Danger smashed the homie

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The homie is NOT an acquaintance.

Danger smashed the homie

This Ray-J situation sent the corporate office and the hood alike in a frenzy. Two of my barbers had a debate over who they liked on the show. One barber said he liked Unique, which had the barber shop going crazy. A majority of barbers and customers rode with either Danger or Cocktail. When the Danger vs. Unique argument presented itself, he made a valid case:. She smashed the homies! Nothing more needs to be said son! Barber 2: So you telling me if you went out with a chick and you found out I smashed, you deadin her??

With no discussion. Ron is my dude. If I see a dude at the gym, knew him through a common friend, or know on a general basis and remain cordial, then her having a relationship of any kind with dude poses no problems. Social network settings, especially college campuses, present a unique twist to this situation.

Danger smashed the homie

She may not have smashed the homie, but if she smashed the campus, the chapter fraternitiesor the football team, you may think twice before putting a ring on it. The Homie is your Ace Buku. A main player in your circle of close friends. You never want to look like a sucka. When a man has a wifey, and an attractive, cool, fun wifey at that, it gives him a sense of street credibility with his friends, and almost becomes a status symbol.

Deep down, we feel good knowing that we accomplished this feat of excellence that our peers or anyone we know did not achieve. Having a tangible connection to your potential girlfriends sexual past can eat away at a man, develop into insecurity and doubt, and lead him to err on the side of caution and cut ties. Reputation : This has everything to do with ego. I admit that. Understand though: Men fear commitment genetically.

It takes a lot to overcome this fear and settle down.

Danger smashed the homie

When we find the right girl to chill with, date, and eventually gain exclusivity, the LAST thing we want is to hear she got it in, especially with the homies! You like to have mystery to your relationship. When your clique can answer that question in essay format, the man feels stupid and looks at the woman in a different light. You can never talk about sex with your shorty without feeling awkward because you know he can relate! Depending on how serious the man is dating the woman in question, will depend on his next step. A lot of dudes can shrug it off and move on.

Trust: This depends heavily on how you found out that your shorty smashed the homies. Did the homie approach you to give you the FYI? Did you find out from a third party when neither said a word and acted as if they never met? All these questions will run through a dudes mind, and if the homies or the woman failed to mention this information, then serious contemplation and decisions await you.

Danger smashed the homie

Women are more gangsta when it comes to this topic. Women will also block harder than men to prevent their girlfriends from being with the dude in question. I refer to this as The Claim Game. I have to commend Danger.

Who would know that years after she messed with dude, she would try to get with his homie? Ray J has to decide if Danger smashing his homie makes or breaks his decision. Since dealing with people you know seems commonplace for stars looking in your direction Reggie BushDanger has an advantage. Can you date someone who smashed the homie? Does the past ever matter when dealing with an individual? Streetz I think you have it right when you say it depends on the relationship with the ly smashed girl.

If it's a girl at my school that I run into from time to time, then I probably Danger smashed the homie do a balance test. How much I'm feeling him v. What then? I still propose my balance test. I mean at the end of the day women are going to do what they want to do esp. I just think when you pursue a man despite his relations with your 'friend', you can NOT 1. Is anyone feeling my balance test?

I don't watch the show, so forgive me: Is that Danger in the pic? If she's the "baddest" chick on the show, I'm dying to see the line up of the others. Anywhoo…yea, it's a no-go if you've messed with one of my girls. This ain't like beat puff, puff, pass. I almost dated a chick once that smashed the homie sthen realized how awful an idea it would be given what I knew of their tales. She managed to get 90 points off personality then lose 60 points of smashing the homie s. That's a failing grade. Though I've learned that the less I know the better off I am cuz I'll discriminate recklessly.

It's amazing how difficult it is to find people who are degrees of separation outside of your circles so that you won't know anybody they know. I knew you were in law school when I saw that, before I even saw your name. But anyway, I'm definitely not cool with that. Are you and this person actually close? How long ago was the contact? You could be passing up true love.

How can I say this: That shyte has never been cool! If my homeboy smashes a chick off, the most she can do for me after I have knowledge of this fact, regardless of the statute of limitations, is be a jumpoff. Sorry…some ladies don't want to hear it but cmon. You dang right it's about ego, but in the CPT's mind I don't want my friends' seconds when their is plenty Danger smashed the homie go around. You know those nature shows where the lion catches a wilder beast and then the other lions crowd around and chomp at the parts the other lion isn't chewing? You get my drift.

If I see another lying munching on something they caught, I still will go catch my own. This ish is for the under 25 set. At this point 30if one of my exes was trying to step to one of my girls or vice versathey're happy and he's treating her right — kudos to them both!

Danger smashed the homie

There is definitely a statute of limitations with this — if I'm over him, he can be yours. Men, just deal with it already.

Danger smashed the homie

Your woman is not a virgin. Neither are you. Unless she was smashing Danger smashed the homie homies last week or went through your whole crew in an afternoon, cut a grown woman some slack. Danger might not have made it to the finals cus she's crazy and his mamma told him so! He was feeling Danger's crazy azz. It's just a matter of weighing the pros and cons, risk vs reward, and overall value to come to a decision.

Slim — when its plural, you're cruisin for a bruisin, lolol. Especially if this is your tight knit circle. Everyone with an absolute NO women — With you women, I see "smash the homies" can mean "I chilled with him in his dorm room and watched Love Jones" "He held my hand in the student union" or "he rubbed my back when I had to burp".

Y'all would consider THAT just as bad as smashing and try to block. Is this justifiable? If I went out on a date with your homegirl or even just bagged theam I now off limits? I can argue that everyone is sloppy seconds, unless you wifed the first person you ever dated and married,all that. I know dudes who on campuses across this country have been known to slay coochie like their name was Sarah Michelle Gellar, and women still pursued them with this knowledge. Do you consider yourself a sloppy second then, because chances are on your campus you probably have awareness of chicks dudes deal with, and vice versa.

There's no way I can smash anyone who has been with my friends…I know them. Kwana — you bring up a couple of different points. Girlfriends who have different tastes in men don't really run into that problem, and having only a few friends also helps to make sure you don't catch the "sloppy seconds syndrome".

However, all of us who are no longer carrying their v cards are officially "sloppy seconds". We ALL come in second to someone — why trip because you saw Danger smashed the homie source? And, real talk, I have seen too many girls put a man off limits to her friends just because she liked him or flirted with him. No official relationship necessary. Flag on the play! Check the s for your average black woman: If you only have so many black men for every black woman and you start narrowing down to men with a degree, of children, age, not married, not on the dl, gainfully employed, believes in Baby Jesus, whatever your core values are, etc….

THEN you also start cutting men from the running because they said hi to Boomsheeshee once in college and she's your girl…. The Dating Game is already a tough sport -no need to put on ankle weights, too.

Danger smashed the homie

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