City of god sex scene

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Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. Parent reviews for City of God. Common Sense says Powerful, but only for 17 and up. Based on our expert review. Based on 7 reviews. Based on 6 reviews. Add your rating. Parents say 7 Kids say 6. Adult Written by Ozhowlett December 30, Fantastic film, doesn't make it an easy watch City of God is a superb film, however younger kids would not like it.

Not only is this a native language film subtitles only its also a film that a lot of the main themes would go right over a younger kids head. The violence is at points hard to watch but at the same time hard to turn away from.

Its not a film that younger children shouldn't watch because of whats being shown, rather a film that younger children shouldn't watch because they just wouldn't understand it. It would be like sitting down a 60 year old man in front of a film all about internet memes, it won't do the man any harm but he will just feel like he has wasted his time watching a film that he has no idea what is going on. This review Helped me decide. Had useful details.

City of god sex scene

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City of god sex scene

Parent Written by caterina desiato D. September 3, Talk about rape, as violence, not as sex. Beside commenting the movie I am allowing myself to comment the reviews as I honestly think it is an important comment and plea to send out. I looked the review up to check if there was rape because I was going to re-watch the movie but I recalled it had a deeply disturbing rape scene in it to use the words of the main review here.

Despite the beautiful soundtrack, the poetic camera captures, and the depth of characters, I did not want to put myself through it again. I found the answer to my question of whether there was rape or not but I was disturbed again by the fact that it took me a bit to find it. Then in the end of the last sentence, a sentence that begins talking about sex, it finally mentions the "non-explicit but deeply disturbing rape scene". So here is my plea. In reviews, please talk about sexual violence upfront, in the same sentence in which you talk about violence, and not in the sentence you talk about sex.

Rape involves sexual organs and the extent to which it is "sexual" ends about there. It is about abuse and power-related illness. Please do your best to clearly separate rape from sex in young's minds.

City of god sex scene

A parent review does the same thematic grouping, which I think hints to the fact that there is a cultural association, beyond individual writing choices, that needs to be debunked. As the scene is admittedly deeply disturbing even for most adults, I would highly recommend to talk about it too! This is not mentioned in the "Talk to your kids about" part either. What to talk about.

Firstly, I would warn before hand that there is such a disturbing scene. After the movie I would say in the most comforting and supportive tone: It might be hard to talk about it, but did you find the rape scene disturbing? Can you say what was disturbing about it?

City of god sex scene

Are you afraid you might face such an experience as a survivor, or maybe even as perpetrator? Where do you think most rapes happen? What do you think it is about? How could they avoid it or how could the perpetrator's peers prevent it?

And the question that I think is most important at this time: How do you think the survivor can recover?

City of god sex scene

What could be helpful? If you want to talk about how the survivor can minimize chances to encounter such violence, I would still focus more on healing and finding support, and how to offer support if one come to know that a friend encountered such violence. I would discuss more how perpetrators could be prevented by peers www. Adult Written by BestPicture October 12, Extremely violent tale is captivating Aside from horror and action movies, which use violence typically as entertainment, this is probably the most violent movie I've ever seen.

It is unrelenting in its depiction of shootouts, punches, gunshots and everything you can imagine. It shows the devastation that violence has on places like the City of God, just a stone's throw away from the gorgeous Rio de Janeiro.

City of god sex scene

Along with a great script the storytelling here and structure stands out the most and interesting editing choices, the movie which may drag long just a teensy bit keeps you invested, whether its in shock, horror or just admiration at how good it is.

Adult Written by Norico April 14, Adult Written by zazmopepperz April 9, City of god sex scene This film is absolutely brilliant, it portrays the life of young gangs in Rio perfectly. The drama and story are amazing I strongly recommend this film to older teenagers as a viewing experience and to open their eyes. The film is quite unsettling, the worst scenes being getting maimed and a brutal rape.

The whole idea of teenagers being involved in organised crime may be disturbing too. Adult Written by christian January 4, Oscar-winning and exuberant chronicle of crime! City of God is one of the most controversial, inspiring and most gorgeous film adaptions in the movie cinema, and is a powerful story of crime and redemption. However, City of God contains very graphic and brutal domestic violence throughout, especially towards children and which some kids whom are resembled to be shooters themselves. Several acts of violence include shooting, sexual assault, torture, stabbing, beatings, and other aggravated acts of crime, mostly depicted from gangs most involve teens and children.

There's sequences of graphic drug use where children derived from gangs are seen smoking and doing illegal street drugs very disturbing to some. City of God is one of the best, most brilliant films out here today, but be aware of the shockingly graphic violent content, pervasive and offensive language, strong sexual content including the infamous rape scene, and drug use in which children are also present doing. Adults only. Adult Written by llarson April 9, A beautifully ugly film! I finally saw this movie after hearing a lot of buzz about the film.

I can see why it got a lot of attention, because it is a great film for many reasons. The characters develop perfectly as the story unfolds in a non traditional "tarantino" type order of events. The cinematography was so beautiful that I look forward to seeing the film again. On the other hand, the content is extremeley disturbing. Our main characters come from poverty, and live a life of violence, death, drugs and cruelty. One of the most disturbing aspects of this film is that children are becoming gangsters and "hoods" at a young age, hoping to follow the footsteps of the older gangsters.

Although this content is so sad and disturbing, I respect the fact that non of it is glamorized. Go to Common Sense Review. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Print.

City of god sex scene

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City of god sex scene

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