Star fox fanfiction human

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By Peter, February 26, in Starfox Fanfiction. This is a fanfiction set a few months after Star Fox Assault. I have been working on this story and posting it to FanFicton. The first few chapters aren't all that great, it gets better later.

Star fox fanfiction human

A few swears here and there, the really bad ones I'll use asterisks for. Not a ton of romance. If you want to of it, here's the link to the rest, but remember I'll be posting it here as well. Fox woke up to his alarm clock, which was screaming the good-morning greeting of Bryan, the Its and you know what THAT means!

He sat in bed and thought about the Aparoid War, how he almost lost his mentor, best friend, and father figure, Peppy Hare just 2 months before. He decided to go get some breakfast in the Great Fox kitchen, then go work out.

He got out of bed and stretched, and got ready to start the day. Falco stumbled backwards into a punching bag dummy.

Star fox fanfiction human

The avian did have a point there. Slippy had been working on them for 3 days now, but they had been malfunctioning, which was why they had to dock at the Corneria Military Base. Fox just shrugged it off and went off the ship. He then decided seek Star fox fanfiction human General Pepper by himself to see if there were new bounties available. Falco was recovering from his loss, Slippy was still trying to fix the ship, and Krystal was out helping with disaster relief. Fox then thought of all the destruction that the Aparoids had inflicted on Corneria City.

She always had a soft spot for people in need, ever since her home planet of Cerinia was destroyed. Then he thought of Peppy in his office. Have a nice day, Mr. Fox made it to the elevator. Going up. The elevator then dinged, and he walked into the adjacent facing office. What are ya thinking about? Maybe you could live on the Great Fox with everyone.

How the hell?! Andross is back!? I made him explode. You following me? Thanks for talking Peppy. There had been 24 of them, reduced to 4 in just 45 minutes. It was a miracle he was still standing and firing his weapon. He had multiple laser wounds to his left shoulder, left leg, and right eye. They fired from behind the barricade at anything that moved.

Venomian soldiers fell left and right, but 4 against well over were not good odds. They ran through Lincoln Park. If we have a chance of making it, we need to be there in- AAH! Sergeant Briggs had been shot through the chest, and Manchester was nowhere to be found.

Star fox fanfiction human

He must have been shot while making a run for it. It was just Duncan and his Star fox fanfiction human enemy in the platoon, Corporal James Harrington. Duncan kept running with the newly in command Corporal. Corporal Harrington took his hand for a brief moment, then released it. They took off their bulletproof vests, dropped their weapons, and booked it as fast as they could in the other direction. SFO 's topics and FF. You kind of have to make line breaks manually when putting them in the forum topics here.

Not doing this will transform even the humblest collection of words into an impenetrable wall of text. Even so, I checked this on FF. When you have two bits of dialogue sharing the same block of text, that tells the reader that those two bits of dialogue are coming from the same character. If two separate characters are using the same block of text, it does nothing but confuse. I haven't read much of the story yet, but I will say this: making a believable human x Lylat setting is next to impossible to do with any success.

I have read one, and only one, single SF fanfic that was able to pull this off. The reason for this doesn't have so much to do with personal taste as it does with the notoriously complex implications it entails. The world of Star Fox and the world we live in have occupied their own universes and done just fine on their own.

If there is some kind of contact, that needs to be a big deal, for both sides. Far too often have fanficers just thrown it all to the wind just to get the humans and Lylatins together to kick some ass or what have you. Hey, thanks for the review. I followed the format you gave me with adding a new paragraph every time there is dialogue from another character. But, I couldn't get it to use indentation correctly. Here it is. Fox walked out of the Cornerian Military Base.

Star fox fanfiction human

He was disappointed that General Pepper had nothing better for him to do than run patrols over Katina and Fortuna. He sighed, and walked back onto the Great Fox II. Falco immediately met him there. Unless you want to want to go sit on Fortuna and Katina, patrolling.

Fox was working with Slippy on the engine. He wasn't really paying attention though, and heard Slippy say. Alas, Fox was too busy thinking about what Peppy had said. He couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that Andross had been badly beaten twice, and he still wasn't dead. It made him think about Andrew Oikonny, one of the first casualties in the Aparoid War.

Then, Krystal walked in. Yeah, I'm fine. What are you doing in the engine room? You seemed troubled, that was all. I'll leave now. I felt fear emanating from him. He must be trying to hide something,' she concluded. She would ask about it later.

Star fox fanfiction human

For now, she needed some sleep. She was out since AM when they called her in to the community center. There were some kits that had lost both their parents in an accident. Apparently there was a building that the Cornerian Government deemed safe to inhabit after the Aparoid attack, but it fell down after all the damage to it and the extra stress from the refugees packed into it. Even after the threat is gone.

Star fox fanfiction human

About 5 minutes into this, Fox walked into her room. I hate them. Why did they try to destroy the entire galaxy because of their selfish ideals? Don't worry. Everyone is safe now. He wants us to run some patrols on Fortuna and Katina. It'll take your mind off it. Panther Caroso was in a daze. He was shot down inside the Aparoid home world. He knew that Fox had accomplished his mission, which was why he was floating in space on a piece of debris. He had hoped that Wolf and Leon made it out OK. He only had 2 days' worth of food left in his Wolfen III, and knew he would die if he didn't get help soon.

He was floating towards a blue and green planet, with many fresh craters on its surface.

Star fox fanfiction human

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