Fallout 4 mutant hound meat

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Don't know.

All the muscle from the transformation process is likely chock-full of growth hormones and god knows what kind of mutated cells. Likely nothing that would be immediately unsafe aside from the obvious radiation, but it certainly wouldn't be good to consume regularly.

And that's in the best case scenario, I'd imagine that it would be very easy for some imperfection to cause rampant cancerous development in the cases where the process wasn't performed properly read: most cases, save maybe in the Institute or by the Master. I'm sure super mutants in-universe are nowhere near as uniform as they appear in game, they've got to be full of tumors and deformities since every individual is going to be a little different. It is actually unsafe to eat mutant hound meat as it gives you radiation. Cooking it makes it a cheap alternative to radaway which causes a lot of problems in survival.

I do not think it is possible to eat super mutant meat in Fallout 1 to 4 unless you have the cannibal perk. Found the internet! Is it safe to eat meat from creatures infected by FEV like mutant hounds or super mutants? Posted by 2 years ago.

Sort by: best. Nahonce you cook it it heals r.

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Fallout 4 mutant hound meat

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Is it safe to eat meat from creatures infected by FEV like mutant hounds or super mutants?