Super metroid blue suit

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HUD Modifications. Controller shortcuts. Menu features.

Super metroid blue suit

Presets are pre-configured savestates that are specific to a particular category. Toggle ultra slow horizontal movement, as if grabbed by the Baby Metroid. Toggle a flashing animation on Samus to show when dash should be held for short charging. Toggle a flashing animation on Samus during a space jump to show when you should jump.

This only works if "Room Strat" is selected as the above Infohud Mode. Toggle the room timer in the top-right of the HUD between realtime and gametime. Sets the segment timer to reset automatically when exiting the next door transition.

Super metroid blue suit

Address 1 will appear in the bottom-left corner of the HUD, while Address 2 appears just to the right of Address 1. Memory at these locations can be edited by configuring a Value and selecting 'Write to Address'. Toggle 'Lock Value' to automatically write the value once every frame.

Only one byte of hex can be configured at a time in the menu. Toggles the debug mode. Note that debug mode shortcuts and features may not be well supported in the practice rom. Toggles a built-in debug feature to darken the screen after the game is done processing the next frame. Useful for estimating CPU usage. Restores the game minimap, which also allows the pause menu map to be updated. When enabled, a map tile counter will also be displayed. Toggles rerandomizing of RNG values upon loading a savestate.

Choose the direction and eye opening pattern for Phantoon's first phase. Choose the direction and eye opening pattern for Phantoon's second and subsequent phases. Choose how long Phantoon's eye will remain open after a ring of flames.

Choose Draygon's attack type from the right side of the room.

Super metroid blue suit

Draygon will always 'swoop' after a 'goop'. Choose Draygon's attack type from the left side of the room. Set Crocomire to always step forward, or always swipe and shoot projectiles. Set Kraid's claws to spawn above or below. Kraid is laggier when coming out of the ground if both claws spawn below. Note : It is not possible for both claws to spawn above Kraid, so there will always be some lag generated by a claw below. Set or change button combinations for activating features. Press A to select the shortcut and then hold the desired button combination until it turns pink.

Reset the segment timer. Resets Main Menu shortcut to default and removes button combos for all others.

Super metroid blue suit Super metroid blue suit

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