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What I want is a decentralized Reddit not under the control of advertising needs. Reddit rede has been bad for quality content. I actually find Reddit to be a better source of information and knowledge than Google at this point, mostly because Google has been inundated with paid blog-spam. It's a bit harder to get away with that in Reddit for the time being, and for whatever reason. AndrewStephens on Nov 15, [—].

There already is a decentralized Reddit where subreddits are called websites and anyone can start one and run it as they please. What Reddit and similar sites bring to the table is a single pool of authenticated users. Once a user is logged into Reddit, posting on different subreddits is frictionless. Even with oauth and the like, it is hard to replicate that with a distributed set of sites. ZainRiz on Nov 15, [—]. I disagree. What Reddit brings to the table is: 1. Easy sharing: Subreddits, which are an easy location to share interesting information about a common topic.

Creating your own website is an order of magnitude harder, especially if you want to allow anyone on the internet to post to it 2. Discoverability: You can easily discover subreddits information related to your interests. You missed the most important point: 3. Discussions Try discussing anything on a random website. Discussions, just like on HN, are usually better than the linked content. Honestly, I have a strong interest in US, Chinese, European, and now Russian politics, and how they relate to the future of the humanity and all life on earth. It is clear that most real innovation happens much more quickly and decisively if centralized under a government that decides to spend a lot of money on research, so those are discussions and reading materials that I have to find on places like reddit.

Ultimately, many of the decisions and things occurring today, while political, have deep personal philosophical roots. Discussions in particular spaces regarding that simply can't happen here due to the rules; rules that differ on different subreddits and for each community I agree with.

Reddit is the best place to find those, IMO. I wouldn't be too sure about the statement that innovation happens faster under centralization especially government. Rather I'd guess you get certain types of innovations. How many years after we went to space using a central authority did it take before private enterprise could do it? How much did private enterprise depend on the technological development that arose from central and shared commitments to scientific development in that space?

We can have the same discussions about the NIH and new drug development since most drugs simply can't make money. The internet, chips, Google itself was started as a federally funded post-grad project. Things move much faster when we devote shared resources into risk taking that cannot make money. It might sound like waste, but government spending, I surmise, is what creates great economies. This occurs because technological advancement, especially those that can't obviously be exploited Rivals of aether subreddit financial gain in the market, are the true drivers of our economy.

Either way, we will soon begin to see who is right. There are several countries now competing with the US who were far behind when we went to our current model of low taxation, high free market. And then no more. The real innovation happens today is more real and substantial. Whenever you use public fund even under dictatorship like Soviet Union and china today you just have a legitimacy issues - children vs space. I am on the space side but have Soviet Union got voyager? You need both and totalitarianism never pay.

Clearly pure centralization doesn't work, and pure decentralization is chaos. The sweet spot is in between. Right Rivals of aether subreddit China seems to be in a better position than the US in that sense. They promote the same type of startups we have in Silicon Valley, and yet have an overarching centralized policy for the long term. In a way, the Chinese government acts as a sort of Facebook or Google. Online forums are great, and it's nice to combine that with some gatekeepered stuff.

Please share some links to those materials. What I would recommend is that you spend some time on reddit and find them for yourself.

Rivals of aether subreddit

Reddit has so many well-built communities, that it's difficult for me to suggest some. Even really vile parts of the site are good for understanding propaganda and how it works, and what it's saying today. I've found that Reddit in terms of content, not UI has gotten somewhat better in recent years, while most discussion venues have either gotten much worse or gotten rid of commenting altogether.

In relative terms, it's superior to most of its alternatives present site excluded, of course. I really don't see much actual discussion on Reddit. Probably mostly because it didn't try to scale. Yes, this was a hugely subjective experience, and depending on who you did or didn't follow, quality varied dramatically.

