Guy covered in mud

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Face it, we all take some stock in our appearance: at least, enough that we don't want to be all dirty, especially not in front of others. So what's a universal way for someone to be brought down a few notches? Well, by them being muddy, of course! Mud is a particularly dirty substance, hard to wash out. Occasionally they'll be pushed into mud by someone, or simply fall on their ownwhich either way is an embarrassing experience. It may be part of a Humiliation Conga. It can also have practical purposes for temporarily blinding an opponent in battle.

Now, while getting muddy may not be the character's Guy covered in mud, there are times when they'll intentionally cover themselves in mud. It may have a practical purpose such as helping to camouflage them or keep off stinging insects. Or, perhaps, they may be getting extremely dirty in order to help someone else out, in which case they're seen as being more humble and selfless because they put themselves in that position. Sometimes, if the mud is from a character that spends a lot of time outside, such as gardening, it can imply that they're more of a down-to-earth person who spends more time actually doing things than worrying about their appearance.

May be used as Body Paint. Not to be confused with The Pig-Pena character who could be covered in either mud or something equally dirty so often that it's a matter of routine no special explanation needed for why he's so muddy todayand usually seems content with this situation.

The Trope Namer for The Pig-Pen was thoroughly covered in dirt, but even in his case at least it was only dry dirt rather than mud. While Emma is doing a tightrope over a mud pit, Hazel throws a dodgeball at her, causing Emma to lose her balance and fall face first into the mud. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. To fit him to take his place once more in polite society, he would certainly have to be sent to the cleaner's. Guy covered in mud, it was a moot point whether it wouldn't be simpler just to throw him away.

Wodehouse" The Ordeal of Young Tuppy ". In Fruits BasketTohru's uniform is dirty from the mudslide that fell on her tent. Once she gets cleaned up, one of Yuki's fanclub, jealous that Tohru arrived at school with Yuki, says "That mud looked so good on you". As a combination of Butt-Monkey and Ms. Fanservicethe title character in Miss Machiko ends up covered in muck from time to time, usually while losing articles of clothing. This was double subverted in the episode in which she helps her students fight against bullies by knocking them in a big mud pit all ends covered in the mud.

The heroines of Zombie Land Saga end up doused head to toe while participating in the Kashima Gatalypics. An event that takes place in the mud flats and is entirely based on getting covered in mud. It's later enforced, as while there are public showers for the contestants to clean off in between events, doing so washes off their make-up, running the risk of revealing their zombie forms to the public.

Guy covered in mud

So they run right back into the mud again. Comic Books. In ViolineVioline is covered in mud after escaping via the airvents and being launched into a muddy pigpen. Manages to be a plot point in this My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fancomic where Shining Armor and Fleur Guy covered in mud Lis bump into each other and tumble into a mud puddle then start arguing while completely covered in mud, disguising their identities. Shining's wife, Princess Cadance, who can spread love wherever she goes, causes them to fall in love before she realizes her husband was one of the two ponies and gets really angry.

This was also a plot point in Why Am I Crying? Happens to Twilight in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan comic Twilight's First Day after begging the taxi ponies to take a shortcut through a field, with predictable consequences. In Chapter 78, Renko and Maribel get caught between the mud and a trigger-happy antigravity device. In a two-panel cartoon from Empath: The Luckiest SmurfSmurfette says to Empath, "Smurf at me, I'm all covered in mud", but as Empath just continues to stare at herprobably with something dirty on his mindshe later says, "Okay, stop smurfing at me!

Film — Animated. In Disney's Beauty and the Beastafter Belle rejects Gaston's marriage proposal, Gaston falls over and lands in the pigs' mud hole. Happens to Mei in My Neighbor Totoro. Film — Live-Action. A staple of many war films, particularly those depicting World War I. Used to show that a character has been in the trenches for a long time and been covered in grime from shelling. In the film version of The Little Rascalsat the end, Alfalfa decides to fight back against the bullies, and sends one of them flying into a pig pen.

