Jenny hendrix interview

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Jenny Hendrix used to be a porn star. Earlier this year, though, she left the porn industry to focus on mainstream projects. First of all, do your parents know? My dad and mom both know. They found out after a month. My mom was supportive, but it was pretty hard for my dad. After he saw what I was doing, though—how I was building my brand—he was more accepting.

Jenny hendrix interview

Have you watched your own work? I was 23 when I stopped doing scenes. Surely there was more money to be made, though. Vivid, Digital Playground, Hustler—companies like that, they paid their girls really well. So you left for purely professional reasons, not personal ones?

Oh, and the AIDS breakout—that was a factor, too. How did it affect you?

Jenny hendrix interview

Several close friends of mine were infected—either that or they worked with someone who was infected. And it drove home the reality of our business: Our safety was being compromised, and the industry was taking fewer and fewer precautions to keep us safe. In general, you speak positively about the industry; do you have any regrets?

I left at the top. I was one of the most sought-after stars in history. I was treated as an entertainer, not a piece of meat.

Jenny hendrix interview

I learned a ton, and will take it with me. No regrets. Do you have any advice for girls entering the industry right now? There Jenny hendrix interview so many people trying to manipulate newcomers—promising them the world. So do your research. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Ask for references. Look over your contracts. Anyone legit will appreciate inquiries. So I shut down my website, which had over a million hits. What have you done so far? I performed at Theatre 7 on First Friday. I used to live in LA. I came here three years ago, because I needed a change of scenery.

Also, two of my good friends moved out here. Also, I do some hosting here. Is that where you make the bulk of your income? I still make residuals from the videos, and then the club appearances supplement that. And then I do some non-nude modeling, and I make money from my calendars and T-shirts. Are there any other questions you want me to ask you before we go? Ask me who my muse is.

She was a sex icon—she had beautiful measurements—but she was smart, too. She wanted serious roles, and she got them. My mom would try to teach me, and I had absolutely no interest. Literary tour guide: Vegas-based writer Noah Cicero takes Rick Lax.


Jenny hendrix interview Jenny hendrix interview

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