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There were other eye opening surprises to discover about Chad as we sat down at a Silver Lake coffee shop recently to dish about his past and the show. Totally by accident. My buddy had seen my work playing a straight guy in a horror film short, and he sug- gested I come in and read for Hot Toddy. I did everything my ex told me to do, got some laughs, and then you guys told me on the spot that the part was mine. Hmmmmm, I think all of them at different times and different episodes were my favorite.

Bea Arthur had the strength and sarcasm.

Chad sanders naked

She was the stable one of the group and boy her timing is unmatched by any come- dian. Ben, I think has a lot of her char- acteristics as Nelson on the show. I crack up watching him. I love Blanche as well because her promiscuous side is something I can really relate to, hehe, Just kidding!

Well kinda. I love all of you guys! I adore everyone in the cast. When he died, I was crushed. But man, he is the epitome of a sexy bear. Big, hairy, smart, and with a heart of gold. God, the things I fantasized about him as. Who knows? I never considered myself a bear until I was cast in the show. During the first season of WTBA I was pounds and right before shooting I shaved my entire body for another acting gig so when I showed up on the set and took my clothes off everybody was kind of shocked!

Then when I figured out that the audience likes a guy who is naturally hairy I adjusted for season two. I also had gained a little weight. There is nothing like fans loving you for being a little heavier! In the nineties, I was a part of the gay circuit parties and everyone shaved and had to look a certain way.

And then from there I tried everything! I have more confidence, not trying to look a certain way or be a part of a certain group. The Bear Movement started Chad sanders naked larger, hairy guys and then the muscle bears came in and then the cubs and the otters, and even hipsters want to be a part of it.

Chad sanders naked

And my involvement in WTBA has allowed me to meet so many beautiful men, kind men, all of whom are very ac- cepting and hospitable. I grew up in kind of a hippie household in the 70s and it was completely normal for me to come out of my room and find people crashed out on our living room floor.

I remember this one girl with really long hair to her waist, like early Cher hair, and I was obsessed with brushing it for her. I just loved hair. Anyway, when I was about 14 my parents sud- denly found Jesus. My dad was an alcoholic and suddenly quit drinking and became a born again Southern Baptist. Both my parents were addictive personalities and their new addiction became Wednesday night Bible Studies and church every Sunday.

So my childhood went from one extreme to the other. Both my brother and I were ob- sessed with Burt Reynolds but for entirely different reasons. Harrison Ford in Star Wars was another big clue. I was very sexual in high school and basically just used girls for sex. I tried having girlfriends but they never seemed to be enough for me.

I cheated a lot. When I was seventeen, I met a guy who was 23 working at Walmart in the electronics department and he helped my mother buy a VCR. He gave me one of those looks I had never seen before from a man. I found out he was a friend of a friend from high school, and we all partied together one night.

I told my mother I was going out with a girl, but instead I went out with my buddies, who knew this guy. We ended up alone that night. I had Chad sanders naked few drinks in me and I was so nervous and shak- ing. We were on the hood of his car out at Ledford Mills right Chad sanders naked where my parents live now.

He asked if he could kiss me, and I said yes. I had been with so many girls but had never, ever felt anything close to this. I am single and carefree! Anybody who knows me will tell you, I love all kinds of men! I have dated so many wildly different types. I definitely do not have a physical type. If there is a season three.

Chad sanders naked

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Chad sanders naked

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