Blade and soul ass

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By McreamSeptember 11 in General Discussion. I wanted to check the game after new update, since I was curious about the game performance. Although game runs smoothly, it still lacks that sharpness and optimalization in zones with high count. The gap between players performance is too big here. Having to do dailies for a month for an upgrade is one thing.

Blade and soul ass

I can't imagine BNS being successfull without entire gear revamp. I am still bombarded on every step with adds advertising game shop "brilliant" limited time purchases. Also, I dont think I need to say it - the game is still pay to win. Running dungeons in F8? Forget it. F8 is almost dead. I am waiting Blade and soul ass minutes for single person to. Old dungeons keep disappearing from F8. There is just less to do in the game and there is somehow more cash shop stuff in it. Dungeons are getting harder, so entry level is tougher. For god sake, nerf gear, dont boost dungeon bosses. Game is still made to be unconvenient while every quality of life change people can want from the game is behind Premium.

I am done giving you any money unless you actually fix current game issues. I played the game with BNSBuddy yes I know it is againstyet it provided me with few changes I needed to enjoy the game. Years later there is still no improvements to the main game, that were made back in the days with game fans. It feels so nice to spend 5 minutes daily just to open boxes from that day.

Blade and soul ass

Default spellbinds suck so much I am triggered every time I need to block something. People want that. Why wont you give people what they want? I am done with this crap treatment. No more money from me. No more time from me. You want the game to punish players who farmed gear, know their rotations and have a better rig so that the DPS is equal?

I would say thats your own fault if your dps is low and others should not get punished for Blade and soul ass. Bombarded where exactly? I have yet to see any advertisement about buying stuff from the hm store. The F8 list is updated every once in a while and less relevant dungeons are removed from the list, but you can still enter them from the normal entrance on the server. That is the entire point of premium though.

If you don't want it, then do not get it, and live without those few QoL things. On the box opening part and such I do agree, the other things you mentioned are kind of "moot" because simple mode was mentioned to be an alternative but not a full replacement for a proper rotation. Edits aren't that bad if used in PVE imo, but Sadly it's heavy cpu bound game. You need AMD Ryzen series no less, specially if you are playing on a gpu allowing decent fps on p territory only I've fixed my fps problem a year ago bought the ryzen almost day 1 and bns ue3 ran properly again I miss before pre awakening and 32b era.

You claiming you have cashop?

Blade and soul ass

To what extend? Trove for a full year?! The new farming system is quite simple and fast, it just need hp ajustment You should be happy with your current dps because of free ET weapon that can make 3.

Blade and soul ass

You are a returner player and your opinion want the game to punish those loyal players effort on raising their dmg and gear!? F8 is still active anyway, if you find that player doesn't want to u that is probably because ur dps is still low. Search a friend plz to accompany u. But the upper dungeon is nerfed hard, so you can finish all of them on easy mode without worrying about party wipe mech.

So you're whining about that those QoL services for premium services? U're not even supporting the game and want all of that. I have a friend, f2p player on my pt and she is even making progress faster than me lmao. I prefer the current one.

Blade and soul ass

It has absolutely nothing to do with current event. Gamer are just getting toxic more and more every year, I saw this in WoW. People cried that there is no content and it's all easy. Blizz created new hard raid, nobody cleared it in 1 week and started crying that it's "too hard", blizz had to nerf it, they cleared it and in 2 weeks "there is no content This is what I see in those posts here, whinning whinning whinning, and once company do something with it, they will just witch to another thing to whine about.

My CPU is pretty potato too only meeting min requirements and I hold about 30 fps with people turned off too so i don't know what the hell this man is using but he needs to upgrade it certainly isn't the games fault. People are tired of accepting bulshit. And I am sorry to say, Blade and soul ass every reply to my post here is exacly this - bullocks. There are always knights in shining armor that are first to defend dumb and stupid developers and in-game marketing.

Honestly I started answering to all your posts, but there is no point. You can't talk seriously with a fanboys anyway. Just be aware, that even if you talk on the forums here alot and have 1k posts does not mean you are in the majority of players and represent their stance. It seems to me you are okay with the game being worse than it could be, just because you farmed your ass off to get gear and you should be rewarded for it by basicaly being a god in-game.

When you can return to the game and after putting some hard work you can be BIS geared in under 4 months? Are you saying BnS is better in this aspect? How people are not to feel discouraged by the basics of the game gearing? This is exacly why you dont have enough people to play the game. BTW: My post was originaly intended for devs and community managers, not for players praising everything the game currently is.

Blade and soul ass

I always hated how WoW invalidates and devalues all your progress every few months when a new patch releases and they pretty much reset every ones power. It rewards playing consistantly, and punishes lazyness, it's text book example of "You snooze you lose".

They very rarely engage with the community on the forums regarding any thing that has to do with the stuff in your main post. I think they are under some DMCA or atleast similar concept from KR devs, which makes them unable to discuss any future changes coming to the game. You simply cannot compare them to blade and soul as each game is made differently and progress is intended to go a certain route.

If you would be BiS geared in under 4 months in blade and soul it would completely make any effort you put in worthless and gear would have 0 value. Also FYI: Does not matter who your post is intended to, if you Blade and soul ass it on a public forum, anyone can answer. If you want to try and reach the devs, you have to post on the Korean forums as the devs lurk there from time to time. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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Blade and soul ass

I was quickly reminded however why I quit playing Blade and Soul. Link to post Share on other sites. Grimzy Posted September

Blade and soul ass

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