Cat witch from soul eater

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Soul Eater is a wildly popular anime, even to this day. So it's probably no surprise to hear that there are still countless people still showing off their cosplays. Many out there have good reason to be proud — it seems like everywhere we look, we find another cosplayer that looks shockingly like the character they're portraying.

Today, we're going to focus on Blair, the quirky cat slash witch from Soul Eater. She's a unique character, for more than one reason. We're not surprised that she's attracted so many cosplayers. But we are impressed with their dedication; if you take a look below, we think you'll be impressed as well. I absolutely love how I feel in my Blair cosplay! This cosplayer opted to show us a curious Blair, which given that she's a cat, actually suits the character perfectly, don't you think? Rebellemaki 's Blair showcases a lot of attention to detail, from the hat to the hair, down to the dress and stockings.

The poses are very much the sort of thing Blair herself would go for, as that is a girl erm, cat that adores getting all of the attention in the world. So this is all very well done. What is Blair, if not sassy, confident, and striking a pose? Well, she'd probably be asleep and in cat form, if not ding any of the above. Those are really her two dominant modes, after all.

Cat witch from soul eater

Unless you squish the guy feeding her — then she might decide to fight you. We especially love that she opted to take a video, since it really shows off all of her sass and style — perhaps better than a single photo would have. Well done! When my brother was here we managed to take some photos of my Blair cosplay outside and I am so happy! Posting these and much more on Patreon! This Blair has taken a hypnotic edge, thanks to those striking eyes the color is perfection, thank you very much!

Cat witch from soul eater

For one thing, it really does look like Blair popped right out of the TV screen. And that means she'll be asking for shinies any second now. The hair and hat are especially well done, as are the jewelry choices. Basically, we're in love with all of the details and decisions made for this cosplay. Yet another cosplay in which Blair is showing off her confident side. She sure does know how to strike a pose, doesn't she? That's basically what she's best known for, after all. CosplayLove2 is the one behind this one, and we love that this pose does an excellent job of showing off the stylized long sleeves — there's something very iconic about that look.

And of course, it matches Blair's known style and aesthetic perfectly.

Cat witch from soul eater

We're loving this chance to see some purple ears in miccostumes cosplay! This version of Blair isn't boasting her iconic hat — but that has given us a chance to really see her ears, as well as her adorable curly hair, so we're all for this alteration.

We also love that Blair is out in the woods just having a fun day posing and exploring. What more could a cat possibly wish for? Okay, perhaps she'd like some fish and treats as well, but other than that? Blair cosplay from Soul Eater Cosplayer: kleinerpixel Blair SoulEater cosplay cosplayer cosplaypics makeup photography pic.

If ever you needed a reminder that Blair is not human, this cosplay does a solid job of it. Here we see Blair in human form, but with some distinct reminders of her otherness. The vibrant eyes and implied fangs go a long way here. Kleinerpixel did a lovely job bringing this witchy character to Cat witch from soul eater, especially in regards to the hair. This is perhaps the best wig we've seen so far, with large purple curls that are worth a stare or two, don't you think?

Ah, there's the Blair we know and love. Great job bringing that side of her to life, axaebe! There's a lot of subtle attention to detail here. From the hat to the wig itself, down to the makeup and what we can see of her sleeves. We're loving all of the creative decisions here, as it shows a fan who lovingly made their costume. This will likely be the last post of Blair I before I improve her The caption of this cosplay indicates that the cosplayer wanted to go ahead and remake it, but we've got to say; this is perfect as it is. This is a perfect Blair cosplay, with so many details done right.

She nailed that iconic purple swirl, for example. As well as the bell-like necklace, and the high boots. Basically, there's no doubt in our mind that this cosplayer is a super fan, and put a lot of effort into the outfit.

Cat witch from soul eater

We're absolutely in love with this Blair cosplay, especially thanks to all of the cute details included. The hat appears to be handmade, but it also shows off some of the dramatic angles better than any other we've seen, and we love that. We also adore the boots amazing! Storybookdarlingscosplay did a delightful job bringing all of these details to love, and we're loving all of it. I've been really depressed and self critical lately hence the lack of posts. I'm trying to get better. Bear with me. Follow him! Like his Facebook www. Another great reminder that Blair is both a witch and a cat!

Here we have stumbled upon Blair brewing up some sort of potion — or dinner, who knows with her. We honestly love this Blair, as she's let down her hair and started to have a little bit of fun. Senpaim00n is responsible for this charming cosplay, and we love the alterations she's made to the character.

Cat witch from soul eater

They all hold true to her spirit, which at the end of the day is the most important part. We think that Blair would approve. She's known for being a bit on the quirky side, but that doesn't diminish her passion in the least.

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Cat witch from soul eater

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