Breast and butt physic

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By ZopperNovember 16, in Your Avatar. Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping. Ive been wondering for a while, if there are any female mesh bodies that make the butt jiggle and bounce, i only know belleza does it good so far, anyone that knows other mesh avatar that incorporate these physics in their body, any and all recommendations and suggestions are good thankyou!

The body has very little to do with physics. You will want a physics layer, which anyone can create in-world. Go ahead, try it, it's easy! You can not only make boobs wobble, but also butt and even the belly. The rigging of the body has everything to do with whether or not the body reacts to the physics layer.

I know the Maitreya bum doesn't respond to physics. The Slink Physique body does not as well. I've not tested the new BoM enabled body from Slink but if it's like the old Slink body then it doesn't either. I actually found decent physics on MP that work good for Maitreya that are Breast and butt physic boobs with different levels, current level I have one is 2 so bounce when suddenly stand or sit down otherwise is very slight bounce as I walk.

The only physics that have no effect on the Maitreya body are the butt physics. Boob and tummy physics work just fine with the Maitreya body. And the breast retains good shape from about 0 to about in size. So it's ideal for small and large and medium.

Breast and butt physic

This is true for all 3 female belleza bodies. Note that Freya, the most popular one, can be made to look like Isis with enough shape dial tweaking, but the reverse is NOT true. As stated ly: The Belleza all three have always supported physics for breast, belly, and butt I call the three B's - Tonic also supports the three B's. All the rest that I own and thus, know for sure are breast-only. Though mentioned above that the Slink does the first two, but I'm too lazy to dig mine out to test it.

I've created an easy-to-use physics layer up on my MP for anyone interested. My bad, sorry for misreading shows I was up too late reading the forum!

Breast and butt physic

Are you certain? I've never gotten the belly or butt to work on Maitreya. I'll have to give it another test and by test: I set all physics to maximum Jell-O settings and put a full run animation on. Yes, I am. Belly physics have always worked. Though I can't for the life of me imagine why anyone wants their belly to jiggle. Altamura female bodies both full-version and gift-version also allow physics to work for the butt.

It is not the same motion as it is for the classic bodies but the butt does move. As an aside, Altamura flat feet can also be resized. Mid- and high-heeled positions cannot. Well, thunder-thigh shapes don't often have the requisite-proportional belly that usually go with them, so LOL Though it makes me wonder why they Maitreya creator would go through the work and effort to rig the breast and belly for physics and not the buttocks. Because a subtle barely noticeable sway does wonders for effect LOL. Though it makes me wonder why they Maitreya creator would go through the work and effort to rig the breast and belly for physics and not the buttocks.

Breast and butt physic

It wasn't a question of work. It was tested and the effect wasn't always pleasant when combined with some animations so it was disabled. It's my understanding that this is the same reason why the Slink bodies do not respond to butt physics as well. I've never really paid attention to physics. There was a period where I'd accidentally attached one that I got free from some store I used to frequent.

When my then-partner noticed how bouncy my butt was Well, she made me take it off. I did try giving Neph one, but I never got around to Breast and butt physic anything out of it. Might give Alyona Su 's a try if I remember to do so at some point! Do you have a proper link to Altamura as well as a screenshot?? They're only available in the in-world store I believe! So while I can't provide a marketplace link, here's one to said store. Does the Legacy really have butt physics? I have tried 2 different physics package including one for the Belleza and I dont see any difference at all.

It just In testing a mesh body's Avatar Physics Then test the physical layer with the classic body where you can see if the layer works as you expect. Then wear the mesh body. It is then very obvious which parts are rigged for bounce. It's easy! Already have an ? in here. What mesh body has ass physics? Share More sharing options Followers 1. You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for days.

Recommended Posts. Zopper Posted November 16, Posted November 16, Hey all! Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Fritigern Gothly Posted November 16, Blush Bravin Posted November 16, Posted November 16, edited. MrsSeren Posted November 16, Nalates Urriah Posted November 16, On Slink Original Classic and Redux it is breasts and belly bounce. No booty bounce. Edited November 16, by Nalates Urriah.

Pussycat Catnap Posted November 17, Posted November 17, edited. Belleza has physics for the breast, butt, and belly. It also lets you size the Breast and butt physic what a concept Edited November 17, by Pussycat Catnap. Alyona Su Posted November 17, Janet Voxel Posted November 17, Posted November 17, Pretty sure E-body has butt physics too.

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Breast and butt physic

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