Plump princess blueberry

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By Curvage Casey. In This Video : Blueberry expansion. Rapid expansion.

Plump princess blueberry

Role play. Sound effects. Belly play. Casey Beauregarde received a very special package in the mail from Mr. Willy Wonka himself! It came with a beautiful golden ticket, a HUGE box of sweets, and a letter warning her to be extra Plump princess blueberry when eating that gum She can eat as many as she wants without gaining a single pound!

She has spent her life gorging and indulging in sweets and sugar and it has never ever affected her perfect figure. She tastes each treat so happily and then eventually gets to this new gum Mr. Wonka wants her to try It's SO yummy! It tastes like a whole meal with blueberry pie for dessert!! But wait a minute. Casey calls out for help as her body starts to feel funny. Her skin turns blue. Her body expands at a rapid speed In the blink of an eye, her world turned blue. She ple for him to turn her body back to normal.

Plump princess blueberry

She can't even stand herself up, she's so big like an inflated balloon! Eventually, she accepts her fate A note from Casey:. This clip has been in the works for a VERY long time. Given the unique shape of my belly, inflation and expansion clips are often my most highly requested - especially a blueberry one! Thanks to the help of my incredible friend Plump princess blueberrywe were able to deliver what I believe is as close to a perfect blueberry expansion clip as possible.

Between the sound effects directly from the movie itself, the coloring, and the way my body so perfectly inflates - it truly feels like the real thing. I am so proud of this clip and cannot wait to evolve further into this new niche of our community! You are able to leave a review after downloading the file. Be sure to click on the stars otherwise it won't save. You may only provide a review once you have downloaded the file. June My god, this is absolutely Wonkalicious! Casey and her friend have really done an incredible job here.

Casey knows all the lines from the movie and she delivered it perfectly!

Plump princess blueberry

Her acting skills are super cute and her inflation into a blueberry is hot and sexy! Probably the best blueberry clip on this site. Casey looks amazing in this and role play is great too. I like the music touch during the expansion. Looking forward to more of this content. Different kind of Casey clip but wow is it Taylor made for her!! Her huge gut goes through a transformation the world has never seen and boy is it for the better. Absolute banger and worth every penny! You and your friend should be extremely proud of this!

The work on the gradual coloration and the swelling was amazing! You puffed your cheeks Plump princess blueberry which is one of my favorite things about berry inflation. Loved all the close ups as well. Maybe you could work on another one where your figure becomes completely round and you're just so big you get to be rolled around. Also some booty play in would be a great addition. In this special clip Casey takes on an iconic episode of inflation fantasy. The classic vignette of Violet Beauregard who blows up as a plump and juicy Blueberry. Often we see this done with special effects or even prosthetic ballooning of the model.

But not sexy Casey. This is the genius of our fat Casey. So rather than offering some fake looking morph or cartoonish balloon effects. Casey does her best to appear as slim as she can in the beginning of the clip while still adorably fat. She sucks in her belly and uses camera angles and all that. Then we get to watch her gobble down sweets talking about how skinny she is while busting out of her tight blue top.

The "blow up" is Casey just relaxing and pushing out her real belly and heaving up her tremendous bust from all the best angles. Casey knows her actual body is way tf sexier than any inflatable fat suit or morph job. Yes, there are some special effects to turn blue, but all the good stuff is pure Casey puffing up and showing Plump princess blueberry her incredible fat round bod. The pay-off for this honestly fat approach is Casey gets to play with her soft fat belly and breasts at the end of the "inflation" rather than caressing a plastic beach ball. Once again I find myself nutting over Casey fat boobs and how obviously proud she is of them.

She can't keep her pudgy little hands off 'em. And no shit, because they are amazing. All jacked up with full cleavage right up to her short fat neck and stacked chins. And yeah, there's a couple of cute shots of Casey's chubby hands too.

She might not be aware of just how much we get lit seeing her fat little fingers and dimpled knuckles. But we see you, Chubby Casey. We see that you have actually blown up just like the blueberry girl from the movie. Yeah, it took Casey a lot more work than chewing magic gum.

Plump princess blueberry

And it took a bit more time than two minutes of cinematic magic. But still, Casey HAS fattened up right before our eyes at an alarming rate for real. She snatched up our fantasy and made it real. This is such an amazing clip. She pounds down the candy, practically making love to it! Her moans, as always, are soooo fucking hot - if you dont already have a boner at that point, you're probably not alive!

Then, the expansion begins as our greedy girl just can't help but stuff all the gum in her insatiable mouth!

Plump princess blueberry

Casey always wants it done right, which is partly why she is the top model on here Her giant inflated blueberry gut is so massive and heavy, she gets pinned down. Her chubby cheeks and hands inflate. Honestly, I couldn't take my eyes off those green eyes Finally, to me what the craziest thing is, the fact this was filmed months ago when Casey may have been a good 30 pounds lighter - means that now looking at her gut, she may be almost Plump princess blueberry fat as her regular plump self compared to her inflated self here!

Crazy how fat she truly has gotten in real life in such a short period. Bottom line, you're gonna want this clip in your collection! This is the beginning of what will be such a hot series and Casey is the perfect combo of hot and cute the world has ever seen! Buy it!!! August The acting and the role play of the video is spot on. The effects were amazing. Casey just killed it! I would definitely recommend. Thanks Casey for the clip and for all the amazing content! August 4. The level of quality presented here has pretty much ruined anything else blueberry for me.

Casey uses clever camera tricks with closeups and unique angles and puffs up her belly to create the inflation. The dialogue is also faithful to the film and really showcases her acting. My only complaint is that we Plump princess blueberry hear more from her. If she had made some noises like Violet did in the film, it would have been cherries on top.

On the whole though, this video is in a league of its own. A real stand out, definitely something to watch again and again. July 6. What a dream video from Casey, now 'Casey Beauregarde,' all blue and blown up. Incredible take on the blueberry expansion fantasy, incredibly HOT. Thanks, Casey, for all the time and effort that you put into this magnificently sexy video! September 3. All blueberry content is good but in this vid, Casey just shows that she gets ity'know? Right beats at the right time, good editing. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.

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Plump princess blueberry

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