Gun tattoos for girls

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When it comes to personal protection and defense, you can almost guarantee both with a gun in your hands. From revolvers to rifles, AK47s and vintage firearms, each features a different style yet all serve the same purpose. However, when it comes to the meaning and symbolism of guns, most associate them with freedom. Now, when it comes to tattoo des, guns can represent an enemy who hurt them deeply.

Not to mention, memories of wartime or military service too. They can instead symbolize an idea of having courage or bravery times of fear. Even something so simple as a single bullet itself can serve as a positive reminder that we are given only one life. Regardless of your take, you can still appreciate the fine artwork and des of these top 50 best gun tattoos for men.

Gun tattoos for girls

From machine guns to rifles, pistols and more, discover an endless amount of rounds loaded with cool ideas. The variety of guns is practically endless: new des and concepts are constantly being produced and hitting the market. Despite this constant innovation, there is a certain appeal to the flintlocks and black powder guns of a bygone era. These stylized weapons evoke images of pirate battles and swashbuckling shoot outs and by u sing a variety of approaches in a of different styles, these clean tattoos provide a good cross section of des with old school guns as their focus.

For those that have serve d in the military, guns gain a new and powerful meaning. In combat, your gun is directly connected to your survival, so the relationship that soldiers have with weapons goes beyond drinking beers and shooting at the range on the weekends.

Many people who serve choose to incorporate guns into the tattoos that commemorate their time in combat. For other people guns can be used as props to create different effects. Giving an animal a Tommy gun and a furious expression is a great way to produce an absurdist composition.

Utilizing different styles and approaches, these tattoos of armed animals perfectly demonstrate the different ways that guns can successfully be used in tattoos. The Col t Peacemaker is, without a doubt, one of the most influential guns in modern history. These pieces use a variety of styles and approaches but they all demonstrate just how excellent these classic weapons look in tattoos. Characterized by bold lines and vibrant colors, American and neo-traditional styles are perfectly suited to these Gun tattoos for girls inspired des.

From standalone flash images of sawed off shotguns and pistols, to larger des that incorporate different elements and a stylized composition, these pieces are great examples of how successfully guns can be incorporated into these classic tattoo styles. Guns have come a long way from the single shot, muzzle loading muskets of the last century.

In fact, some of the greatest mechanical innovation has come at the service of the development of weapons.

Gun tattoos for girls

Another gun that has earned a spot in the heart of American soldiers is the Colt M semi-automatic pistol. It served as the standard issue sidearm for the US Armed Forces for over 70 years and served our troops well. Thanks to its shining reputation and easily recognizable appearance, this iconic weapon is the perfect addition to tattoos. From the payasas of Chicano tattoosto femme fatales straight out of film noire, these tattoos demonstrate just how well girls and guns go together. Thanks to its ability to create dramatic scenes with a classic sensibility many people choose to use black and gray ink to apply their unique gun tattoos.

Using smooth shading and a subtle gradation of tones, these talented artists are able to create striking des that are impressive for the level of detail achieved. From shoots outs with ghoulish banditos to the ultimate bad ass himself, the Punisher, these tattoos are great examples of how black and gray can be utilized to create one of a kind tattoos. A growing trend in the tattoo world uses clever tricks and techniques to give tattoos the impression of having three dimensions.

Gun tattoos for girls

One of the w ays this is achie ved, and that is utilized in these excellent gun inspired desis the use of forced perspective. This technique—when successfully applied—gives pieces the effect of depth going into a tattoo. While some people prefer the hyper-realistic effect that can be created with these techniques, other people prefer more illustrative des that take an abstract approach.

Gun tattoos for girls

Thanks to these talented artists, both of these different styles are on full display in these unique and eye catching tattoos. What do gun tattoos symbolize? Guns are powerful tools that can be used with good or bad intentions. To those in law enforcement and the military, guns are symbols of authority, freedom and power. For criminalsguns symbolize similar ideals, albeit through a cracked lens. The reality is that guns are only as good or evil as the man pulling the trigger.

This amorphous morality makes them interesting de elements in tattoos that can hold a variety of different meanings. To many, guns are seen as works of mechanical art with every piece working together in harmony to produce th e desired effect. Subscribe for Free. Real gentlemen know quality when they see it.

Gun tattoos for girls Gun tattoos for girls

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