Rent my wife tumblr

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Your is not active. We have sent an to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your. Unfortunately for this clueless woman, her senses were blinded by porcelain bathtubs and hardwood flooring. Last May, Olivia A.

Cole, a year-old author from Louisville, Kentucky, shared her hilarious cautionary tale on Twitter where it went viral with over 30k likes and shares. We could make a little vegetable garden in the back yard! The negative aspects, like the fact that it may have been the scene of multiple heinous crimes, are conveniently overlooked. Scroll down below to read her full story and you will know what warning s Rent my wife tumblr look out for on your next house hunting quest!

More info: Twitter. Anyone can write on Bored Panda. Start writing! Follow Bored Panda on Google News! Follow us on Flipboard. I suspect it was an old prison house and either the agent didn't tell them, or she was ignorant and didn't research info about the place she was offering to her clients.

I'd rent the house for like, a month, just to find out where the goddamn door went. The house I grew up in had several things that were odd. We had two doors that seemingly went nowhere. One was an old coal cellar locked off because cold drafts blew out of it. The other door was an old cellar-way door that hadn't been opened in 2 generations.

A door in the back of a closet was an access door to service the dumb waiter. I suspect the odd doors etc in the house they were looking at have very simple explanations. I thought at least they researched and found out it was an 19th century insane asylum or something. This comment is hidden. I would have liked to see photo's of the mentioned creepy doors, rooms and windows!

Rent my wife tumblr

That would have made the story more exciting than the gifs. The most I got out of this story was that you're a white woman- because you repeated it 8, times. Point is? Was afraid to look kinda racist??? Who does that become the case though??

Rent my wife tumblr

Even she says so. David, that may be the way you think but honestly, not everyone who thinks like you even goes there.

Rent my wife tumblr

She just wanted to point it out repeatedly because it's always some dumbass white chick that gets killed in the horror movies right after the token black. Now, I just want to point out that because 1 Yes, I am a white chick. I'm just not a dumbass. AND 2 The dumbass white chick is usually 17, so this author must be one of those "special" white chick dumbasses. Some of us know to avoid the fucking creepy basement, especially when the light switch doesn't work. Must also be blond Why mention their couleur. What's the point? Frankly don't understand this post.

Rent my wife tumblr

If I say black people like their chicken and waffles and kool aid and grape soda and watermelon it is also true and still offensive. Likewise, this is stupid bs. Well, apparently you and all those people who upvoted your post have no sense of humor. Get over the white lady part, that's not even relevant to the hilarity of the story Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app. Please enter address We will not spam you.

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Rent my wife tumblr

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Rent my wife tumblr

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Rent my wife tumblr Rent my wife tumblr

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