Lancer x shirou

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The Fate series may have an established story and hierarchy of its own, but the true power of the series is its tendency to inspire fanfiction. The world itself is essentially an otaku reinterpretation of the historical and fictional world to create battles and romances that only the smartest nerd could desire. And while fans still dream for their next dream Servant in the series, many still like to mix and match between the Masters and Servants of old. What if Shirou was paired Archer? What if Kotomine summoned Alexander the Great?

Here are a few reasons why the two are the perfect pair and a few reasons why they're the worst. One of the more obvious challenges between the two would be their cultural differences.

Lancer x shirou

Many experienced magus' are not only well-read to history but specifically target a Servant perfect for them. Rin Tohsaka may be an immensely talented magus, but that doesn't entail much knowledge outside of Japan. She lucked out when she managed to get a Servant that was not only Japanese but also just happened to know her personally. Having to work with the Irish hero would mean having to learn a little more about his history and vice versa for Lancer. While having to do a little homework on each other's cultures may be a challenge, it's not exactly one that either of them can't overcome.

A major plus for this pairing is that they are an incredible duo for the Holy Grail Wars. They're both intelligent, tenacious, and well-versed magic users. Rin has worked from a young age to hone her abilities, and Lancer is adept enough in magic where he could have also been summoned as a Caster. In addition, Lancer is one of the most skilled Servants whose power and ability could easily compliment Rin's intelligence and strategy. A major thing that may come between the two is as huge difference in goals in the war. Rin Tohsaka simply wants to win, whether for her own sake or that of her family's legacy.

Lancer on the other hand just wants a good fight and will deliberately go out and risk his life for one. While the powers of Kirei Kotomine kept him on a short leash, Rin would likely be nicer, probably to her own detriment. While Rin would prefer a more restrained and thought process, Lancer would be too eager to risk the grail for his own victories. Winning aside, Lancer x shirou clash between strong personalities would be adorable to see on the screen. Both are already playful characters that love to tease their interests. Rin has been known to tease Shirou Emiya with a tsundere-like delight, and Lancer is one of the most banter-heavy Servants in the war.

Seeing these two constantly butt he yet come together to the end would make for some really fun dialogue and a really dynamic story of two different people coming together. There are plenty of scenarios in which the above could work like romcoms and buddy comedies.

However, much like those genres, people's interest in the dynamic are starting to wear thin. While putting two tsunderes together may seem fun, it could get really annoying real fast. Rin and Lancer could bicker so much that what they're doing will essentially be constant fighting. Things may not be as fun to watch if the two were constantly at each other's throats. One thing Lancer x shirou was a little annoying to see in Shirou Emiya was his constant hesitation and inability to fight. Characters not only had to protect him but had to work hard to actually teach him things.

No such weakness would exist between Rin and Lancer. While the two may differ ificantly in goals, they do agree on one thing: If they see the prize before them, they'll grab it. Possibly even more so than with Archer, Rin partnering with Lancer would make for a tenacious pair that wouldn't hesitate to go after their target.

Lancer x shirou

On the note of Archer, pairing Rin and Lancer together would unfortunately mean sacrificing him. Though this doesn't really affect her partnership with Lancer, it would mean forcing the fans to go without their crimson hero. To many, this is already too expensive of a cost for shipping. In addition to being brilliant minds on the battlefield, Rin and Lancer also just happen to be bleeding hearts at home.

Lancer x shirou

Even though Rin desires to win the Holy Grail War, her own conscience can get to her in the midst of battle, and she'll lend a helping hand to someone in need. Lancer is no different. His code of honor keeps him from attacking women and civilians; and without the thrill of the fight, he'd likely keep himself from a weakened opponent.

Lancer x shirou

While this may not help their chances, they'll be fighting the war their way. This list has mentioned Shirou Emiya quite a few times, and that's for a few good reasons. Shirou is Rin's love interest in most of the Lancer x shirou and, through some strange, string of events, gets pulled from the future to become her Servant, Archer.

Lancer just happens to hate that person's guts or, at the very least, their future self. Even though Lancer may not initially recognize Shirou, he'd likely keep Rin from making any unnecessary partnerships and, in the situation that he does discover who Shirou is, may try and target his team. This may put an emotional strain on Rin, whose hid a crush for Shirou for some time.

Combining professional and emotional constraints, things wouldn't be ideal. A huge reason why fans may adore this pair is because Lancer himself has expressed interest in Rin. Not only does the Irish hero have an eye for strong women like her, he actually respects her judgement and strength enough to want to become her Servant.

Lancer x shirou

Lancer even manages to break Kotomine's orders just so that he can save her. Since then, there's been this huge "What if?

Lancer x shirou

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Lancer x shirou

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