Colleges for nerds

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Have you ever thought that the nerdiest colleges are those on Colleges for nerds of any ranking? If yes, you have been wrong! With an abundance of educational institutions in the U. One thing that determines the level of nerdiness of a particular college is the of given asments. The more tasks students get, the more hardcore the college can be considered. Thanks to some insights from one of the cheapest and best college essay writing serviceswe have put together the list of eight elite and nerdiest colleges in our vast country. Indubitably, those are among trailblazing academic institutions that provide high-quality education and drive the economy.

But we have relied on a specific scoring that evaluates colleges based on several parameters. We considered freshman retention, graduation rate, percentage of classes with fewer than 20 learners, percentage of classes with more than 50 learners, and percentage of alumni donations. The total score is Accumulating points, the University of Princeton kicks off this list and becomes the nerdiest institution in the U. Princeton belongs to the Ivy League, and it is among the most prestigious universities worldwide.

Princeton University was founded in in New Jersey. Princeton University even remembers pre-revolution America! Additionally, Princeton appears on numerous rankings—such as the most beautiful campuses, the best architecture schoolsthe best engineering schools—holding top positions.

It is a private liberal arts college located in Massachusetts. Williams College is a bit younger than Princeton; it was founded in And for the next years, it remained a college for males. It focuses on many disciplines, having over 20 departments and offering more than 30 majors. Obtaining almost points, it firmly holds third place in the nerdiest colleges. With the help of philanthropists and magnates, the University was brought into being a hundred years after Williams College!

The great thing about Haverford College is that it is located between Washington and New York, and its secluded area, compared with top-notch teaching staff, makes Haverford College an excellent institution. Aside Colleges for nerds that, Haverford hosts the Centennial Conference that gathers the best colleges in the Mid-Atlantic States and exchanges experience under one roof.

Columbia University is another member of the Ivy League. It is widely known for its journalism program. A bounty of students strives to get into the University of Columbia to study journalism and gain the necessary skills. Apart from this major, the University offers a dozen other programs that have solid curricula. Also, the University is located in New York City, which is another pleasant bonus for those who like big city life. But under no circumstances should you question its nerdiness based on this fact.

Colleges for nerds

Amherst College almost surpasses Columbia University point-wise, which is a serious indicator that the College is highly competitive. Washington and Lee University is a private liberal arts school. It is located in Virginia, surrounded by beautiful nature and picturesque views.

Nevertheless, it scores plenty of pointswhich allows it to stay on the list and keep torturing students pun intended.

Colleges for nerds

The University of Pennsylvania is the third member of the Ivy League, and it closes the list of nerdy colleges. How about that: Wharton school is one of the best business schools in the world. When it comes to business and education courses, it easily surpasses any top university.

Last but not least, its medical school is the five-best school in the U. There are way nerdier schools than mentioned.

Colleges for nerds

This list of eight elite and nerdy colleges is only a drop in the ocean. Yet, it shows that smaller and less distinct institutions can be nerdier and more effective in terms of education, student retention, graduation rate, etc. Tags: college nerds. Nerd Stash Hub. Top Reviews. November 05, We Are Chicago Review February 09, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Delayed March 06, Spider-Man: Homecoming Review July 11, If it wasn't fixed for the legendary edition, it may never be Thanks for the useful information. Dylan R. He will be greatly missed. Follow Us. Featured Articles.

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Colleges for nerds

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