I've both tried to start and gone looking for conversation on Reddit. The site conspires against this, in several ways. If you're aware of specific subs that really shine Rivals of aether subreddit aren't afraid to name them, I'd appreciate it. I can completely understand not wanting to out good discussion. I saw echo chambers. I have since deleted my and abandoned Reddit as a result. Kickass moderation by committed individuals who are also experts in the field. This combined with huge communities in incredible conversations.

What a wasted opportunity for something interesting. DaveWalk on Nov 16, [—]. Interesting phenomenon.

Rivals of aether subreddit

You overestimate the skills of moderators I doubt very much that true experts in their fields would spend any time doing moderation Reddit There are several subs I'm aware of which do seem to garner expert-level moderation. Several of the Fitness subs are quite good. Various technical subs attract high-quality contributors, and the CSS support sub specifically for styling old-style Reddit custom stylesheets is simply superb.

I've dug into energy topics, and though there's a bit of BS flung about, there's also quality expertise. Posting online actually is a form of shingle-hanging and getting a sense of issues people are facing in the real world. There's value to that. I wouldn't use science as a paragon for moderation, they were involved in a huge vote manipulation controversy just last year. Within a narrowly defined range of acceptable debate see: Noam Chomsky. JDiculous on Nov 16, [—]. I feel like I've seen more of the opposite piss poor moderation than the good.

This is why on your average subreddit, the average quality Rivals of aether subreddit discussion is extremely low, with the top comments being low-effort one liners. In worse cases, sometimes the moderators because straight up authoritarian, censoring opposing views even if they're well-reasoned and thought out any politics-related subreddit. I'm not defending reddit at all, however to be fair certain topics are almost guaranteed to have very heated comment thre, politics for example.

And 3. Quality Control As problematic as the voting system is, in the end the quality of the contribution is better vetted than any Google result. I often search even for products only on reddit first to get real customer insights and contradicting options than the overoptimized Google and Amazon reviews.

Also, a mostly consistent user interface. As long as you use old. Do you know if old. Specially on mobile, that makes me hate Reddit!! Trying on desktop, old. You can just go to preferences and disable rede, no need to change the url itself. I'm faintly surprised reddit's rede didn't kill it, like Digg's did.

Rivals of aether subreddit

Baeocystin on Nov 16, [—]. There have to be some folks there fully aware of the dark-pattern hell of their rede, and smart enough to keep old.

Rivals of aether subreddit

And I hope they keep it up! Reddit is pretty much the last forum I frequent other than here, and the day they kill off the older version is the day I stop visiting. And disable subreddits css. You come there because "it's easy to use! I don't know Rivals of aether subreddit much easier it can get than it already is. Nerds can set up websites with just an ssh password - we need something for the remaining Kaiyou on Nov 25, [—]. You don't even need Netlify.

You can host basically any static sites directly on GitHub. What are the best current options for 'creating your own website'? Are we talking primarily blogging, or are we seeking a more general solution? The hard part is getting users to visit. You can't upvote though. One of the nice things same Reddit is that you can go to a subreddit about something you want to learn about and sort for the most popular posts from last year for example.

Some kind of system like that for websites could become a killer feature. You could treat a link to the post as a proxy for an upvote, and then rank posts based on how many other posts link to them. Of course you wouldn't be able to charge for this service so you'd have to sell ad space on the front. That would be an exceedingly thin al. Very few posts will have incoming links, so you'll get very little scoring data. The al will be hugely susceptible to outlier bias -- The Post That Goes Viral, and generates a huge of incoming links -- will dominate the rankings.

Because the al is so thin, distorting and manipulation through link farming will be cheap and difficult to detect a small of links across a large of sites. Don't get me wrong: looking at incidental behaviour is useful, and can often be much more beneficial than direct actions. But remember that all of these als are actually proxies for some ineffible quantity you're trying to measure, quality.

The very definition of which should leave you crying on the floor after a few hours. Or days. Or weeks. Or months. Or years May minds have attempted this task. All have fail. Your correspondent included. Small site, many moons ago, since surrendered its electrons back to the Great Disk in the Sky.

Rivals of aether subreddit

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