Gaara love story lemon

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Originally posted by memories-of-a-kazekage-blog. You were completely unaware of the fact that your fiance was alive until you saw it for yourself. The gentle moments that Gaara provided was something that you desperately needed after being away for so long, and he was more than happy to have you home. Hey guys! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

But I had to write it. The door slammed open, startling everyone in the meeting. Your eyes rapidly flickered across every face until they landed on the one that mattered most to you. Tears stung at your eyes; your lower lip trembled as you watched his figure rise from the chair to make his way towards you.

The hushed sound of voices was drowned out by your racing heart, your blurry eyes stared into familiar seafoam green ones. The familiar touch caused a loud sob to escape your lips, your body all but collapsed against him. You clung to his clean robes, gripping at the front tightly as you buried your face against his strong chest, his familiar scent seeping into your nose. You breathed him in completely as you sobbed helplessly against him. The suppressed emotions that you were feeling while on your mission finally released, spilling out of you like an overfilled cup.

Both of you were completely unaware of the people leaving the room, shooed away by Kankuro. He knew that his brother would want some alone time right now. After all, you were gone on this mission for monthsyou had missed everything. The room was all but silent except for your crying that was slowly beginning to diminish, the soft shushing and comfort that Gaara was providing easily soothed your hysteria. When your crying had finally turned into soft hiccups, Gaara grabbed at your shoulders, gently pulling you away from his body.

A soft frown began to coat his lips as he Gaara love story lemon in your battered form. His expression softened though as he watched you wipe away your tears, sniffling quietly to yourself. I promise. In the midst of your panic, you had forgotten about that. You had been sent away on a mission, you were gone for four months.

Gaara love story lemon

But as an Anbu, you were sworn to finish what you had started, so you did; with a heavy heart. It had taken much longer to finish everything after the devastating news. It felt as if you had died as well, the emptiness… the pain… it was all too much.

You had been betrothed to Gaara since the moment you guys were born. Fated to be together, alway by one another. Despite the hardships, despite the way that Gaara used to be… you were always there. When he was called a monster, when he had killed countless people, when Shukaku was released… you were always there. Ready to protect and defend him. You were indebted to Naruto. The unconditional love and devotion Gaara provided you was something that no one had anticipated.

Gaara love story lemon

The gentle looks and touches were entirely foreign to you and to everyone else who witnessed it. But his gentleness was completely sought after the first time you had a taste of it. This was how it was supposed to be, arranged marriage aside, you guys loved each other unconditionally. He hated himself because of it. He had hurt the one person that stood by him the most, the one person that never looked at him in fear, or with hate. When he had finally come to his senses, he had feared that you were finally going to leave him.

You never did. He was helplessly in love with you, something that he had never realized until after the first time he was able to sleep in such a long time, and you were right there by his side. He shook his head, moving his face to press a soft kiss into the Gaara love story lemon of your hand.

The Council and I had decided on it. You know I worry. Your lips parted at his sweet words; warmth seeped into your very being as he gazed at you with nothing but love in his beautiful eyes. Gaara was moody the entire time you were away. A soft smile tugged at your lips; your soon to be brother-in-law was always a joy to have around. Gaara sighed softly as he quietly closed the door behind him, today was a long day, and quite honestly, all he wanted to do was curl up against your soft body and sleep. After the encounter in Gaara love story lemon office, you were the only thing he could think about the entire day.

His expression softened completely as he took notice of your sleeping form on the sofa. You were curled, your legs pulled to your chest, your hands tucked under your cheek, your lips parted softly as you breathed. He hated sending you away on long dangerous missions like this one, fear ate away at his heart every single time. You were the last thing he thought of before he had died, and the first thing he thought of when he woke up. He sat on the sofa near your legs, gently brushing the hair away from your face before cupping your cheek. You stirred awake immediately, eyes fluttering open as you scanned the room before landing on the man you loved the most.

He was home when you were by his side. His pale hand stretched out for you to grab, waiting patiently as you shuffled to your feet. A soft smile grazed his lips as he watched you flop onto your shared bed; you wiggled yourself under the blankets, sighing in content. Your eyes drooped once more in exhaustion before finally closing. It was only when familiar arms snaked across your body that you woke up once more. Gaara pulled you softly against his chest, sighing in content as he buried his face into your neck, breathing in your sweet scent.

The gentle glow of a full moon was your only source of light as it beamed through your open window. You sighed softly, your arms wrapping around his neck as you pressed yourself as close to his body as possible. Your fingers tangled into his soft locks, your lips moving tenderly against his.

It was a kiss that spoke volumes of the gentle love you both felt for one another. It was a kiss that was long overdue, a kiss that both of you needed. Gaara was still getting used to intimate touches, but kisses, he loved those entirely. He loved you entirely. Originally posted by rubydragon Summary: As the manager of Aoba Johsai, you take it upon yourself to make sure everyone is taken care of. I want to show some Tendou love and everyone needs more Ushijima content in their life!

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Gaara love story lemon

Originally posted by bokuroofanzine. Akaashi is my husband though if anyone was wondering. I hope you enjoy this one, I had so much fun writing it: I would love some feedback on what you think of this one, while I do enjoy writing smut, I also am a sucker for some good quality fluff my guy. If you have any requests please let me know! Originally posted by akaashiisbae. Originally posted by kikuhikou.

Gaara love story lemon

Summary: Being the wife of a pro hero meant that you and your husband barely got to see each other. So while the pro hero life was incredibly enticing to Bakugou, there was one thing that was above that; you. He would never voice it aloud, but the domesticated activities that came with a married life was something that he adored completely. But it was all because of you, any minute, any second that Bakugou got to spend with you, he would take.

I think he would be the biggest simp for his wife and it gives me all the feels. I hope you guys like it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Originally posted by monakaashi. The ongoing tension between you and a certain captain gets too much to handle, and you find yourself in a compromising position late at night. Warnings: Bokuto being Bokuto, fluff, confessions, make out sessions, grinding, my shit writing. I hope you enjoy this spicy mess.

Gaara love story lemon

I wanted to try something new compared to my usual fluff I write for this particular anime:.

Gaara love story lemon

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