Randy moss shirtless

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Maurice Clarett, RB, Ohio State After turning in one of the most memorable freshman seasons in college football history for Ohio State inClarett's life spiraled downward. He never played another game for OSU, bounced in for a variety of missteps. He tried to enter the draft but was turned away because he was fewer than three seasons out of high school. He performed terribly at the NFL Combine in advance of the draft but the Broncos took a chance on him with a third-round pick overall. He was released by Denver in late August and, after two arrests, is currently in jail. Randy Moss, WR, Marshall Involvement in a high school brawl - and the resulting battery charge - resulted in Notre Dame revoking a scholarship.

A positive marijuana test while on probation resulted in Florida State revoking his scholarship.

Randy moss shirtless

But on draft day,20 teams passed on Moss before Minnesota selected him with the 21st pick. He's had dustups since being in the league but has also caught touchdowns in games for the Vikings, Raiders and Patriots. Less than 24 hours later, the NFL issued a statement that Sapp did not test positive for cocaine, omitting any reference to weed. Easily one of the best defensive linemen in that draft, Sapp was expected to go in the top five. He wound up going 13th to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, went to seven Pro Bowls, was a four-time All Pro and - aside from being an agitator - was never in any legal trouble before retiring after Matt Leinart, QB, USC After a terrific college career in which he won the Heisman as a junior, two minor red flags were raised about Leinart as the draft approached.

The first was that he lacked great arm strength. The second, more nebulous one was he had a "Hollywood" mentality, that he enjoyed his celebrity and the adulation and attention that accompanied it. The Cardinals took Leinart with the 10th overall pick. He's had some Randy moss shirtless indiscretions but nothing of major substance. He also hasn't yet emerged as a starter for Arizona.

Randy moss shirtless three-quarters throwing motion concerned some. A greater brouhaha emerged when it was reported that Young scored a six on the standardized Wonderlic test administered at the NFL Combine. The desperately low score was disputed by the NFL and the test was readministered. Young scored a more respectable 16 the second time. Tennessee took Young with the third overall pick. After a brilliant rookie season inYoung regressed inthrowing nine touchdowns and 17 interceptions. Injuries and personal turmoil landed Young on the bench in His future seems cloudy.

Underwood missed most of his senior season with a high ank le sprain that some around the Spartans program felt was a ruse that masked bigger issues. A personality disorder. But the Vikings were bewitched by Underwood's physical skills and they took him with the 29th pick in the draft. He walked out of training camp August 1 and didn't return. Released by Minnesota, the Dolphins claimed him off waivers. He was injured in his only preseason game. He attempted suicide with a steak knife in September, The Dolphins released him in December.

Inthe Cowboys ed Underwood. He played in 19 games for them before attempting suicide again in Januaryrunning into traffic. He managed just 15 reps on the bench press and looked sloppy at his shirtless weigh-in. White, who was expected to be a first-round pick initially, wound up going 45th overall to the Titans. He's been an able player for Tennessee, rushing for 1, yards in and 15 touchdowns in After making it to three Pro Bowls and becoming the first quarterback to rush for 1, yards inVick's world imploded.

He's currently nearing the end of a month sentence for running an interstate dogfighting ring.

Randy moss shirtless

The pre-draft red flags were never enough to make anyone think Vick would end up like this, though. Ironically, when Vick's brother, Marcus, came out inteams fled from him because of concerns about his character.

Randy moss shirtless

Marcus Vick went undrafted in because of character concerns. In a word, character. Luis Castillo, DT, Northwestern After playing in pain with an injured elbow during his senior season, Castillo took androstenedione to quicken his rehab from the injury in advance of the Combine. The "andro", made infamous by Mark McGwire, showed up in a urine test at the Combine. Castillo sent a letter to all 32 teams admitting his use and explaining why.

The Chargers took him with the 28th overall pick and he's been a productive player for San Diego. But he liked to sneak into the rooms of sleeping women and watch them sleep. Doing so got him arrested twice at LSU. Then he failed a drug test while on probation and landed in jail. He transferred to McNeese and declared for the draft.

Randy moss shirtless

Miami took him in the fifth round. He played in eight games. Then in December of '99, he snuck into the home of a Miami woman as she slept.

Randy moss shirtless

He was arrested and sentenced to 15 years. His release date is He started every game his rookie year but in he was arrested in late October for DUI and marijuana possession. He was suspended for the rest of the season, had a pooran injury-plagued and was released. He is out of the league. Lawrence Phillips, RB, Nebraska During his junior year, Phillips battered his ex-girlfriend, dragging her down a flight of stairs by her hair.

Randy moss shirtless

Nebraska coach Tom Osborne suspended Phillips but didn't boot him from the team. Phillips played in the Fiesta Bowl and was outstanding. Phillips declared for the draft and the St. He played in 27 games for the Rams before walking out on the Rams and getting cut.

Then he went to the Dolphins - the late 90s home for wayward players - and washed out there as well. He went to the CFL and legal troubles followed him there. He finally wound up in jail for running his car into three teenagers in California after a dispute during a pickup football game. Justice claimed he thought he knew people in the other car and was joking. That hullabaloo caused consternation about Justice and he wasn't drafted until the Eagles grabbed him with the 39th overall pick.

He's been a mediocre player for them. Dan Marino, QB, Pittsburgh After a brilliant college career, rumors surfaced in advance of the draft that Marino used cocaine. The rumors - unfounded and unproven - resulted in Marino dropping all the way to the 23rd overall pick. Five quarterbacks went ahead of him before the Miami Dolphins drafted him. Marino went on to become the most prolific passer in NFL history since passed by Brett Favre and still holds the single-season record for passing yards 5, He's a Hall of Famer.

He entered the season as a Heisman Trophy candidate but a benching and an arrest for cocaine possession took care of that. He entered the draft, was selected by the Raiders with the 24th overall pick but was out of the league by the end of the season. Ineffectiveness and drug problems Randy moss shirtless the reason.

Ever since, Marinovich has been in persistent trouble with the law, virtually all of it drug-related.

Randy moss shirtless

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