Anzhelika kenova before and after

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Russian Barbie Angelica Kenova gained fame, first in his native city, then in Moscow, and later with the help of the Internet and throughout Russia. Now she has been talked about all over the world.

Anzhelika kenova before and after

The phenomenon of "live Barbie" is not new, but still causing a stir. Girls who have exhausted themselves with diets, a thick layer of make-up and plastic surgeries, cause not either admiration or fear for their mental health. Where does this desire originate from young and initially pretty girls? Kenova Angelica was born in the city of Kurgan, in the family of a doctor and a businessman. This is her pseudonym, and the real name of the general public is not known. But later she moved to the capital of Russia, as there were few opportunities for her career growth in her hometown. Angelika Kenova carefully conceals the year of her birth and her biography.

Apparently, in order to appear young for a long time. She looks from 18 to 25 years old, no more. Angelica does not work, since the very childhood her parents fully provide her, as her father has a successful business. She pays for this because her life is completely under the control of her mother. Angelica can't get a boyfriend without parental approval. The image of Barbie attracts little girls around the world. She is perfect in appearance, her smile is invariably on her face, everything necessary is in her house, and there is always a handsome Ken next to her.

What more can a little girl dream of? Barbie was infatuated by her mom. From the age of 6, she screamed her daughter with these dolls, played with her in them and, naturally, the girl took over her passion. Further, the mother's obsession with these dolls turned into the fact that she began to dress her daughter as one of Barbie. When the girl grew up a little, her mother made her use the sport to bring her figure to the parameters of the adorable Barbie.

To this day, Angelica spends a considerable part of the day in the gym to keep her body in perfect condition. Since childhood, it was rapidly responded to on the street because of the image created by parents. Since childhood, she has dreamed about the career of a Anzhelika kenova before and after not so much a girl as her parents.

From infancy she was prepared for this and in every possible way sponsored all investments in appearance. She has her own personal hairdresser, trainer and cosmetologist.

Anzhelika kenova before and after

A girl will never be able to be a catwalk model, as her height is only cm, but in the photos she turns out perfectly. Moreover, she has such a specific feature as the almost complete resemblance to the Barbie doll. She participated in many photo shoots, mostly all of them in puppet style. But a lot of photo shoots and in erotic style. She never undressed on the camera completely, but on the Internet you can find shots where she is in the same lingerie and pretty sexy poses. Parents absolutely do not mind that their daughter appears before the world in this form.

She herself has long been addicted to the glamorous lifestyle and beautiful things around her. Rotate in the modeling business she really likes. The only question is what she will do when the age does take its toll. While she prefers not to think about it and says that someday she will certainly want adult and independent life, but not now. Now she is satisfied to be in the image of Barbie and shine on the s of magazines. It refers to the natural harmony, its parametersand weight 39 kg.

Anzhelika kenova before and after

She says that she has only brightened her hair, skillfully uses makeup, false eyelashes and wears special lenses. And her Barbie figure is the result of daily work in the gym. She explains the presence of a big breast by the fact that she looks like this against the background of a thin waist. But on the Internet, she is suspected of correcting the shape of her lips, cheekbones, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. Looking at her photo before and after, too, you begin to suspect the intervention of the surgeon in her appearance.

Anzhelika kenova before and after

But this is just suspicion. Those who saw her live say that Angelika Kenova is much more like her idol Barbie in her photo than in life. The fact is that after she first worked on her appearance, then made up her makeup to look like a doll and put on a doll's dress, she still brings the photos to mind with the help of Photoshop. In this program, it curls the brightness of colors, and with the help of special tools it gives the skin a plastic appearance.

As a result, it is not always possible to understand from the photo that this is a living person. Angelica Kenova before and after applying makeup and full clothing in the image - these are two different people.

At the time when she is in the image, she even changes the look, and the eyes, in Anzhelika kenova before and after the magnifying lenses are already inserted, become even more puppet. All this makes you wonder whether there was really plastic face or is it really the art of makeup and Photoshop, as well as the talent of the actress. Angelica is delighted with how she looks and considers herself perfect.

Her life is also like the life of a doll. Parents feed her, choose their own clothes, guys and pastime. Apparently, such a life suits her, otherwise she could have left her parents, because she is already an adult girl. Well, or she just did not meet that prince, who would free her from her golden cage. Psychologists have long paid attention to the fact that the image of Barbie can be dangerous for the fragile minds of young girls. The proportions of the doll are unreal for most girls.

A study was even conducted and it was proved that the girl with the exact proportions of Barbie could not take a step. But girls around the world don't care, and they want to be like Barbie. Biography Kenova Angelica was born in the city of Kurgan, in the family of a doctor and a businessman. Now she plans to get a higher education in psychology at Moscow State University.

How did she become Barbie? Career model Since childhood, she has dreamed about the career of a model not so much a girl as her parents. Image of barbie Angelica Kenova before and after applying makeup and full clothing in the image - these are two different people.

Anzhelika kenova before and after

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