Fotos del panda zambrano

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Your is not active. We have sent an to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your. This photographer named Hugo Suissas from Lisbon, Portugal creates surreal, mind-bending, and magical photographs by using forced perspective and angles.

He turns simple bridges and landscapes into surreal and fantastical places, and items like keys, fruits, and kids' toys into magical props. Every single photograph has a different story and a different idea.

They help us see the dull and boring world that we're used to in a new and more fun way. He told Bored Panda : "What inspires me in life as an artist is to know that art and ideas are able to produce miracles. I believe that creativity can be magic and it can help great challenges in the world. I am a simple guy, I like simplicity and simple life. More info: Instagram printsuissas. This post may include affiliate links. Hugo Suissas tells us more about what inspired him to get into photography and his favorite things about it: "What inspires me in photography is knowing that one image has the power to impact and help solve serious problems in the world.

I Fotos del panda zambrano the photography world around 9 years ago. What I like the most in photography is when I have a novel idea that I haven't seen anywhere else. What I like the least is when copycats try to copy my work, showing a great deal of lack of respect for others and for the artist community. Hugo says he's never studied photography anywhere and he got into it through a friend and the Instagram community. He is very happy to be a part of this and isn't planning to stop. Hugo explained that he really likes ideas, especially original ones.

He says that he doesn't really have a style, but works more with intentions. It's a great deal of hard work. Every day I sit at my desk with white paper Fotos del panda zambrano pen and I exercise my brain, trying to have meaningful ideas and interesting projects. What made me get here is my almost uncontrollable desire to create things that haven't been done before on this planet, or any other in the galaxy. This is what gets me going," said Hugo when asked to tell us more about himself.

Hugo tells us about how he got into perspective photography: "When I was a kid, I did magic as a hobby and did some magic shows. For me, magic and perspective are similar in the sense that all is an illusion.

Fotos del panda zambrano

I started to use perspective in my photos, when I realized that it was a great technique to convey an idea and get a reaction from the public. I believe that it was my 'magic' childhood that inspired me to do what I do today. However, perspective is just a tool that is not always present in my work. He also told us more about the process and if he comes up with ideas beforehand: "Initially, I would just improvise without thinking too much about the final result.

Nowadays, as this is practically my profession, I spend more time in the thinking process of making a photo. I plan every pixel, nothing is there by chance. When the picture is not exactly as I want it, I use Photoshop to perfect the final idea. The most important thing for me is the impact and freshness, not how the photo was made," said Hugo when asked about how he creates these photos and if he Photoshops them.

If you're thinking of getting into photography, Hugo has some advice for you: "Don't rush. Follow your gut and practice, practice, practice. Be persistent and if you work hard, I guarantee that you will always be rewarded. This project is a worldwide awareness campaign on Covid vaccination with the hope that we can get rid of this virus as soon as possible.

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Please check link and try again. Fascinated by music, movies and sitcoms, I'm passionate about social media and can't live without the internet, especially for all the cute dog and cat pictures out there. I wish the day had about 40 hours to be able to do everything I want.

Fotos del panda zambrano

Aelita is a Community Manager for Bored Panda. She helps people's articles see the light of day so that they can express their creativity freely. She enjoys art, playing guitar, and writing creative stories. On lazier days you can find her playing video games or binging a TV show. And sooo many to boot.

Fotos del panda zambrano

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Fotos del panda zambrano

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Fotos del panda zambrano

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Fotos del panda zambrano

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