Most embarrassing boners

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On Auschwitz. In sweatpants. I got points off for facing the board the entire time. Better than the alternative. I was downstairs waiting for my dad, because he sent me out for some reason or another. Totally random, as is normal at that age. I ended up going into a single, lockable bathroom and jerking into the toilet. Took me all of 45 seconds, but the shame has lasted ever since.

The doctor was a very attractive young female, and during an exam had to undo my belt to better test for sensitivity. Well, an attractive woman undoing your belt is…exciting to your body. I could tell that she noticed it, and could tell that I was bright red from embarrassment.

She smiled and then immediately started asking about the consistency of my bowel movements, which lowered the sails pretty immediately. I was a fresh-faced, bright eyed boy of My only worries were school boners and crippling teenage depression. I was zoned out in science class, front row. It was dark and a film Most embarrassing boners playing. My thoughts drifted.

Most embarrassing boners

I fantasized about putting my wiener into the beautiful girl who sat to my left. Suddenly the class begins to laugh. As I look up I notice two things. I have a massive, hard-as-iron cock. And the film is now showing two gorillas fucking, hard. Then, the lights come on, class is over and everyone gets up to leave. Everyone but me. Because this bad boy is so hard that it cannot, nay, will not be tucked away it my waistband. It refuses to hide Most embarrassing boners in shame. And I, not wanting to be labelled a gorilla fucker, am forced to awkwardly fumble with papers until everyone leaves.

I dare say that a select few unfortunate souls did glance over and witness the most unholy zipper buster they have ever seen, quickly turning away in disgust. And I, I was left red faced and shameful. My presentation itself was great. I had pics, visual effects, and a fuckton of info. I never lived that down.

Most embarrassing boners

I was We were driving to Heathrow airport in the England because we were going away for a family trip, and because it was about 6AM and we had left a couple hours ago, I Most embarrassing boners sleeping in the car. We arrived at the airport and I awoke being told that we had arrived and that I needed to get out of the car. I quickly tucked my boner up into my trousers facing the sky like you do, and waited for my brother to exit before me.

As my brother exits, he smiles at the Islamic family on the opposite side of the road who are unloading like we are. Then when it was my turn to exit the car, it happened. His face changed dramatically after that and when I had finished stretching, he threw me one scowl and then carried on his business hurriedly, without looking back at me… I realized pretty much instantly what I had done.

Glad I have a boner-story to tell, though. TL;DR: Tried to make a friendly gesture towards an Islamic family at the airport, ended up showing them the tip of my boner and grinning at them afterwards. She laughed and said it happens more than you think. Swim carnival. Entire school staring at me and 5 other. Your typical swim meet.

Well as a competitive swimmer you wear a speedo. Super awkward at first wearing them but you got used to it since everyone else was doing the same. So there is a lot of down time.

Most embarrassing boners

You tend to hangout with your teammates and swimmers from the other teams that are about your age. Well there was this one girl Molly. She was on our team in my age group. Definitely did not look her age at all. She had, in my young adolescent mind, a glorious set of tits.

My situation was not aided by the fact that every girl my age all the way up to the year-olds were wearing bathing suits. Booty cheeks and hard nipples everywhere. I was new to this thing. As I was waiting for my next race I was just enamored with the goddess of my young mind Molly doing her stretches. Completely lost to everything else besides the beauty in front of me. One of my buddies taps me on my shoulder and sorta giggles while looking at my crotch. There I stood. Wearing a speedo. Covered by only the thin spandex material. Sporting one of the hardest and most throbbing erections of my life.

One of those boners that is so hard that you can feel your pulse in the base of your dick. So there I am standing there. Full-on glory of a throbbing raging boner in front of everyone. In my speedo with my boner pushing so Most embarrassing boners against the material that you can easily make out every curve, crevice, and line. All of a sudden I get random boner. I was in sweatpants so it was pretty obvious.

She calls me again and I got up with one hand in the pocket of my jacket hiding my boner from the rest of the class. Without anyone noticing I was in front of the blackboard.

Most embarrassing boners

Solved the task, then as I looked to the teacher I could see the hiding her embarrassed smile behind the book she had in hands. I will never forget her innocent face as she sent me back to my seat. Luckily nobody else figured out why I was acting weird.

Most embarrassing boners

Apparently crying, vulnerable women is one of the things that gets me going. You learn something new every day. No cute girls in the class. No sexy thoughts. Just learning about government or whatever and then boom, boner trying to burst through Most embarrassing boners bottom of my desk.

Looking back, I can only imagine that the anxiety of having a boner at that time of day would cause me to get a boner that time of day every time. My only hope was that it would subside before the bell rang. One morning I had the terrible experience of waking up and pissing some blood. Not full-blown faucet of blood from my dick, but some here and there. Doc made a call to a urologist and that afternoon I had an appointment.

At the urologist, they had to basically run an X-ray of my plumbing and see if there was some blockage or something. In order to do this, the two nurses had to put a catheter in me, pump some dye up into my bladder until I was full, then I was going to have to pee while they X-rayed my ding-a-ling.

Getting a catheter in itself is something I hope I never have to experience again, Most embarrassing boners the feeling of having a few bags of fluid pumped up the wrong way was worse yet. Imagine the feeling of constantly peeing while you have a basketball inflating needle up your dick and having this go on for like… 20…maybe 30 minutes. Then my bladder is completely full and I have to hold it for a few minutes while they set up the X-ray basically pointed at my dong. I put the gown back on and finally my boner goes away.

I was hoping that whatever was wrong with me would just kill me right then and there. They put me on some antibiotics and the blood-pissing sorta tapered off over the next 48 hours.

Most embarrassing boners

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