Diapered women stories

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Forgot your password? Or in with one of these services. Another sch I thought, dropping back down on my bed. I've been a massive bedwetter since birth and my mother always insists on changing me. It's just on of the unwritten rules of the house that I can't break. She and Dad very rare--stopped changing me at about eight would always tape on my diaper before bed and remove it in the morning. I've only diapered myself once during a sleepover. To school, I wear pullups, or rather those Goodnites for Girls and bring an extra pair in case I neededed to change. Rolling over as I've done for my sixteen years, my mother places a rather large changing mat on top of my sheets.

I used to have -szie one but soon this one appeared. Don't ask me where my mother bought them from--she would never tell me where most of the diaper supplies come from. Swiftly she untaped my soggy nappy. Yes baby ones, it's always been those. I yelped as Diapered women stories always did.

I always asked her why since I only have no bladder control at night. She says it's for hygienic reasons. Finally done, I roll over as she unpack another fresh Tena Slip Maxi. Lately my wetting accidents at school have been more frequent and I even peed once in my boyfriend's car--I was wearing protection luckily. Yeah, my mom checks my underwear all the time. So now the new rule is wear diapers as long as I'm at home.

Or during long family trips or when shopping with her and dad. The new diaper Diapered women stories on and with the usual that's it, she said, "Breakfast is waiting. Don't take too long to change. Sauntering into the bathroom, I was struck immediately by the heat, even though the windows there were closed. Coming out, I decided to just wear my diapers and my night T-shirt downstairs.

Diapered women stories

I usually do that in the summertime since wear a bottom would increase the heat around the padding between my legs. Put something on! My breasts were quite visible through my shirt. He knows I hate it when he calls me that. Jon's got to to work at his temporary shift. I'll check what to do. Breakfast over, her announced he was off for his tennis game. Patting my nappy, he waved goodbye to us. Ugh, I hate it when he does that!

Back in my room, I opened the window, remembering to close the blinds--my room wasn't exactly visible to the Diapered women stories outside, but just ot be on the safe side. Clicking on the room fan, I switched on labtop and scanning around my social media sites, most of my friends were busy with their own schedules. I thus moved to my online fiction websites to read. As the minutes passed by, I felt my bladder fill up. ly when diapered or nappied at home, mom would make me use the toilet and only pee in the Tena Slip if I couldn't make it in time.

However, during this new phase wearing at home, she had allowed me to pee in my nappy. I figured out anyway that it would be a better use of the Tena Slip instead of stay in a dry one all day. So that's what I did as I read my stories.

Diapered women stories

An hour into my web surfing, the heat of the room started to increase. Gosh, I thought, peeling off my night T-Shirt and fanning myself. Finally, I yanked off my shirt and threw a nearby shawl over myself. A little bit cooler, I thought. Then again, I forgot that with this old house, my room door could never be locked properly.

Mom would never tape a diaper back once it was removed--yes that's a waste of it and Diapered women stories but I didn't really care since she and Dad were the ones paying for my nappies and supplies. Finally naked, I entered the shower. True enough, it was refreshing shower--lucky I remembered to switch off the main heater. I took my time and played with myself. Yeah, strange that I get aroused playing with myself using my hands rather than being diapered nightly and now during the day at home.

Tap off, I dried myself off, especially my vulva and wrapped my towel over me. At this point, I usually love just wearing a towel--a few minutes of being not in a nappy. Ok, I thought, mom would be calling anyway to tape a new nappy on. So I exited the room, expecting her to be there but she wasn't. Peeping out of my room, I called, "Mom, I finished showering!

Diapered women stories

Definitely, on the phone, I thought and retreated back to my room. Being lazy again in terms of dressing, I stayed in my towel as I browsed through yet another fiction stoy site. Boring, so I opened a new broswer tab and logged into my secret facebook.

Ever since I knew I was a bedwetter, I wanted to talk people about my bedwetting, but not face to face. I first started out with some online forums, but those got boring. Social media sites on the other hands were cool; lots of people with incontinence problems or those just wearing nappies for fun could be fond there. About 15 minutes on, my bladder again started to al it's need to empty itself. Naturally, one would expect me to use the toilet. However, ever since mom started diapering me at home, she forbade me from from using the toilet for peeing-- 2 only.

If she caught me for using the toilet during this "diaper at home" phase, she would yell and punish me. So I learnt how to wait for my nappy change. But this time, my bladder was wildly singalled it had to release its contents. My urine splurted out. Swiftly, mom pressed another twol against the flow. Finally Diapered women stories turned to dribbled as mom d to clean me and tape on a fresh Tena Slip.

But that was whne i was a young girl. It has been ages and a ll changes--except those at the doctors--were always performed by mom. Well, once my aunties changed me. But it can't be help; I have to go over to help my sis. You need some protection. Now end of story.

Diapered women stories

By the way, do get dress will you? If you want to prance around your room like that, at least make sure the blinds are really close shut. Mom left again and I undid my bath towel, heading over to my closet. Opening one door, I stared at myself in the mirror. Here was a five foot one teenaged girl with medium sized breasts wearing an adult diaper.

That wasn't the only diaper in the room; if you opened my first two drawers--you would find dozens, well maybe nearly a hundred pieces of Tena Slip stacked there. At one corner were a few packets of goodnites that I wore out and to school. Ever since Mom decided I had to wear nappies at home, she had removed many of my Diapered women stories and filled the spaces with the nappies, wipes, bottles of powder and dermatological cream.

Only like about three or four proper underwear were tucked in one corner. In a way, been diapered nightly and now daily at home made me feel very much helpless and younger than my age. I definitely wasn't an AB--I knew that was. I would want to suck a pacifier, or dress like a toddler, to play stuff. I'm not so sure how much an DL I am--I don't adore diapers, but I guess I have to live with them, especially at night.

Snapping out of my reverie, I selected one of my purple bras and clipped them on--there, Mummy won't Diapered women stories complaining about my bouncy boobs. On top of that went a rather long tank top. That really didn't cover my nappy, but at least it covered me. Back to my labtop, but no one was on my secret facebook or my actual facebook. I glanced back at the story web site but got bored, so I turned to my actual books to read.

About half an hour later, the sun was definitely out in full force. Hmm, I thought, why not make some use of it?

Diapered women stories

The garden could be a choice, but that would mean wearing shorts over my nappy and trapping more heat over the padding. But our house had an access to our flat rooftop though a skylight. That rooftop was covered so no one else could see who was above.

Yeah, I thought, exchanging my bra for a halter neck bikini top. I glanced at the skimpy bikini bottom and sort of regretted I wouldn't be able to wear that. Just as I headed for the roof with my sunbathing accessories, I collided into mum again. Not really stained. You know my rules. And lunch will be ready soon.

I have to leave after that. Getting to the rooftop meant opening our three decades old access panel covering the skylight. It's age meant much tugging and pulling but finally it gave way and I was greeted with the burst of sunlight.

Diapered women stories

I'm loving this story! And trust me, there's at least over a hundred people on this sight who love it too, probably. What I've come to learn is that the overwhelming majority of people who go on this sight want desperation and pee-pants, not diapers. Diapers is a side fetish for this sight. I know this because I've been typing a really good diaper story and I only got a few comments on the whole series, and I only get about viewers each time I make a post, at best, but the few comments that I get are people telling me how much they LOVE my story.

So don't be discouraged if you don't get a whole lot of comments.

Diapered women stories

Maybe you wouldn't, but I did for a while, so I wasn't sure. Anyway, You're story's great. The characters are lovable, the plot is moving along nicely, and it's pure diapers, just what the DL audience would want.

Diapered women stories

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