How to play nu wa

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How to play nu wa

Released Dec 05, Elemental Crystals Passive Nu Wa draws upon the power of the five-colored elemental crystals. When she uses an ability, it activates its corresponding crystal for 10s, granting her an additional bonus. When all crystals are active, Nu Wa transforms into her true snake form, refreshing the duration of all crystal bonuses for another 10s. She and all allies are stealthed while inside the fog. Attacking breaks the stealth effect. This ability also activates Nu Wa's Water Crystal, granting her an increased move speed aura. Using this ability also activates Nu Wa's Earth Crystal, granting her a physical protection aura.

Minion Damage - 20 per hit. The damage increases the closer Nu Wa is to the source when cast, up to 1. This ability activates Nu Wa's Fire Crystal, granting her basic attacks splash damage that applies on-hit item effects. Four metal pillars create a square with an electrical field.

This ability also activates Nu Wa's Metal Crystal, granting her basic attacks increased damage. Mysterious Fog Nu Wa condenses moisture into fog at her location which then rolls forward away from her. She and all allies are stealthed while inside the fog, and have increased movement speed. Cooldown 15s. Cooldown 18s. Cooldown Cost General The Clay Soldiers have taken notes from Artemis' Tusky and are coming to the battleground with some smarter tactics. The increased Range is the only direct buff, allowing the soldiers to more reliably charge when Nu Wa marks someone at max range.

Outside of this they will be more responsive to enemies entering combat range, won't get stuck trying to attack, and can more quickly face How to play nu wa charge their enemies. Sticking closer to targets will also assist lining up the Shining Metal combo.

Clay Soldiers Increased charge range from 25 to Fixed an issue where Clay Soldiers wouldn't recognize players entering their line of sight for a ificant amount of time. Fixed an issue where Clay Soldiers would attempt to Basic Attack rather than charge.

How to play nu wa

Fixed an issue where Clay Soldiers could be stuck attempting to Basic Attack when they should be charging. Clay Soldiers now rotate much more quickly, allowing them to charge to their targets faster. Clay Soldiers will now try to stay closer to their targets.

General Clay Soldiers are integral to Nu Wa really bringing burst to a fight. The lack of scaling movement speed and the long cooldown however really limited her damage capability and hurt her overall reliability. By boosting these we expect Nu Wa players to have more control over landing her full combo.

General Fixed missing crystal sounds from intro across multiple skins.

How to play nu wa

General Fixed very large diamond fx appearing when firing ability 3 with Mystic Enchantress skin. General Nu Wa's Shining Metal had inconsistent per-rank scaling on the stun. We are fixing it which is a slight nerf to ensure it has consistent scaling. With her recent changes and some itemization, we feel she can endure the 0.

General Nu Wa has some clunkiness within her kit that limited her ability to succeed. In this patch we want to adjust these core issues and continue to watch her performance closely, especially because she benefits from some of the new mage items. Mysterious Fog will now re-stealth Nu Wa much more quickly, allowing her to be more evasive with this ability. Her Clay Soldiers will move faster, helping their reliability while chasing.

How to play nu wa

Fire Shards will now pass over player deployables, giving Nu Wa the ability to escape Odin's Ring of Spears, or similar abilities. Additionally, she is having a few mana cost adjustments to help her early game mana consumption to better match other mages. While these are all buffs, they are mostly small quality of life adjustments.

This will help Shining Metal have more impact, even without the combo with Clay Soldiers. Decreased the time that Nu Wa is revealed in the fog from 3s to 1s. Shining Metal Decreased Mana cost from 60 to Fire Shards Can pass through player-made deployables while lifting off. General Clay Soldiers is receiving a massive update that has been requested for some time. Nu Wa players can now mark targets for their Clay Soldiers to pursue allowing Nu Wa players to have confidence when committing to their burst combo.

If the Nu Wa player does not want to How to play nu wa a target they have that option still available to them. The Range of this Mark Targeter is 40 units. Clay Soldiers will pursue the marked target until it is dead. Nu Wa may fire this Ability without a target or if the marked How to play nu wa dies. Clay Soldiers will attack enemies who damage Nu Wa first, or closest enemies. Clay Soldiers will now dash through other targets, debuffing them, only stopping at the marked target.

Clay Soldiers Updated the description to include better information about the stats for this pet. General Nu Wa was another god who benefited from her ability to remove backdoor protections and is receiving a buff to compensate. She will gain additional burst and poke damage through targeted adjustments to Shining Metal. Now Nu Wa's Minions will always target the nearest enemy to where they are deployed, and their strength has been slightly adjusted to compensate for this additional control. Minions will always prioritize enemy gods that are damaging Nu Wa. If there are no gods attacking Nu Wa, the minions will then target the closest enemy until a god damages any Ally or Nu Wa.

Fire Shards Fixed voice lines not playing when casting ability for all skins. Fire Shards Fixed ability not going on cooldown and still dealing damage if killed during ascension. Mysterious Fog Fixed the description not displaying the correct damage over time. Fire Shards No longer deals damage to players who were dead when Nu Wa activated the ability, but respawned before damage was dealt.

Strength of Wood Fixed an issue that caused her passive to not trigger properly. Mysterious Fog No longer stealths siege towers in arena. Fixed a bug that caused the fog to remove backdoor protection from towers. Corrected issue where the tooltip sometimes lied when visiting websites. Fixed an issue which caused her to go back up in the air if hit by CC while descending from Ult. Now properly targets bots in jungle practice map. General Nu Wa has undergone a total visual makeover. Clay Soldiers Protection debuff no longer refreshes when hitting the same target.

How to play nu wa

Fog Allied pets are now white when they're stealthed. General Her basic attack projectiles now fire earlier in the animation, decreased from 0. This should help her basic attacks feel more responsive. Flame Strike Fixed an issue with this ability not dealing full damage at close range. Flame Strike This ability has a new targeter that does a better job of communicating the damage fall off of the ability the further away the enemy is to Nu Wa.

Fog Fixed a bug with neutral camps' aggro.

How to play nu wa

Fog Fixed issue with target prediction reticule showing even over targets hidden inside the fog. Clay Soldiers Post-fire time reduced from 0. Post-fire time reduced from 0. Fixed another issue where a friendly Arachne could also be damaged by using Life Drain on an enemy target hit by the beams. Fog Increased fog lifetime from 8s to 10s. Clay Soldiers Increased soldier lifetime from 8s to 10s. General Adjusted her proportions slightly on the default character card.

Base Attack Speed gained per level increased from 0. Pillars of Heaven Limited the of hits per second sorry, shake and bake fans. The fastest rate new damage can occur with consecutive rapid touches is now 0.

How to play nu wa

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How to play nu wa

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