Sex as a hobby

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This evolutionary value has impelled cultures to stigmatize and control sex, leading to sexist concepts. We should treat Sex as a Hobby. Does that not describe a healthy non-procreative sex life? People enjoy different hobbies; people take up different hobbies at different points in their lives. If sex is a hobby, it is by definition something not everyone does. Sure many people do, but it is no longer a requirement, an expectation. They may have looked at the sport and decided it was not for them, or maybe they will take it up later in life.

Sex as a hobby

If sex is a hobby, it can free up the gender and sexuality spectrums. Unbound by procreative expectations, people can be who they feel to be born to be. Some may choose to remain relatively genderless, while others may hypersexualize themselves, to advertise: yes, I really enjoy this massively popular hobby.

It remains an intimate hobby, with its enjoyment increased by sharing it with a trusted Sex as a hobby. Sex as Hobby would improve the nature of dating, because there is no expectation that someone will share a hobby simply because they had a few dates. It sounds silly that way as it should, both for expectations of sharing because of a series of events, and for expectations of sharing a hobby that should require a little trust, education and safety equipment.

If sex is hobby, it simply means that it becomes something we do, not something we need to be defined by. It is not a requirement, or an uncontrollable urge, or a precious gift, or a prize. It is a pleasure, best enjoyed with someone special for the best memories, someone you trust for a good experience.

I thought it was a very interesting read to share, being multidisciplinary. Could've posted this easily in one of the ace sections, but I felt this one was more appropriate to actually get the discussion going where I'd like to. By the way, this is one of the several reasons why I feel pretty close to the transhumanist movement. I believe that it's a nice idea for some people and a bad idea for others.

Some don't want to share their partner, not even a part of them, with another person. Also, this article makes it sound like finding a partner to only have sex with is very easy. The truth is that many or most people only sleep with those they trust. Thus it's easier to find somebody to, say, play soccer with, then to sleep with.

As a fictosexual sex and masturbation ARE a hobby for me, a part of my fandom Sex as a hobby certain mythologies and fantasy literature. I certainly wouldn't expect any one else to be turned on by my hobby, although I do write about it a lot. Its like in sports where if everyone plays basketball for example and your the only one who doesnt or isnt interested, people still marginate you for it or at least I have had quite a few displeasing looks and "why dont you like it? I find it a bit funny that the article mentions sex as being a hobby and as being a necessity for procreation in the same breath.

I don't think any national society will ever view it as being a hobby, because throughout history it's been so engrained as being necessary and a source of great pleasure and happiness. It would take a lifetime to change, but it might well happen some day. I mean, if it wasn't the norm, then a community like this would seem to be a bit pointless or redundant.

I find this funny as well as it's simply assuming that the experience would be good for everyone, where most of us know that it's not necessarily a given. This makes a whole lot of sense, so long as protection against unwanted pregnancies and STDs work as expected.

Sure, you can get hurt in sports, but you don't get AIDS. That's a very interesting perspective. Sex in many ways does parallel hobbies And sexual orientation doesn't necessarily determine the enjoyment of sex e. I think looking at sex as a hobby would help hookup culture by making people who do like it think more about their needs and interest level as well as that of others.

Also, I've never been fond of the word "virgin" due to some of its connotations. Someone who's never done it could be called a beginner, so it doesn't sound like they aren't losing or giving anything up. As far as trust goes, there are lots of active hobbies that require trust and getting to know the person s you're doing it with rock climbing, diving, urban exploration, some team sports. Behavioural changes play a huge role in how complex, intelligent social organisms like humans adapt to their environments. It is evolution on a far swifter scale than the genetic, and is lo more arbitrary because it can be taught, and isn't largely subject to and confined by instinct.

It sounds like a dystopian experiment and a dead end. Yes, sex has a lot of "psychological baggage" but IMO, some of that baggage is warranted. I think sex is something that deserves to be treated seriously, however much of a party pooper that may make me to the masses.

Why does calling it a hobby to you erase the evolutionary reasons people enjoy it? All hobbies are like this, tapping into deeper aspects of our makeup. The point about procreation to me was acknowledging that it's not done primarily for that anymore so consciously detaching it from all the concerns about procreation that would otherwise slip in unconsciously.

