Naruto x kaguya fanfiction lemon

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Naruto x kaguya fanfiction lemon

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What is this sexless trash. However after the first few days, or years it was hard to tell with his relative immortality, he had finally learned all about this new world and what his place was going to be in it. Naruto merely ignored her desperate pleas as he kept running his hands along her body, mainly her generous rear as he watched her breast bounce with each thrust as her eyes fogged over from the pleasure she was receiving.

Even her hair, which was normally kept straight in a long flowing curtain, was now little more than a sex frazzled mess as he continued to drive his length into her at the same torturous pace. This action caused wonderful thing to happen to her body as the vibrations traveled through the bed. Mainly her breasts bouncing even more as she began to cry from the pleasure. The source of this spontaneous session of sex was currently hanging on the wall nearby, the woman that was the entire cause of the problems he had in the last world.

On the wall was none other than Kaguya Otsutsuki, who was unable to tear her eyes away from the spectacle before her, mainly the fact that she was watching the woman that was the human version of the God Tree being ruthlessly attacked by some deformed woman and loving it. Naruto grunted as he felt Izanami tighten around him as she came again from his continued assault and managed to resist the urge to cum. That alone spoke volumes of how long he had been doing this. Naruto began to pull him free once again; an hour was a long time of denying his orgasm to punish her after all.

That was a problem for later though; right now he had a woman to please.

Naruto x kaguya fanfiction lemon

Naruto thrust himself forward with hard, fast thrust that sent the woman from barely capable of thought to fucked stupid. Apparently even through the fog of pleasure that no doubt held her mind, the Shinju in human form would not be denied her prize any longer. With a scream and a grunt the pair came, along with a quiet moan from the woman on the wall. How do we stop that from happening?

Naruto x kaguya fanfiction lemon

However the fun way, which I personally recommend, is for you to show this prude just how good you are in bed! Naruto cast a glance to the woman currently hanging from the wall and watched as all three of her eyes were glued to his manhood, the only manhood in existence. Still there was one last barrier preventing him from acting, he was never EVER going to commit rape, and this was looking like a very rape-y course of action.

Said shred was destroyed by the way the woman whimpered from his close proximity to her.

Naruto x kaguya fanfiction lemon

Kaguya was a woman in possession of very delicate facial features; she also had long, sweeping snow white hair that almost touched the ground from where she was hanging. Her head was also decorated by two horn-like protrusions which stuck out from her head along with the third eye in the center of her forehead that was eerily similar in de to a Rinnegan.

Her eyebrows were cut very short, and she wore a dark shade of lipstick on her lips and a dark shade of nail polish on her long fingernails. She currently wore a transitional high-collared princess-kimono which was adored with intricate lines and tomoe running down the center and edges of the gown, but it was in tatters due to the rough treatment Izanami had brought the woman here with.

Naruto x kaguya fanfiction lemon

However thanks to said treatment, Naruto was able to see most of the D-cup breasts the woman had along with her matching buns and thighs. All in all, the woman certainly fit the image of someone who would give birth to the God … or Goddess in this case, of Ninja. Naruto wasted no time in getting to the woman and gently removing the vines that held her to the wall, ignoring the moans of the woman behind him as he let Kaguya fall into his arms.

Kaguya also took advantage of this by slamming her lips against his as she tried her hardest to fuse herself to him at the face. As soon as that was done she was taken by surprise when she felt her rear being slapped by one of the vines below her. As he continued the massage, Naruto began to lift the woman over his length and rub it along her slit. Her eyes widening and a soundless scream were all the warning Naruto had before the woman slumped against him as the pleasure overloaded her mind. The blonde slowed his ministrations to a near stop as he let the woman recover, smiling as the wet area on his crotch ified a job well done.

When the woman finally came back to the land of the living, she began to moan as she felt Naruto lightly licking at her horns. In response to the sensations she began rocking her hips in his length, almost but not quite making him slip inside her. However when she felt Naruto gently bite on one of her horns she came again, which caused her to impale herself on the cock she had Naruto x kaguya fanfiction lemon teasing which caused Naruto to cum as well.

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Naruto x kaguya fanfiction lemon Naruto x kaguya fanfiction lemon

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