Lana body rub

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Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in Register. Search titles only. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Lana soapy shower bodyslide Thread starter michael kirk Start date Apr 26, Status Not open for further replies. First Prev 4 of 7 Go to. I can never get an answer from her.

I've tried calling tons of times. Does she close up shop after 4 pm or what? NoName2 Feb 18, So a CBJ is included with her soapies now? When I saw her a couple years ago it was only a HJ. I might be back if it includes a CBJ. Lana is really sweet, albeit slightly paranoid at first. Her new location is OK, fairly standard 1 bedroom apt.

Lana body rub always remarkably clean, both the apartment and her. It took me 10 minutes to understand where she wanted me to go. I am glad I did it on Saturday because I can not imagine myself yelling in my cell phone in the office. When I got there, I called her. In a few minutes I saw a woman dialing a cell phone and looking at me. It took me a lot of efforts not to wave to her. Since I speak with an accent, she asked my nationality.

When I got in, another woman was there. Lana misunderstood me twice: she thought I wanted to see another woman Amelia? As a result my appointment was only 20 minutes. Anyway, I am OK with that because, as I learned from the posts above, the most difficult thing is to esteblish an initial contact.

When Lana got in, she started throwing kisses all over my face. I was overwhelmed. When we got in the bathroom, she took a towel, pressed my head against the wall and said:"See. What happened in the shower many people have already described.

We did not have time to go bed because she screwed up her appointments. When I gave her a tip, she grabbed me and started kissing me again. She said that she was busy because many Jews wanted to see her tonight. I thought:"Yes, Saturday praying is over, now it is time for fun". I smiled imagining a line of religious Jews standing in the line on the street waiting to see Lana.

There were more fresh towels on the shelves. I think in laundry expense she may comptet with small hotels. Hobbyist00 Dec 5, Was her friend a brunette, shorter and "softer"? No, she was about same height, very long straight Lana body rub, real C top.

She didnt speak much english. But she had a very sexy body. Good teamworktook directions from Lana, I dont understand spanish but what they were saying to each other sounded HOT. Michael chance they were discussing their favorite tela-novella, lol! Shes the petite skinny but w some fake DD'd!

Lana body rub

She works w Lana occasionally. BANE10 Apr 6, Tried setting up an appointment with Lana a few weeks back but she was busy.

Lana body rub

She set me up with Tanya, Had a great massage, The shower is a little small, but we made do. Still have not had a session with Lana or Gab yet. Looking forward to it. Lana will do a bodyrub on her bed. But I suggest the shower bodyrub. You stand, she kneels. I was weak in the legs after She has a body built for this kind of thing. And yes she had the spanish cable channel soap show before my session IMO, her soapy shower is the best option for a hh session, since I come out already showered!

I need to find more providers like this, so convenient to just go in and not worrry about people looking at you go to a spa. I am shy TheMac Jul 3, Had an hour session with Gabriella, due to a mix up couldn't see Lana. Later they made up for this which was very nice. From the beginning everything started out pretty bad, called and waited for Lana body rub some time.

Scheduled for and didn't get in till about ? The room was dim light, but Gabriella was so hot. She was sweet and I believe this is what a GFE experience is. We literally just hugged and talked for 10 minutes.

Lana body rub

Funny right after that I wanted some titty fuck action is this what you call russian? Session wasn't rushed. From the beginning she didn't rush me at all and told me there is time for two she didn't know how long it takes lol But still will go back.

I also saw Lana, and she gave me a kiss. I never got kissed like this or so many times, was wonderful experience and will have to see her!. The only bad thing is that Gabriella told me the shower wasn't working, but Lana blew up her spot that it was. They both were great. This is almost my first time with a non-asian in NYC. Gigolojoe Jul 10, She's the TITS! I finally got to try the latina playmate Lana. After checking me out, She greeted me w hugs kisses, in a hot 2piece outfit w heels. Her pic in the BP ad is her. Shes in her 30s, nice curves and tan. We start on the bed slow light touch, straddles me.

Her place is quiet and relaxing, very clean and nicely decorated. So Im givin Lana a 10 out of 10 tits for her service. DireWolf98 Jul 20, Lana is very nice and sweet. In the past, one UGer, Lana body rub is a Yankee fan, didn't like being called Papi. I don't mind; it's a term of endearment. In some respects, I was disappointed - she is much thicker than I expected given her pics.

Lana body rub

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