Sailor moon fanfiction lemon

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By: bill k Usagi gives Mamoru a birthday present even she wasn't expecting to give him. Some of the s are really brittle. Usagi scrunched up her face at the girl. Of course I'm nosy! Now what's cooking in that head of yours?

I just. Rei tried to glance at the she was looking at, but Usagi slammed the book shut. Just to get the copied? Usagi snatched up the book and scurried out.

Sailor moon fanfiction lemon

He silently congratulated himself on making it home from study by eight instead of midnight this time. This meant he'd actually have time for dinner at a decent hour. They always warned him that being a med student was tough, but words never quite captured just how tough. His body alert and primed to move, he began to inch toward the door to his kitchen. Shuffling could be heard just behind it. The door eased open.

Sailor moon fanfiction lemon

Out came a woman dressed as a traditional geisha. For a moment Mamoru wondered if he was in the right apartment. She wore a beautiful light green kimono with intricate floral patterns embroidered on the silk. The wide black sash around her middle emphasized a slim waist, a nice chest and desirable hips beneath the kimono. The traditional black wig, with the hair piled on top of the head and pinned with long teak rods, adorned her head, while ornate decorations dangled from it. Her face was painted white while inky black mascara highlighted her vibrant blue eyes and attractive red accentuated her pouty mouth.

She shuffled daintily along the floor in traditional white slippers.

Sailor moon fanfiction lemon

At first Mamoru was at a loss to explain who she was or why she was there. Then he noticed she was Usagi's height. She smiled sweetly, her eyes twinkling, and bowed to him. You're spoiling the mood! She knelt at his feet and slipped his shoes off. The transformation was remarkable. She really looked like she had stepped out of one of the historical dramas that ran on television. Rising, she slipped his jacket from him, then guided him to the table in the center of the room. Usagi's eyes flared for a moment.

Sailor moon fanfiction lemon

This one remains at your service. Please sit. I will bring you tea and then amuse you on this special occasion. Mamoru smiled. She was doing this for his birthday. How completely Usagi. He watched her glide into the kitchen again. Oh, but what a Sailor moon fanfiction lemon to do. She was like a fantasy come to life. Being "forbidden women", geasha's were naturally tempting to nearly any Japanese male. But how did she know? Had he given her some clue accidentally? Was it just a lucky guess, or was she using some sixth sense that women had that told them how to utterly entrance a man.

With great effort, he had to remind himself that she was still only seventeen. Though she'd demonstrated so much maturity since they'd first found each other three years ago, she was still just in too many ways that were important. Mamoru drew a deep breath and sighed it out. Still, she was maturing - - and she was getting harder and harder to resist. Those thoughts drained away when she entered the room again. Carrying a tray with teapot and cups, Usagi minced along the floor.

She looked so feminine and so adult. And suddenly Mamoru wished there were words in the language to communicate to her just how much this meant to him. However, Usagi was and would ever be Usagi. A misstep caught the hem of her kimono under her foot.

Sailor moon fanfiction lemon

She lurched forward, awkwardly off-balance, pitching the tray out in front of her. A squeal of horror followed the teapot down until it impacted with the carpet and broke. Tea spilled everywhere even as Mamoru ascended to his feet and she descended to her knees. He was to her in seconds, clutching her by her arms. Her head was bowed and he knew what was coming. Carpets can be cleaned. But the memory you gave me, of seeing you like this and finding out it was you, is priceless. It will stay with me until I die and always remind me of your love whenever I begin to doubt.

And suddenly there was something in the room, some look or scent or something that told them now was the time. Impetuously his lips leaped to hers like iron filings to a magnet. Usagi tried to put her arms around him, but Mamoru's grip on them was too strong to break. Instead she hugged him with her mouth, pressing her lips to his until they began to bruise.

When he finally, reluctantly pulled away, she gazed up starry-eyed at him. Usagi giggled. With your leave, I'll smear it again. This one is here but to serve," she smiled and puckered, anticipating his mouth upon hers. As his face neared hers, Usagi closed her eyes to focus on her sense of touch and savor the feel of his mouth on hers.

The event lived up to the anticipation. As she felt him press to her, she felt engulfed by his very maleness and she arched to him. His arms closed around her, trapping hers to her sides, and something primal seemed to come alive inside of her. She groaned into his mouth as her insides tightened, demanding things that up to this point she hadn't been able to give.

The stimulus generated by that small patch of sensitive skin - - her lips - - combined with the sensations from her swelling nipples rubbing against the silk of the kimono, the scent of Mamoru filling her nostrils and the power of his body swallowing her up, to send her passions burning and her senses swimming. When they finally parted, Usagi had no conscious Sailor moon fanfiction lemon to form words with. Her breathing shallow, she could only look Sailor moon fanfiction lemon at him, a single mute question in her eyes.

When she saw the same question, harbored shyly in those eyes that suddenly seemed so darling and child-like, her mouth spread into a timid smile. Her smile mirrored on his face, her hopefulness in his expression. She could suddenly see all the pain of the loneliness he'd lived with for so long and she desperately wanted to wash it away, to cleanse him.

Her delicate hands slid up his chest to the second button of his shirt. His hand cupped under hers only long enough to lift them to his mouth. A delicate kiss was planted on them, then he released them to do their work. Moving deftly, slowly, enjoying the feel of his chest as she worked, Usagi opened the shirt down to his belt. Grasping the shirt by the collar, she eased it over his shoulders and off him, arching her body into his as she did so. It was a gesture as much for her pleasure as it was for his.

Sailor moon fanfiction lemon

Her hands fell to his belt. She grasped it to open it, but held up after the belt parted. The last emotion Usagi expected to sweep her body was apprehension. But her mind suddenly feared doing or saying something stupid and ruining everything.

Sailor moon fanfiction lemon

Mamoru felt her tense in his arms. We were doing fine a minute ago. I want to, I do. But if it becomes too much for you, tell me. I promise I'll understand.

Sailor moon fanfiction lemon

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