He threatens to punch the other one as well, who decides he'd rather leap facefirst into the mud instead of getting punched! Both of them get completely covered in mud.

Guy covered in mud

Bowen taunts her about the mud, and she responds by smearing a smashed watermelon in his face. In Cruel Intentions 2Sebastian pushes Kathryn in a pool of mud as a declaration of war. Getting covered in mud is the standard method of avoiding thermal detection in Predator and its sequels. Behind Enemy Lines has this happen to the protagonist when he is forced to hide among the bodies in a mass grave. Late in the Made-for-TV Movie The Invisible Woman nothing to do with the Fantastic Four character the title character, played by Alexa Hamilton, gets doused with mud in a mud puddle, making her visible and showing that she's not really an Invisible Streaker.

As Alexa herself said in a UPI story the week before the movie aired: In one shot I had to fall into a mud puddle in the body stocking and hood. The mud congealed on the hood and I couldn't breathe. I had to rip the hood off before I passed out.

Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter series is described as having lots of earth on her clothes and fingernails that would make prim and proper Aunt Petunia faint. In The Hunger GamesPeeta uses a large amount of mud with plants on top to disguise himself as part of a riverbank when he is too injured to move. In the Warrior Cats series, the Tribe rolls in mud to cover their fur in order to disguise their scent and blend into the rock better so that prey doesn't spot them so easily.

The visiting Clan cats try this, and aren't too thrilled at the idea, but it works. In one Animorphs book, Cassie jokes about how Rachel never seems to get dirty - that any mud just seems to be deflected away. She throws a ball of mud at Rachel, who knocks it away without it splattering all over her.

Cassie comments that Rachel's hand probably isn't even muddy, but Rachel refuses to show her. In The Curse of the Pharaohsthe second Amelia Peabody novel, Amelia's son Ramses interrupts a tea party after having gone digging in the compost heap and getting covered in mud among other things. Ramses is described as not so much leaving muddy footprints as having a stream of filth trailing behind him. In EldestEragon has a seizure caused by a cursed injury to his back. Winnie-the-Pooh covers Guy covered in mud with mud to disguise himself as a rain cloud to fool the bees while he gets their honey.

The bees aren't fooled. In Cold DaysHarry Dresden's friends have to pass through a magical barrier, and end up covering themselves in mud to do it. In Furies of CalderonTavi is caught out in a furystorm and has to flee from windmanes extremely dangerous furies of the air. He ends up rolling in the mud, which, as earth cancels out airprevents them from sensing him. Wodehouse : As quoted above, in the short story " The Ordeal of Young Tuppy ", the eponymous Upper-Class Twit gets involved in the annual rugby grudge-match between two small villages.

In the novel "A Damsel in Distress", Maud's interfering brother Percy shadows her, trying to keep out of sight by walking in a muddy ditch beside the road. He quickly becomes so filthy that Maud has no difficulty in convincing the locals that she's being stalked by Guy covered in mud dangerous tramp. In Richmal Crompton's short story "William the Invisible", the titular William crawls along a muddy ditch after playing a trick on some children who he has convinced that he is invisible; while escaping across the neighbours' gardens, covered head to foot in mud, he manages to create an "escaped gorilla" scare.

Live-Action TV. In episode 3 of The Borgiasassassin Michelotto goes to a sauna and has himself covered in mud as a disguise.

Guy covered in mud

In the pilot episode of Bunk'dEmma is doing a tightrope over a pit of mud when Hazel tosses a dodgeball at her, causing Emma to lose her balance and fall face-first into the mud with everyone laughing at her. Xander helps the mud-covered Emma out and wipes her with a washcloth and she smiles, leaving Hazel very pissed. Lou : A pretty girl covered in mud and you thought he wasn't gonna like that? What's next? You hand her a tray of hot wings and have her turn on football?

Hazel storms off. The song "Yukon" by the band Lindemann is about a personification of the Yukon River who is said to be dressed in mud. When they performed at Woodstock '94, Nine Inch Nails were completely covered in mud for their set, having messed around in the mud before getting on. Trent Reznor told the crowd that he even had some in his eyes.

