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What was he doing when he was with a woman? They could do it again…. He wanted to do it again. He loved her. He just was nervous and…scared. He slowly closed his eyes and savored the moment, slowly wrapping his arms around her, carefully pulling closer. An inadvertent hum sounded from his lips when she put her hands on his chest, and he felt her skin against his.

His heartbeat was quickening and somehow he found it embarrassing to feel it pounding that hardly. He rose his hand to place it on her cheek, he drew back, barely and kissed her again. Deeper and warmer.

His heart was racing, his hands shaking and a sudden warm feeling spre inside his guts. A certain feeling of missing her lips on his…. Out of reaction, he brushed his thumb over her cheek, his hand finding her body again to draw her back, closer. Keep reading. He loved the rain, and he loved the atmosphere around them.

He approached her, sitting closer to her, so he could keep her warmer. It was quite cold inside his mansion, he was used to run around with thick clothes. He put the hot water in the mug, hanging the teabag inside the mug and returned, handing her the cup.

So he quickly pulled out his sweater and put it around her shoulders. It was probably colder for him, sitting next to her with noting but a white thin shirt on his skin. You know… just. His heart was pounding loudly, yet he tried to calm down. Inside the mansion, he quickly helped her to get rid of the wet coat.

It was cold and his sweater was soaking up with water. But he almost forgot about that while having his arms right around his beloved Lucy. Lips on hers, he still savored the feeling of her being close to him. As soon as he drew back, a shy smile curled his lips, and he chuckled slightly.

They had dropped the umbrella while kissing — no wonder they had become wet. A second later, the world seemed to catch up with them. Of course! But it was surprisingly good to endure with Lucy by his side. Oh, yes sure! But now was just the best moment. He wrote that stupid love-letter some days ago, and was seriously thinking it was a good idea to give it to her now.

But somehow, he had to tell her his true feelings for her. He gave her the sheet of paper, looking to his feet and gulped. So many words were buzzing in his head. A box, or some such. Slowly opening it, a lovely music was played, covering the sound of the falling rain.

A bright smile appeared on his face. He leaned forward and gave her cheek a gentle kiss. Omg i looking at your new profile picture reminds me with my initial name i made for typography class, i have the pic on my dashboard under lucy wilde tag btw xD.

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