Batman arkham knight sucks

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My column this week is a linkbait-ish list of 10 reasons why the Batmobile in Arkham Knight sucks. Sometimes a ed list is the right tool for the job. His go-to skills are: Stealth, gadgets, and brawling. And if Batman was this dumb?

Then the villains are dumb, too. Because they could effortlessly stop the Bat-tank if they wanted to. The whole idea is Batman arkham knight sucks clumsy device for Rocksteady to be able to make yet another game about shooting shit. You mean 'knocked out', right? To use the missile, you have to keep the target vehicle in the center of the screen so the lock-on thingy can work.

This takes several seconds, and the process can easily get interrupted during the twists and turns of the chase. If you slam an escort vehicle into the wall, the game does the Burnout -style thing of dropping into slow-mo and swinging the camera over to admire the carnage. My favorite thing in Arkham City was the challenge rooms.

These were preset brawls that you could jump into quickly and perfect your technique. In some you were just trying to survive as long as possible. Some were this side-scrolling beat-em-up thing. There were 16 total brawls, in a variety of locations and scenarios, with different groups of foes. Even better, you could play each of these 16 scenarios as one of four characters: Batman, Robin, Catwoman, and Nightwing. Each character had their own feel and special abilities to make their brawls feel a little different. It was like having 64 different challenges. Too bad. I have to switch out of tank mode and drive away in the Batmobile!

This sounds minor — and it is — but it gets really annoying after a while. You turn it on, and it reveals hidden stuff. So you scan it, and follow the glowing tire tracks as the scanner reveals them. What am I doing wrong? Why is the next bit not being revealed? Do I just need to wait? What if I turn the scanner off and on again?

I lost one of the marks right in the middle of the patch. Do I need to back up and Batman arkham knight sucks over? The terrain forces me to leave the trail and come back at a higher location. Tag me in, dude! Hold down the accelerator, but not too much! Oops, too much power start over. Start over. Rather than calling his magical hover-plane, Batman decides to parkour all over the neighborhood… while inside the car. In some places he uses the winch to tear up the roof of the building and turn it into a ramp to jump between buildings. This is the most impractical and destructive way of solving this problem.

All he needs is some electricity! Does this require rooftop driving parkour and destroying all this property?

Batman arkham knight sucks

Do we not have enough Batmobile gameplay in here already? Really developers?

Batman arkham knight sucks

Guns are not seductive in a Batman game, and certainly not while being used by Batman himself. Shamus Young is a programmer, an authorand nearly a composer. He works on this site full time. If you'd like to support him, you can do so via Patreon or PayPal. It's a work of perfect awfulness. This is a monument to un-usability and anti-features. A video discussing Megatexture technology. Why we needed it, what it was supposed to do, and why it maybe didn't totally work. An interesting but technically dense talk about gaming technology. I translate it for the non-coders.

Batman arkham knight sucks

Bethesda felt the need to jam a morality system into Fallout 3, and they blew it. Good and evil make no sense and the moral compass points sideways. They eventually find out that it was his gun that he seemingly only bought as kind of an exposure therapy type thing. So yeah Batman having a turret mounted on his Batmobile is really out of character.

Now looking up the wiki I think I understand why this is happening. I can already barely remember what happenend in AO now, whereas AK had truly memorable moments. I have been playing Arkham Origins this week from the beginning and it took me a solid half hour yesterday to remember how it begun. With the exception of a Batman arkham knight sucks scenes with the Joker the entire story is forgettable. The tonal differences come from the fact that people seem to emulate Nolan and Miller without the kind of nuance that Dini added.

Dini writes Batman in a way where he is dark and brooding without turning him into some one like the Punisher. You think Batman is growly in AO? How about the way in AC he spit-growls the names of the adversaries every time he sees them? Did you love how Strange starts monologuing every time he opens his mouth? How about Protocol … Eleven! I guess Strange is a Spinal Tap fan.

Then there are the mooks and goons who have the personality of paper cups. Get this! Find him! In AO the major villains have personalities far more distinguishable and varied. In AC they are all of them, even Riddler and Penguin, gang leaders with interchangeable gangs. Even the nameless background people have a much richer existence. I thought he was an urban myth.

Just as Mickey.

Batman arkham knight sucks

Screw anyone else who says they do! For every one of those, I bet I could pitch back half a dozen smart, vivid exchanges from AO. Peruse some of the stuff I wrote mumblety-mumblety years ago at anbat. BTAS is one of the best things ever done, and he was the best writer on it. I have immense respect and affection for his work. AC felt written by a guy who invented a bunch of plot gimmicks to motivate a string of challenge rooms.

Personally I think the central failing of the Arkham games is in trying to tie the entire story into a single over-arching plotline. Maybe you spend the first few missions fighting against Scarecrow, and just as you wrap that mission up, a different and unrelated story starts where you have to deal with Mr. Freeze terrorizing the town. They almost had something like that in AC with the Catwoman chapters, but that felt more like an extra they were tentatively testing out.

A story where the player shifts POV between multiple characters. That way you get variety and different kinds of challenges inside a single, unified, villain-specific game. Can you get the yams made and the turkey out of the oven before Thanksgiving dinner is ruined?!?!?!? Okay, maybe not. But instead Batman arkham knight sucks making it a dumb, unavoidable cut scene, give that job to the player, who takes on the role of a mook in a predator room. I still think a decent batmobile could be a fun if small addition to an arkham game but the implementation in arkham knight probably killed that possibility.

If it were a group of islands of gameplay, and the batmobile was the way you moved between them. When he was a guy that had to hoof it and climb buildings the old-fashioned way, a car made a lot of sense for moving around the city, but now it just slows him down because it locks him to moving along streets with traffic and pedestrians, as well as being gaudy and attention-grabbing.

Batman arkham knight sucks

I have two words that will explain everything about the batmobile: Frank Miller. Only women can be Star Sapphires. Granted, my info is old. I dropped out of comics for good after Blackest Night. There are rage-driven Batmans, but IMO those are generally from writers screwing up the char. Red: Jason obvious Orange: Damian Most people would go red for him, but I never saw him as driven by rage. Yellow: Bruce Green: Oracle. Tim sought out Batman because he could see that Batman needed a Robin. As for Orange, if you want to stay in the Batman mythos, the best fit is Catwoman, at least her classic characterization.

Batman arkham knight sucks

Possibly Carmine Falcone if he was still alive. He drove away most of the big conventional criminals early in his career. Penguin on the other hand is consistently motivated almost entirely by profits. That stupid explosion cam is the worst. At least in Burnout, the system generally has an ideal racing line that it can keep you on while it steals your car controls, often leaving you in a better position when you get control back. Even the Burton film engaged with the problem of cornering sharply in tight city streets, and the Nolan movies were constantly showing the tumbler rolling over or otherwise having to compensate for turns.

See, no killing problems there. And put tasers on the bumpers for Batman arkham knight sucks you manage to hit someone. To say using the name as the title of an achievement for shooting a bunch of dudes misses the point is a very generous understatement. What pisses me off about the PC Port issues is that its distracted everybody from how much the Batmobile sucks. Taking your point about how Batman would go after the pilots, not the drones.

Batman is already established even in this series as having extensive experience with als and the jamming thereof. He even quickly figures out in this game which al Arkham Knight is using to talk to his own goons.

Batman arkham knight sucks

Yeah, the drone thing is such an obvious attempt to paper over the holes of the developers wanting Batman to do things which would blatantly kill people.

Batman arkham knight sucks

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