You seem to be speaking of a conscious, ad hoc attempt to detach sex from its procreative element. My point is that we have never been able to do that in the history of our species, and to attempt to do so would not only be Sex as a hobby difficult including overwriting programming both cultural and biologicalbut ill-advised. We already know and acknowledge that sex has never been entirely for procreation. Its other uses, however, carry various forms of social and emotional baggage that have a lot to do with our biological wiring.

In light of this there are deep semantic issues with calling sexual activity a 'hobby'. Language is powerful; people don't respect hobbies, and it is easy to see how confused a society can get when it tries to look upon sex - a very powerful and often dangerous tool - like it looks upon Uncle Jim's fleeting obsession with gardening.

Homosexuals have been doing just that forever. And people who use contraceptives have been since their invention. Lastly, people who can't conceive 'detach' the two, and rather gladly with no 'baggage' whatsoever. With the world's population standing at 7.

Sex as a hobby

Or a much needed massive natural disaster must eradicate a large population of people. Therefore there is nobody "at fault. I don't think you're getting my point. Procreation or no procreation, wherever you see yourself on the spectrum - sex and sexuality have primal roots in individual identity, self-actualisation, and esteem.

Humans use sexuality to relate to and understand one another, and it is also an exceedingly effective weapon of war and domination. The word 'hobby' just doesn't cut it; this is not something a mere cultural exhortation can change. I don't know where population ties into this, but on that point the world has more than enough resources for us all. We're just doing a magnificently poor job at allocating it. No, I wasn't moving any Sex as a hobby. My stance hasn't changed: we have never been able to detach the practice of sex from its procreative foundations.

Even when no actual procreation is taking place, sex and sexuality continue to affect us in ways rooted in our biological psyche. And biology is inseparable from procreation; you need one to understand the other. On relating to each other with sexuality: Lumme, we have a misunderstanding here and I apologise if I was being a shade unclear.

Sex as a hobby

I understand sexuality to include everyone. Everyone, regardless of gender, orientation, inclination. This thread itself stands testimony to how our identities and practices want protection and tact that could never be justified if we were to perceive sex as a mere pastime.

And hijacking the grief that the 'procreation' argument, which has been used forever to marginalize gender variant people? Again, no specifics, no arguments, just pure, unsubstantiated assertion backed up, I suspect, with no personal experience. To be refused treatement because 'why do you want to become female, you will NEVER be able to give birth and that's what being female is ultimately all about. Such lazy prejudicial reasoning led to horrors like Alan Turing being forced to undergo estrogen 'therapy' to 'cure' his homosexuality.

Or electroshock therapy in the 70's. Where was that vaunted 'procreation science' that seeks to understand ALL sexualities' then? The canard on sale here is that human beings are nothing more than chickens and eggs seeking to make more chickens and eggs. You see these same fallacies on sale here in this country where conservative politicians regularly assert 'truths' that are provably false by the same Sex as a hobby of inspection. One such was a doctor and a politician who blew up his career by saying that 'women's bodies have a way to counteract rapes to prevent conception'.

My god He was subsequenly challenged scientifically and forced to recant his prejudicial nonsense and was roundly thumped in the polls. Another example was a well-known conservative radio commentator who regularly makes fun of homosexuals. Who was caught, I might add, with tons of illegal Viagra.

Sex as a hobby

Who then went on to excoriate a woman who was taking oral contraceptives that some Fundy businessmen didn't want her to have to deal with a woman's health issue completely outside of contraception and procreation. Human beings love to boink a LOT more than they love to procreate. Nor do I see why you p that I do not share in all of your concerns about the misappropriation of science. Zealots have and will always find a way. The chemicals released during sex in your brain promote bonding with said partner, so there's that. Before the discovery of modern medicine, the rate at which people died and were born was roughly equal.

However, since the discovery of penicillin death rate has plummeted. Modern day sanitation has helped helped lower death rates. And there he is, unhooking his first brassiere. Which would more be the more likely thought bubble?

Sex as a hobby

I truly wonder what would happen if people stopped caring what others think about their sex life.

Sex as a hobby

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Couples: Sex as a 'Hobby' or Just Having Sex?