Natsu x cana

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It's been two days since the battle between Natsu and Alastor. This was also the same time period that our friendly neighborhood Dragon Slayer has been sleeping, recovering from his big fight against the red haired demon. Since the guild was destroyed and in the process of being rebuilt, Natsu was staying at the Magnolia Hospital. Many of the Guild Members visited him during the two days he was sleeping and the guild member that was currently with him, by his bed side, was Mirajane.

Natsu x cana

She hummed and smiled as she put new flowers into a vase that was on top of a bed table next to him. Once she finished, she looked at the sleeping Dragon Slayer and gave him a warm smile. She sat down on her chair and picked up a plate with a knife and apple on it. She placed it on her lap and started to peel the skin off of the apple. She stopped peeling halfway to look up at Natsu. She was so happy that he was okay after what happened to him. When she watched the fight with Alastor, she was not only impressed but amazed at how powerful Natsu has become.

She had never seen a fight like the one they all witnessed. She always knew Natsu was strong, there was no doubt about his strength, but to see just how powerful he became after two years was just incredible. There was also the fact that she knew she could count on him. He just had that special trait that you could count on Natsu x cana.

That he would be there to save the day. He sure showed that. She wasn't there when he woke up, but she heard about it from the others. To her, I must have been a remarkable sight. She took a closer look at his face and saw how much he Natsu x cana grown. She remembered when they were kids, how cute Natsu looked, especially when he cried. She loved to tease him, but it wasn't like she did it to be mean or anything, she just loved seeing how angry he got because it just made him look even cuter. Maybe she did it so that she could see him cry, but she would never admit that.

However, now that he was older, she was noticing just how much manlier he has become.

Natsu x cana

It could have been because of what happened with Lisanna. She remembered Natsu wanting to go with them on that request, but she refused because she didn't think he was strong. Yet, she wondered why she took both Elfman and Lisanna with her.

She looked down at her hands with a frown. Ever since then, she regretted the decision of not bringing Natsu along. She didn't know if it would have made a difference with the outcome, but she was sure that it would have done something. She truly believed that it was her fault. The conversation she had with Natsu in front of Lisanna's grave helped her a lot, but there was still that part in her heart that made her blame herself. Suddenly, she heard a groan coming from the bed in front of her and she quickly raised her head.

Natsu x cana

Natsu slowly began opening his eyes. The first thing he saw was the white ceiling. He blinked to adjust his vision. Once it was clear, he yawned. He quickly sat up and stretched his arms up. Natsu made a noise in surprise at Mirajane's voice as he did not notice her there at all. I didn't even see you there Natsu chuckled remembering the de she came up with, which was dissed by Gray, but turned out to be really good after the new Guild was rebuilt. I don't have anything that might help fill that stomach of yours, but I'll try to get you something when we go back to the guild.

Natsu x cana

For now, how about some apples? He waited patiently for her to finish peeling and cutting the apple in her hand to pieces. When she was done, she handed him the plate and then started peeling the next apple in the basket next to her, while he ate. Natsu threw a slice in his mouth and chowed down on it. He opened his eyes and took a look at the former Majin. He saw her smiling while peeling the apple and thought back to the conversation he had with Elfman.

The reason he talked to Elfman in the first place was because he knew what happened to him during this war. Natsu x cana almost lost control of his powers and the last time he did that, Lisanna died. He knew that it worked out in the end, but seeing how everything he thought he knew was not the same, he didn't want to risk anything happening to his friends. Natsu remembered what the younger Strauss sibling told him about Mirajane. Nee-chan's expression became worse I don't see that look on her face anymore He didn't know if what Elfman said was true, but he could tell that Mirajane was a bit different.

Natsu x cana

He couldn't really put a finger on it. He could try asking her, but wondered if he would be stepping on something personal. This was something new to him so he couldn't give wise advice like Makarov could, but even someone like him can help her. She thought he looked cute when he cried, but when she saw him blushing, it was cute on a whole new different level. She wanted to just stand up and hug him, but resisted seeing as he just woke up from a tough battle. She quickly finished peeling and cutting the apple before placing them on his plate.

He noticed that Mirajane picked up another one and was getting ready to peel the skin off, but he stopped her. But I want to and besides you need to eat after sleeping for two whole days. He didn't know why, but he just couldn't.

He sighed and just let her do what she wanted. He didn't know how many apples she had in the basket, but he knew it had to be more than ten. It's not like he didn't mind what she was doing for him, in fact he was grateful, but he just didn't want to burden her. After eating all the apples, Mirajane finally let him get out of bed. He took one step, one single step and his foot accidentally caught the end of the blanket that was dangling from the bed and he crashed down to the floor, bringing Mirajane along with him. Natsu groaned in pain as he managed to catch himself with his arms.

Her hair was sprawled all over the floor and he could see the slight pink hue on her cheeks. Her eyes were wide as she looked Natsu x cana at him. Mirajane was frozen in place. She could feel her heart beating against her chest as she looked up at the pink Natsu x cana Dragon Slayer. Her cheeks felt warm and found it difficult to breathe with him on top of her. She wanted to say something, but her mouth just wouldn't move.

She suddenly felt her entire body get hot under him. I wonder if Natsu's eyes widened when he suddenly felt her hand touching against his cheek. She felt this weird tingling sensation in her chest and it only increased the moment she made eye contact with him. Natsu wondered what she was going to say next, but the door to the room suddenly opened and a woman's voice echoed throughout it.

I'm here to give you your daily checkup! When she saw that his bed was empty, she tilted her head in confusion. There you are! I was worried you left the hospital without being medically clear to do so. After all, you did suffer some pretty serious wounds that had to heal. By the way, why were you on the flo-" She stopped walking and talking after she saw Mirajane on the floor with him position in front of her.

She guessed in what position Natsu was in before getting up and blushed.

Natsu x cana

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