E621 foot fetish

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We still have a Discord server, come talk to us! Want to advertise on e? ! Let me first say that I have no problem with doods with the interest. Just curious. Updated by kamimatsu almost 4 years ago. Updated by anonymous almost 4 years ago. I have a small thing for it. The way I see it, you can pleasure someone with your hands, mouth, armpit, thighs, breasts, etc. Why not feet? But always keep every part of your body clean, my guy. Shower daily, wash thoroughly, exercise, eat your greens, and stay hydrated.

One might be the taboo aspect of it Not taboo like 'oh no, this is naughty' type, but There's probably also an aspect of playfulness here--like why you use your toes to pick up something you dropped E621 foot fetish bending over would be times easier than "wait. I have. It may also be that because your feet are not precision instruments, so it implies that the person with the feet needs to take extra care with them, and thus with you. Or not, but I think the "stepping on you from a position of power' E621 foot fetish is actually mostly a different fetish about being dominated and treated 'poorly' with the implication of 'you're not worth touching with my hands'--but this is not my fetish so I could be very wrong.

As, I see a lot of people who emphasize 'dirty sweaty feet'. I can see that, Why not venture outside of the box right? Honestly dood, I always thought it was personal preference. SnowWolf said: Not my fetish, but Wow, that is quite the explanation! Like I said, it's all me guessing Or maybe they saw a piece of foot-artwork that was an 'enlightenment' for them I know there are a few pieces of fetish artwork that are definitely "YESes" for me when the fetish in general is a NOPE for me.

I bet zootopia 'woke' a lot of young folks.

E621 foot fetish

Another aspect I've thought about is an interesting one Cultures where women go topless E621 foot fetish the time find no attraction in breasts. At one point in history, ankles were extremely attractive, because they were always hidden under skirts and stockings.

In Korea, they don't care about short shirts, but cleavage and midrift and shoulders is more taboo not that you never see these things, but far less then what you'll see in America Feet tend to be hidden away in shoes nearly all the time. Shoes are basically required wear for us. It's foot protection. You only see people barefoot when they're relaxed at home, or in very special circumstances when bare feet are normal: the beach, etc.

Things like sandals are considered frivolous footwear and are only worn by those who do not need to be doing any kind of wear--kind of E621 foot fetish instinctive "class check" You can tell a lot about what someone's doing by what they're wearing. Obviously, this isn't Aaaaaanykind of conscious thing.

Anyway: we don't typically see people's feet. We do see them dressed up though Sheer stocking. Patterned socks It's like sexy clothing, for our feet. And there is a HUGE range in feet--soft, smooth feet, coarse, calloused feet, and everything in between. I guess most other people might think of feet like I think of hands. Hands are just However with feet there is definitely feet that I consider cute and feet that I consider ugly. For instance Morten's toe Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I have flat feet That's really the only hypothesis I can come up with about it.

So then they seem to assume that a foot fetish must revolve around That couldn't be further from the truth for me. The foot should be completely clean, ideally freshly washed. I have no desire to touch smelly, stinky feet at all. Well, I can understand it a little. My grandpa actually had supersensitive feet--like, "Do not touch grandpa's feet" was a rule. Something about nerve damage or something. I dunno, I was really young.

E621 foot fetish

My cousin, who spent a lot of time around him, has a foot aversion and she told me that she thought it was because she was always so careful of his feet because it would hurt him. So she doens't ever want to touch them. Chaser said: I guess you can call it On topic: I will never understand how anyone can find anything remotely attractive about human feet, and I've given up trying.

Has nothing to do with smell, dirt, or sweat, they just look gross to me.

E621 foot fetish

Clawdragons said: On topic: I will never understand how anyone can find anything remotely attractive about human feet, and I've given up trying. SnowWolf said: Oh my gosh. I didn't see this earlier.

E621 foot fetish

This is fantastically terrible XD. Well, I get a kick out of a few other things here, but I can understand if some things start to run a bit dry. Still, puns are difficult to nail down, and I toe-tally get a kick out of a well balanced pun. SnowWolf said: Well, I get a kick out of a few other things here, but I can understand if some things start to run a bit dry. If you are reading this post, you are now covered in gallons of congealed, sweaty, thicc toe jam.

Eh, I disagree. Like, I mostly get vore. But I've never really been turned on by it. There's like, maybe one or two pictures that made something perk up and go "that's No lights. But I 'get' it, at least partly. Then again, In my experience I'm a little more flexible than most people, in terms of putting myself in someone else's shoes. Some people, rather than toe the line, step in a different path. It's important not to mistakenly view this as a heel turn, as something one can show somewhere without being E621 foot fetish out, it gives one a leg up in the competition.

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E621 foot fetish

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