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Lily loves pokemon

I'm still here Posted a year ago. The Secret Project Posted 6 years ago. Update on my progress, and my tumblr Posted 6 years ago. A good friend of mine is doing an Iron Artist thing Posted 7 years ago. I guess I should ease back Posted 7 years ago. What I've been up to Posted 7 years ago. Pokemon X and my 3DS code Posted 8 years ago. Pokemon XY Posted 8 years ago.

Lily loves pokemon

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Story Update Posted 10 years ago. Hey everyone, I'm back from disappearing for a month or two again. I made a huge move and drove miles from the west to the east coast. And now I'm here! But that's not the important part. It's almost Kinktober. Last year I successfully tackled it with at least a word microstory every single day, all of which were centered around FFXIV. But I haven't really found a list that appeals to me much yet. So why not have people submit some kinks to me?

What do you want to see in my daily stories?

Lily loves pokemon

Optionally, tell me what series' you'd like. My twitter is CarbuncleKisser. Hey everybody. It's me! I'm still alive. So for those who have not been following me, my tumblr got nuked during the first round of their Purge near the end ofand since then my work has been extremely sporadic.

Losing all of that kind of took a lot of the wind out of me. Since then, all of my work was archived on AO3, since it was the only place I could find that would accept everything. I'm now unemployed for the first time in my adult life, and it's a pretty big bummer. Since Lily loves pokemon state is still on total lockdown, I guess I'll have a lot of free time coming up while I sit around and wait to see which comes first: my bank runs out, or employment opportunities begin existing again.

Under current circumstances I've been toying with the idea of taking commissions to pass the time and I don't know, pay for food I guess. I've also decided to try to open up a Twitter, since I miss the social aspects that my Tumblr had. In fact, I've even written an inaugural story for it, posted on AO3 and linked to from my Twitter! Though be warned, the subject matter is Hey there everybody! Today I have something I'd like to share that's a little different from my usual fare. For the past two weeks I have been working on a simple little interactive adventure story - an adult CYOA if you will.

Right now it is at an extremely early stage, but due to the large amount of Lily loves pokemon a project like this takes, I wanted to release it with the completed introductory scenes to gauge interest and garner feedback. You may download a ZIP containing a readme file and the adventure in html format from the following link. To run the adventure, open the html file in your internet browser of choice.

It does not require an internet connection. Hey there, how's everyone doing?

Lily loves pokemon

So, as happens from time to time, a lot of what I've been working on isn't suitable to be posted here or on Sofurry. Hopefully there will be something for my gallery here soon. In the meantime, I've decided to hop on the ol' tumblr fad of making a blog for a trainer. It's not the best medium for writers, I know most people are only interested in the art, but it actually gives me an outlet for some things in particular. Sometimes I get in the mood to write something really tiny, like under a thousand words. I don't really feel like flooding my galleries with these drabbles, so Asks are on and you're welcome to send in any sorta question or request you want.

I'd prefer requests to be about Violet herself, but questions can be addressed to her, or me directly if you'd like. Don't be shy, Anonymous Asks are allowed, and if you want to ask something private, say so in the question and I'll answer privately rather than posting it to the blog. Finally, this is something I meant to post about like a month ago, but better late than never. The Sylveon story I did a while back inspired some pretty fantastic artwork from sudokudog.

Hey guys! A good friend of mine is starting up an Lily loves pokemon Artist. She's done a few pieces for me - like that Halloween picture of my tailmouths! And some other ones that I haven't posted in my own gallery. They're simple one character things but she's pretty awesome and she could use the help. You can find the link to her journal right down below! Hey guys, anyone still remember me? It's been a long time since I've posted much. Well, the truth is that I have not been inactive in my writing. I've just been trying a lot of new things, and kept most of them unposted.

A lot of these have been stories I've done for other people. So I guess I'll start posting some of these unseen works in the next week or so. Hey, FA is alive again! Well it's been a while since I've had much of my own work to share here.

Most of my recent stories have been unsuitable for FA, or furry sites in general really. But, if anyone here is interested, I have started a Starbound-related project. Sapsipper is my actual xenophilic Floran character, and the sorts of shenanigans she gets into will be larger based on her actual adventures in the game.

As a side note, I totally suck at tumblr and html in general, it took me ages to figure out how to do the simplest things. But it is what it is. I've got Pokemon X. Share your code with me, either here or in a Note if you'd like to keep it private, and we can be pokefriends. Boy it's been a really long time since my last journal, hasn't it? Recently I've been writing a ton of non-pokemon related stories, but I've been biding my time and watching the new gen unfold closely.

You'll remember I was pretty Lily loves pokemon when the starters were first revealed, to the point of posting the Fennekin smut story literally hours after the initial reveal. By now we've seen almost everything, minus megas and event pokemon. If you've been trying not to spoil anything, I'd stop reading here. Feel free to come back in a week.

Lily loves pokemon

Everyone who doesn't want to be spoiled yet gone? Okay good. Yes, the time has come to sexualize everything and feel absolutely no shame about it. So let's get Fennekin out of the way first. I did expect this, but the one thing that I dreaded most came true: Fennekin stood up on two legs. FA being the place that it is, Braixen and Delphox will probably be pretty popular here, and the porn potential is extremely high, but for me personally the appeal has gone down quite a bit.

Bummer, but I was prepared. Other than that, I feel like the gen has pretty slim pickings.

Lily loves pokemon

For female pokemon: Female Meowstic is cute enough, for an anthro. Floette is pretty adorable and would probably be pretty adept at handjobs, but I find Florges to be just about as unsexy an evolution as it could have gotten. Sylveon is fantastic and I've already got something in the works. I think Mega Absol is sort of cute. I actually had very high hopes for Spritzee, and I know some people who love Aromatisse, but I don't really find it too sexually appealing myself.

I'm considering Vivillion as a potential candidate for sexin' by the way, is it just me or is it sort of weird that this line is literally the only bug? Unfortunately, anyone who knows me should also know that Mawile is in my top three favorite pokemon, and I have to admit that I'm not in love with her mega. I've given it time to grow on me and it hasn't. To me, this is even more of a disappointment than Fennekin going anthro. Again, however, I've always been prepared for the fact that one day Mawile could have gotten an evolution that I didn't like, and in that respect a temporary mega isn't as bad.

For male pokemon: I feel there's more to work with here, as far as porn goes. In fact, there are definitely several des that will appeal to the bara fans. That's not my type of story, unfortunately, but let's Lily loves pokemon what we've got. Pangoro is pretty awesome and I think that dude could give it to the ladies nicely. Gogoat is probably the closest thing to appeal to my personal interests Furfrou is this gen's canine, which gives it points, but otherwise I'm not really that into it.

I dunno, poodles and dog grooming don't do much for me but he'll be a good option if I wanna do something Lily loves pokemon a generic canine type. Heliolisk isn't too bad either, and Goodra could give some pretty messy lovin's. Other than that, I'm not sure what to make of this Gen.

Looking over it, there's definitely enough for several good story ideas, but I can't help but feel a little disappointed. So if anyone has read this far, what are your thoughts on this Gen's perversion potential? I know there are a few bronies watching me maybe more than a few! Well, I am here to tell you about sunsetrosebronya writer who is in the process of moving over to FA! Because everybody loves some hot Vinyl Scratch clopfic action, right?

But seriously. If you like naughty pony fanfiction, go take a look as they get more of their work moved over, and make them feel at home here on FA. And if ponies bug you Go read my pokemon stories instead. Hey everybody! So part of the reason I've seemed semi-inactive lately is that I've been writing some stuff with Aciel!

Lily loves pokemon

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