Professional Wrestling. Homicide 's famous match with El Chico Illegal Chicano in IWA Puerto Rico, where it rained on the baseball Guy covered in mud the show took place in but the fans held their ground so the wrestlers pressed onwith Cide and Chicano ending up in the dugout. This is usually what from playing tackle sports, such as American football or rugby, in rainy weather. Though it carries the upshot of making the ground you're going to be falling into over and over again anyway ificantly softer. Video Games. In World of Warcraftrogues have the ability "blind" which pretty much consists of throwing dirt in one's face versions had them carry special "blinding powder", which became Vendor Trash after the need for it was removed.

Lampshaded in blinding powder's new item description: Once favored by rogues as a blinding agent, it was abandoned for more readily available resources Visual Novels. The Urashima Woman from Spirit Hunter: NG is covered in mud from the lake, which gives off a bad stench comparable to sewer water. She tracks mud into Akira's apartment when she haunts it, and presses herself up against Guy covered in mud front door, leaving a muddy imprint of her body there.

Western Animation. Toph uses earthbending to traumatize the spa employee during her Cucumber Facial. In "The Runaway", Katara and Toph get into an argument that turns into something of a mudwrestling match because of their water and earthbending abilities respectively. She thus transforms Cora from Hollywood Homely into a ravishing sexpot, with whom Rock Flatfield is instantly smitten.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe : He-Man frequently threw his opponents into conveniently-placed mudholes or bodies of water. A soft landing, to be sure, but not very dignified. Sister superhero She-Ra did it too. Lana remains this way even when she goes home, leaving a trail of mud behind, much to her parents' dismay. And it causes Leni to mistake her for a monster, thus giving Lana the idea to try a "Scooby-Doo" Hoax to save the pond.

At the end of the episode, she ends up covered with mud again. The same thing happens to Lu at the end. When circumstances conspire to cover Rarity in mud, Applejack quickly applies some sliced cucumber to make her feel better. Rarity, who can't stand the thought of dirt or behaving in an "uncouth" way, refuses to participate in the Sisterhooves Social with her little sister. She eventually realizes how much it means to her sister, who in the meantime has decided to run the race with Applejack, so during one stretch of the race, Applejack falls in mud.

Rarity comes out of the mud in Applejack's place, and runs the rest of the race with Sweetie Belle, who only sees a mud-caked pony and doesn't realize until the end that it's Rarity. Phineas and Ferb : In "That Sinking Feeling", Baljeet and his childhood friend Mishti, in a flashback from before she " turned into a girl ", are seen playing and covering each other in mud.

Recess : The series focuses on elementary-school children and usually takes place in the playground, so getting messy is common for the child characters. Rugrats : The episode "Crime and Punishment" involves Chuckie accidentally breaking his father's glasses, and because his father Chas has invited a traffic cop named Naomi to the Pickles' residence, Chuckie fears that he might go to jail.

The babies try to get Chuckie to dunk himself in a mud puddle just so his dad will take him home, only for Chas, Naomi, Stu, and Didi to slip into the mud. When the babies see that Naomi isn't mad at anyone upon discovering the broken glasses, the babies also jump in the mud, culminating in an "Everybody Laughs" Ending. Another episode has Chuckie get sprayed by a skunk. Tommy's Grandpa Lou suggests soaking Chuckie in Guy covered in mud in order to get rid of the stench. It doesn't work, but instead seems to have made him smell even worse. At the beginning of the episode "Tricycle Thief", Angelica rides Susie's tricycle without her permission and ends up crashing it into a garden gnome and flying into a mud puddle.

The babies find this hilarious, but Angelica storms off in a huff. Sideshow Mel tells everyone to take off their clothes and wallow in the mud. That way the Martians will leave them alone, not realizing that they're humans. In an early episode where the family went camping, Homer and Bart get lost, Homer ends up covered in mud, unintelligible and raging from bee stings, and gets mistaken for Bigfoot.

Guy covered in mud

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