The stiletto trap

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By ShockQueenDecember 29, in Stories with a high heel theme. This story is still a masterfully written work, and I'm sure lots of people here will enjoy reading it again - or even the first time. I ran across that story several years back. It is still just as intense as ever, thank you for bringing it back to mind. Ahh, yes, the memories! Per Gotterup, alt.

Margo and all the rest of the gang The Pattent Letter was still in publication It was really the first place on the 'net that I found, where people wanted to talk about heels Yes, it was a very interesting story. Wouldn't want to be her, though. Wow what a story. I wish it was alot longer but this was a work of art. I can almost see something close to this happening with todays t echnology. What The stiletto trap amazing story it was! I began reading it and could not stop! Can't wait to share this story with a female friend who always wear very high heels. Now hoping I won't have nightmares about it tonight Great story!

Glad to be reminded of it. Totally unrealistic from an engineering point of view, but that's part of it's charm. Gripping, that's for sure! I wish the shoes hadn't been pointed, ugh. Pretty fantastic, I'll admit I'm a little shaky after reading it. Thanks for sharing. Peeptoe heels are my passion Maybe back then, but now with micro motors and micro electronincs available to us, I'm not so sure. The heel itself can be used to house the micro motors and cell communication and control electronincs. The spike inside the heel can be used as an antenna if so required so long as a metal heel tip is not used.

AB foam could be used for the foot encasement though it's going to get a tad warm for the few seconds it takes to set. And the culprit could control the whole thing from a cell phone. Shafted, the boots that is! An inventive use of the thriller technique, where there's a dilemma that you can't see any way out of, like with Hitchcock's The Birds, The stiletto trap even Terminator. It just keeps coming. It's particularly chilling to know that you are not alone but none of you can be of any help to each other.

I think I'd have written it so the shoes were super comfortable and conferred some benefit, like super confidence or command of respect until, at the end, they were activated and became the trap. I suspect this is just the finger wagging teacher in me who prefers a faustian cautionary tale to a thriller. Enjoyed it though. I thought about why someone would do this to women and then it dawned on me that the women of the story could be actually part of something much larger than any of them realized.

The stiletto trap

Forced to do their master's dirty work. Pick ups, drop offs, assassinations. All monitored by mini cams and GPS. Sounds like something the government would do. I have enjoyed this story each time I have read it, the first being many years ago. IMO it is a pity that no-one seems to write stories like this any more although there have been a couple of attempts. For those that are into glasses, there was an identical story floating around the internet for awhile except the subject was glasses instead of shoes.

It would be difficult to determine which one was robbed from the other. Maybe the same person wrote both. I held the blue flame to the black patent portion of the heel above the gold metal spike for about 15 minutes. No luck at all. I was The stiletto trap scared I didn't know what to do. I kicked and kicked the pavement, over and over with my heels as I screamed to try breaking them but nothing changed.

The shoes were on my feet to stay When I knew nobody was watching, I placed my heel into the claw of the cutter and forced the lever down. I used more force, and it finally moved! It was moving down! I was going to be free!

The stiletto trap

After the handle went to the ground, I raised it and pulled my foot out of the cutter. The shoe wasn't damaged! The heel was perfectly intact. I looked at the cutter and realized that it was ruined. It had a large hump in the blade where my heel had been. I ran out of the store and entered my car, crying with fright.

I agree that the control systems and electronics are available today, but the strength and the resilience of the materials are way beyond anything that exists on earth.

The stiletto trap

Maybe they use kryptonite. That would probably do the trick. Yes I liked the idea of the Stilleto Trap and it was well written albeit with tongue in cheek. I was surprised that the wearer was so challenged with the small increase in heels height. Perhaps if she had been locked in ballet bootsit would have been more interesting. What heel height do you typically wear? Must be super tall, I envy you from down here in my 4 inchers.

The stiletto trap

I always used to say to my pupils, there are no new stories, just new ways to tell old ones. Sangue16 - No huge babemy work heels are 5 The stiletto trapget more adventurous for parties and weekends. Most of my work clothes are quite fitted so a trouser suit would need that height heelless important with the skirts though.

I'm only 5'5" but have one less thing to do than youI don't have children. As good as the first time I read it, I enjoyed it even more now, since back then I didn't wear heels myself, thanks for posting it. Great story but I'd love someone to provide photos or illustrations for it. I've seen copies of this around the Internet with a relevant picture or two, but it would be great to have images along the way. This story was cloned shortly after it came out except that the item was not shoes but thick glasses.

The stiletto trap

A Classic: The Stiletto Trap. Share More sharing options Followers 0. Recommended Posts. ShockQueen Posted December 29, Posted December 29, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options I had lost itso thank you for posting it again.

Posted December 30, Have a happy time!

The stiletto trap

Posted January 3, Posted April 23, Posted March 25, Posted April 12, First time I read it, what a story so gripping! Hemanels Posted May 20, Posted May 20, Posted October 14, Cuban Nicky Posted October 15, Posted October 15, What a story.

I felt seriously aroused by the time I had finished it. Posted October 26, Posted December 21, A classic indeed.

The stiletto trap

I remember first reading this more than 10 years ago. Still very good.

The stiletto trap

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The Stiletto Trap