Strawberry panic yuri scene

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At least I think so. Believe it or not, there are kiss scenes out there that are consensual and romantic rather than kinky. Also, spoilers ahead for both old school and modern shows.

Strawberry panic yuri scene

Go figure. No, I have no intention of reviewing it. How can I review something like this? Utena is to old school animeniacs as Paprika and Inception are to modern day animeniacs. A legendary member of Shoujoai. No wonder almost nobody talks about Mawaru Penguindrum after it ended. How could I leave these two out of this list. ChiMeko is to anime what Hulk Hogan is to professional wrestling: Immortal legends. The music and his manliness are what beat out the kiss during the greatest romantic confession in anime history the finale by just an itsy bitsy teenie tiny little bit…BARELY!

Happy Birthday indeed. Besides, Dia trumps all your complaints in my book. How else would two seraphic lesbian witches celebrate Strawberry panic yuri scene a victory against a high class god of war? I honestly forgot which season and episode this one is from. Yes, I know I said I would only show consensual kisses but…just watch the mark. I rest my case. As much as I dislike Akane, I can;t deny her kiss scenes with Shizuku and Mikoto are her best moments. While Majikoi is a mediocre harem show on its own, as soon as these two showed up, it became below average.

Well, there you have it. Did any of your fav kiss scenes not make my list? Share away. If any of these scenes are on your list, tell everyone how much they made you squee. Hope you liked it. The kissing scenes that you posted for them are great. Like Like. I applaud your effort in gathering them all into this one place. You should thank the fans who posted the vids. Enjoy them as long as you can.

Strawberry panic yuri scene

Oniisama ewhich, like Rose of Versailles was written by Riyoko Ikeda and directed by Osamu Dezakihas also been noted as an inspirational source for several thematic elements and visuals. You mean Kanamemo, not Kamimemo. Marimite has many special moments in the first two seasons that involve kisses. I hope the last kiss motivated you to check out Mouretsu Pirates. Yes, sorry. I mispelled. About Yamibou and Kannazuki I have heard mixed things like the rape scene in Kannazuki.

The rape scene is an important one as it created division within the fanbase as some supported why it was done and others thought there could have been other ways to get the message across.

Strawberry panic yuri scene

Yamibou…is an acquired taste. I guess not. It was a simple slice of life comedy with diverse girls and a lolic- ah, that must be it. They wanted the lolicon to be a guy, or something. Then I still remember Onii-sama e manga and uhm… the drama was too much. Generally S-yuri have this secluded environment that takes lesbianism as an experimentation phase; and that ticks me off.

Mouretsu Pirates is more about space exploration and ship battles. There are hardly are there any? Check out my review of it to make sure. Trust me, I dislike mecha anime as much as you do. Tell you what. When you have free time, give it go.

If by the end of the show, you come back Strawberry panic yuri scene me and tell me MP was not fun in the least, I will not bother you with it. Ah, Maria-Sama actually gets to the yuri in season 1 in no time, or rather, it gives hints that lead to the big moment. Season 2 also has touching scenes. Seasons 3 and 4 rely on heavy subtext but the yuri is definitely there as well. If by the end of season 1, you do not end up liking Sei or are not interested in the relationship of the other seours, then you do not need to go any further than season 1.

The same goes with Marimite. When I want sth to relax, it could be a good solution. One question: when you say they get to the yuri, what do you mean exactly? A confession? Implied sex scene? The sci-fi jargon is for sci-fi nerds but it hardly gets in the way of everything else. Let me rephrase that. The yuri in Marimite is lighthearted in every sense of the word.

A kiss a lip lock or two here and there, some very touching moments like the clip you saw, but nothing beyond that. Heck, Strawberry Panic level of yuri contact Marimite is not. It is soft, but thankfully not S, despite the show having some content influenced by S media. I really should review this series…but I just need to pick the right moment to sit down and marathon the whole thing. Dude, you should definitely review Maria-sama!

I love that show. Please check out my Maria-sama video! I want more fans to watch it. Thanks and your site is great! I do have plans to sit down and watch the series again someday in order to properly review it. Awesome AMV btw. I admit that I do not like AMVs that much but yours was pretty good.

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Happy Birthday Overlord-G! Very nice list you put together and there is quite a few series I need to re-watch sometime. Get to it then boyo. Thanks also. November 6, at pm. Thank you kindly Superfreak.

Strawberry panic yuri scene

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