I fucked my little sister stories

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We fought all the time and told one another we hated each other. Even though we fought constantly, I still saw her as my lil sister whom I vowed to protect. I guess I kind of played the father figure and protected her from guys since our father died 5 years earlier in a car accident. I guess our relationship improved a few years after she had gone through puberty. I was 20 at the time with my 21st birthday to come in a few months. For the next year, her and I were a lot nicer to each other, and started spending a lot of time with her.

I guess we had matured somewhat. I got to know her friends and they were very sweet to me. She got to know my friends too. Whenever they would tell her to get lost, I would defend her. I guess they saw her as a little girl too. But after her birthday party, the way I saw her changed forever. I still remember when it happened. Seeing her sitting there at her birthday party with all her friends, she really looked like a beautiful young woman. Noticing how pretty her golden blonde hair looked and her luscious brown eyes started to really turn me on.

She wore red lipstick and black eye liner. Not over done, just enough to make her look stunning is all! She was wearing a green tank top with a short, black mini-skirt. Her platforms matched her figure and her outfit perfectly. When it was time for her to make her wish and blow out her candles, my dick turned rock solid. She blew an incredibly sexy looking kiss at the candles, extinguishing them immediately. I could not believe that I was getting turned on thinking about my own little sister!

She was a sight for sore eyes though, and everyone knew it. A lot of her friends seemed very jealous of her, that she was so beautiful. How could she be lonely? With a body like that and her incredible personality, it would seem that guys would be hitting on her all the time at school.

Maybe if I went out and had sex with a guy he would actually ask me out and I could have a boyfriend or something. I knew when she was younger, 13 and 14 that she had male friends, but I guess it was never anything serious. You will have the reputation of being a whore and nobody would like you! Now that is not what you want is it? I am sick and tired of being lonely and sitting at home, or even going to the mall and hanging out with friends. Guys look at me, stare at me and even drool over me, but none of them ever say anything to me. You do not need to have sex with a guy just to get him to like you.

It is so frustrating! I crave attention and I never get it, what the hell is wrong with me?!? I went over to her and took her into my arms. She rested her head on my shoulders, and continued to sob.

I fucked my little sister stories

All that matters is what you think and what your friends think, you have plenty of time to worry about guys and dating. I sat there and sighed to myself. I felt so close to my sister when I had her in my arms. Things had gone on the same way between her and I for the last 2 years, and she was then My prediction turned out to be true, and by the time she was 18 she was a hunk magnet. She frequently brought boys home, and they would go into her room. You have had boys in and out of here constantly in the last year or so.

I am worried about you. Are you having sex with them? Wow, I thought to myself. A girl as beautiful as her and she has still not let anyone get into her panties. I had only had sex twice in my I fucked my little sister stories. I thought she was promiscuous. I guess you should never assume anything.

I knew she was not lying. She has never lied to me. She did when she was younger, but not in recent years. You are damn beautiful though, guys must go crazy not being able to get you in the sack! Why do you think I have had sooo many different guys over the last year?

None of them just want me for me. All they want is sex, sex, and sex. I am sick of their pigheaded ways! It was so funny! She approached me and wrapped my arms around her. I rubbed her back, and I could feel her bra through her shirt. I guess I got a little excited being so close to her, smelling the strawberry freshness of her hair and the faint odor of her intoxicating perfume.

My cock was hard as a rock.

I fucked my little sister stories

Instead of seeing you as just my sister, I have seen you as a very beautiful, sexy and attractive woman for the last 3 years. In no time, we had stripped one another of our clothing and were laying on the couch in the living room, buck naked.

My hands roamed over her smooth, young body. I started playing with her nipples, and slickly kissed my way down to them. I slowly licked my way down her body and before I knew it my nose was buried in her neatly trimmed pussy. I needed no further motivation. Inhaling her aroma deeply, I delved my tongue deep into her sweet and tight pussy. I began lapping at her pussy, sliding my tongue deeper and deeper inside of her. She fingered her clit hard and began humping my face.

Fuck yea Alex! Come on! Eat me! You have to let me return the favor! I sat back on the couch, and she kneeled before me on the floor. First she grabbed my cock with her hand and started jacking me slowly, up and down. I told her that I like to have my balls rubbed and she moved her other hand down to my sack, massaging my testes in her soft, warm hand. A moan escaped my lips as she continued pumping me. She smiled up at me, satisfied that she was doing a good job.

I laid my head back and closed my eyes, but suddenly she stopped jacking and before I could open them again I felt her warm mouth around I fucked my little sister stories tip of my cock. Still rubbing my balls, she took the entire length of my cock into her mouth and down her throat.

I was amazed! None of my girlfriends had ever been able to achieve that feat before. I had to teach her to watch her teeth, but after she got the hang of it, she seemed like a natural cocksucker. I got too excited and choked her a bit; some of my cum spilling out of her mouth and down her chin. She wiped it up with her hand, removed my now semi-hard cock from her mouth, and licked my sweet jizz off of her fingers. I love you too! Laying her back on the floor, I put myself into position to fuck her. I was about to take my sisters cherry, and the best part of all was, she wanted it as bad as I did.

This is going to hurt, maybe a little, maybe a lot. I rested the tip of my cock on her pussy lips. I bent down and planted a long, passionate kiss on her lips. I began to push inside her slightly, the tip of my cock barely inside her. I pushed in a few inches and suddenly I had reached her hymen.

She tensed up a little bit and dug her fingernails into my back. By now I was lost in the throes of sexual desire and began pounding hard into her, my strokes long and hard. We both starting breathing heavily and she told me she was going to cum.

I fucked my little sister stories

Her cunt muscles tightened and squeezed my cock like a vice, which sent me over the edge and I began unloading my semen deep inside her. My pace slowed, and I eventually stopped, flopping on top of her. I was spent, more spent then I had been in my entire life.

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She sighed and told me she was lonely. She looked angry.

I fucked my little sister stories

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