Eso sleeping on the job

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Merchandise en en-gb de fr ru. Leave a Reply. What am I doing wrong? I hide all over, I stealth I even wear the disguise and nothing! I never see Yjarnn and fail everytime. Am I missing something? Correct me if I am wrong but I am also under the impression that this is part of the quest line that gets me to the next zone, so im kinda getting abit frustrated with it atm.

Edited by Mojmir on February 6, AM. Raising floors and lower ceilings by zos standards has created an iron maiden. No matter how well you played,when the game is over,the king and pawn go back in the same box. Call me toxic,your the one being slowly poisoned by greed. February It seems to bugged for me coz he doesnt even come out, i just wait for 2mins then outta no where misdion failed no matter where i hide it really weird. Yeah I have done all that and it just fails before he even comes out after 2mins of waiting, it def feels like a bug its starting to get frustrating.

Thank for yr help though much appreciated. Oh yes and I have been hiding behind all the rocks and the specific one most, at all different angles.

Eso sleeping on the job

It definitly bugged, help me ZOS pls!!! Im on a silver atm and really want to carry on my journey to next quest and zone. Theres not much else for me to do so this is getting very upsetting. Having issues with the quest as well. Tried logging, but not working. He just starts to run from the bridge and then fail. I don't even move from the rock. March I hate this quest, it fails no matter what, I even tried using an invisibility potion and still got detected. July I remember struggling with this one. Can't recall what I did. I've completed it yesterday.

I hid in the marked rocks, then Yjarnn went from his house, I followed him sneakingon the bridge he started to run, I ran after him, then there was a woman and Yjarnn talk to her. One of the two of us definitely has gone mad. It only remains to define whether this one is the world or me. ComingBackHome addon is what you need!

Me is russian little bad in english :b.

Eso sleeping on the job

All it did was fail after I started following him. This time I logged out and in again and after hiding behind the rocks, I waited till he was on the bridge, and he turned around to make sure no one was following. Then he ran off, and I followed, running. He then met with the woman and talked, and my objective was updated. I have a feeling that the bug activates when in sneak mode and fails the quest as soon as you're detected. In or Register to comment.

Eso sleeping on the job Eso sleeping on the job

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Sleeping on the Job [Quest]