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And if really kink erotic suspense is up your street, with chastity a big element, then Entrapped is available too! Get some free erotica - now!

Welcome… Just to be clear, this instructional audio will not conclude with you getting off - just edging and denial. Further to that, it will attempt to put your mind in a deep haze of subbiness and horniness, which may have adverse effects on your capacity to think clearly, and it will touch on mind break and Cum denial tumblr. Well, it goes fairly hard on the mantras actually. Choose Denial. To most patients she was just a normal nurse with unnaturally good looks.

Her responsibilities were mundane and her demeanor was professional; nobody was able to tell that this beautiful and helpful nurse was, in truth, a prisoner. Her delicate little pussy was sealed behind an impenetrable mesh and steel cage along with an extra special cellmate, a thick vibrator that helped ensure she was motivated to take extra good care of the VIP patients. Each day, a few minutes after her normal shift finished, the torture would begin, aled by the mechanical buzz of her cellmate beginning his daily violation of her sanity. She would be edged, repeatedly, and her only way out was to bury her face in the crotch of each and every VIP.

The poor little suckdoll would quickly change into her after hours uniform and wander from room to room, taking hurried breaks to fix her makeup between each one, on her quivering, juice-soaked legs looking for important cocks to rapidly piston her face on. The VIPs were always amused by the enthusiasm their daily cocksucker showed, some of them even complained about how all she seemed to want was their cum.

If the nurse felt any humiliation at their words she never showed it during her shift; once her cellmate began his ministrations she became more machine than human.

Back in her makeup room, after her service hours had been completed, was a whole different story. She acknowledged that they owned her, mind, body, and soul; she would do anything they asked if they would only grant her this one boon. She paired her bargaining with sexy little poses and dancing that radiated her desperation and gave voice to the kind of depraved dirty talk Cum denial tumblr only befit a bitch in heat such as her, debasing herself even further for the one thing in her life that mattered.

Rarely, it worked, but most nights her prayers went unheard. Most cruel of all would be the nights when her cellmate would wake with sudden and unusual intensity, quickly bringing her oversexed cunt right to the brink of the overwhelming pleasure she so desired, only to leave her shaking and sobbing on the edge in helpless need once more.

The idea of a harem mixes beautifully with the idea of orgasm denial to my mind, but I also wanted to add quite a bit of angsty tension in this story - the main couple are going to go down some pretty dark paths, with their unsated desires leading the way. And you can the SubscribeStar as a follower for free to see the second and get notifications of future content. Hi James, my name is Anna. It is not really a question, I just wanted to say thank you for your blog.

I discovered it around 3 years ago and thanks to it I learned about edging, denial and ruined orgasms. This changed my sexual life dramatically. Even though I am far from definition of a good girl, I still get to cum sometimes, but only when my Cum denial tumblr decides so.

Your blog is hands down the best blog about sex I ever read. Thank you for your patience on an ongoing lack of kink content. For now, a 10 minute recording of me edging, then making myself cum, and then laughing for a little bit. Just pull on your achy nipples as you listen to her cum, hard and loud. Both of them secretly promised another thing. To try to make the other break their vows first. Then they would be on no touch as their punishment, while they might get an orgasm for telling on them. Source: bedroomfairytales.

The girls regarded each other before going in to see him. It was the last Friday of the month. Orgasm day. He kept them in a state of constant arousal and competition, whoever performed best all month, getting the reward. It might be hours until he decided on pink or blue, and he normally got them to do the most degrading things just before he decided. Neither of them were ever quite sure they wanted to win. The first-years do, yes.

As you may remember, each of them is paired up with a denial buddy for the year and actually, they often have to shave each other as part of learning to appreciate the wonders of anatomy. Second-years all get waxed as part of their masochism class, and many go on to continue it. But otherwise they are allowed a neat strip.

One year, when there were two competing for the role, the winner got her place by having the pattern lasered as a of her commitment. The difference with the link above is it gives you them oldest to newest, the tag is the latest first so you have to go back for some of the original stories. I want you to have an orgasm. Think about it. You get really needy now, when I fuck your ass, or when you do your touches, but are you really edging?

Cum denial tumblr that would make me so happy. So I really think we should change. What do you think? I want you to be honest with me. What are you feeling about it? Mmm, that is true. It has been very special for me.

And I know - I know - that you would keep you promise and never cum. If you want to have one single orgasm and then no more forever, we can do that instead. What do you say? I know, but I really think it will be harder. It really will make me happy. Keep your hands off that little cunt and hold onto me okay? Just let it go. Look at me.

Let it come. Just this once. There… there…. Hold onto me. What a lucky girl. What a very lucky girl.

I think you are, little slut. The orgasms I take from you are going to be so nice. I did. This probably sounds like a dumb question but on the wheel when it says snaps what does that mean. I'm really into the idea of chastity but I want to be forced into it.

I don't wanna be a good girl who gives up her orgasms, I want them forcibly taken from me. I want to be locked and only unlocked while I'm in handcuffs or tied up so I can't do anything about it.

I want to try to go behind his back and feel some kind of pleasure but be unable to. Is that too much to ask?

To beg for it. Their boyfriends discovered the girls both liked bondage and predicament play during a game of truth and dare. Now here they were, each with a fully charged Lush inside them. Female Orgasm Denial. Plus Cum denial tumblr of other free books from other good erotica authors! View post 7 October, I hope you enjoy it. James Let us know how you get on with it! View post 4 October, View post 1 October, The Harem Couple. View post 30 September, Asked by anna-always-denied.

View post 27 September, View post 21 September, Just the way he hoped. View post 16 September, View post 8 September, Do the girls in Denial Academy have to be clean shaven? View post 4 September, Your First Orgasm. Your first orgasm and your last orgasm. I really would. I know. If you really want it, Sir, then I want it that way, too. Oh, God, it feels so nice. I think I feel it coming. You do it now. Right on the edge for me.

You see? It worked. Aw, I know. One more? Is this really how it is? Say goodbye to your orgasms.

Cum denial tumblr

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