: www. To view content specific to your vehicle, please choose your make and model.

View Wheels Close. Home ยป FAQs. Show Answer. Once completed, you will be contacted by one of our Customer Service representatives within one business day. They will confirm your details and answer any questions you may have. At any time during the process, HRE is here to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding your order and dealer experience. We are here to ensure your wheel buying experience is as smooth and pleasant as possible. Or visit one of our Authorized Dealers HERE We do have optional colors that require a 2 week turnaround time, and are best handled by calling us at You can directly to confirm your current order or check the authenticity of any new or pre-owned HRE Forged wheel: : info hrewheels.

No, but we are continuing to develop more center cap options for FlowForm. In some cases, Yes. Do You Offer Wheel Sponsorships? Please send your images to info hrewheels. View Wheels.

The stripping wheel japan The stripping wheel japan

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